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December Memes 2022 – Funny Images for the Holiday Month

The BEST December Memes 2022 – sharing our favorites for the entire month.

Well, hello December. The last 11 months have flown by and with just a few weeks left before we say goodbye to the 2022 year – let’s soak in all that this holiday month has to offer.

Funny December Memes

We are celebrating all the important events, holidays and occassions with December memes. From Hanukkah to the Christmas holidays, and let’s not forget the life we live in between the seasonal chaos!

december memes 2022
december memes 2022

To my fellow meme lovers, we got you. December memes is our gift to you. Links below will include 1000s of funny memes for December. Share with co-workers, friends, family and whoever else needs a good laugh.

welcome to december meme
welcome to December meme

Get ready for it and welcome to December. There are 31 days this month and there are more than enough December 2022 memes for sharing every day!

december meme home alone
its december meme

The realization that the year is almost over is quite frightening.

the moment
when you realize its December
and that
the year is almost over
minion december meme

While it wouldn’t say hell, per say – it definitely does feel like we are in some alternate reality.

not usre if its december or if im trapped in an alternate reality that feels like hell
december meme funny

Hello December 2022

We are saying hello December 2022 with our monthly serving of memes.

hello december meme funny al bundy
al bundy hello december meme

We are in the midst of record inflation, the holidays are around the corner. We somehow survived the 2022 year – well almost, one month left!

welcome december time to get you ho ho ho on
welcome december meme

This is an on-going list of the memes for December that we are sharing this month.

buddy elf december meme

God bless our educators. If you are a teacher, we know this month maybe short for classroom days but long with wild kids ready for Christmas break.

teachers in december meme
teachers in december

December Calendar Meme 2022

Are you ready for this? If this month gives you anxiety, fret not. It’s so busy and chaotic the month will be over before you know it. Our handy December calendar meme for 2022 will help you keep track of what will actually happen this month.

december calendar meme 2022
december calendar meme 2022

Share this and our other Work Memes with your co-workers!

Enjoy these December memes for all the things.

December 1st

Who else turns into an Clark Griswold, elf or Santa on December 1?

december 1 meme clark griswald

These December 1 memes are for you. May you bid November well and be in a better mood than Al Bundy in a Santa suit.

That Santa Claus transformation is real, y’all. The Santa Clause movie is on your Christmas movie list, right?

santa claus tim allen last day of november meme
november 30 vs december 1 meme

December Holidays

When we say we have a December meme for the holidays, we mean it. While in our daily memes you can find out about the specific holidays for each day, we are hitting the major December holiday memes.

merry hanukkah happy christmas meme December
Holiday December Meme

Here are the December 2022 holiday dates that you need to know:

December 18 – December 26 is Hanukkah

Enjoy our Hanukkah memes while celebrating this 8 nights Jewish holiday.

December 21 is the start of Winter

It’s winter solstice on December 21st. Celebrate with our winter memes.

my favorite thing about winter? when it's over
best winter meme 2022

Baby it’s cold outside. Get ready for the temperature to drop with our cold weather memes.

cold weather ain't nobody got time for that
cold weather meme

December 23 is Festivus

It’s Festivus for the rest of us. The annual sharing of grievances had to be memed.

happy festivus to all except you people who air your grievances on social media daily

Enjoy our Festivus memes.

December 24 is Christmas Eve

The day before Christmas is the highly anticipated date that Santa Claus arrives. Church service, last minute shopping, prepping of the meals, presents and house as we ready for the big day.

works one day spends the rest of the year judging you
judgemental santa meme funny

Share our Santa Memes

December 25 is Christmas

Christmas, y’all! Arguably the favorite holiday lands on Sunday – December 25, 2022 this year.

i christmas harder than you
christmas lights meme

When we say we have the best December memes, we also mean Christmas memes.

Want to keep it PG, we have clean Christmas memes.

clean christmas memes digital mom blog
Jesus Birthday Meme

Grinch Memes – you are a meme one Mr. Grinch

you are a meme one Mr. Grinch
grinch meme

Elf on the Shelf Memes and humor about the silliness of this Christmas tradition.

elf on the shelf memes digital mom blog
elf on the shelf memes

Christmas Vacation Memes – best Christmas movie has been meme’d. Enjoy Clark, Cousin Eddie and more classics from this beloved show.

happiest christmas vacation meme clark griswold
happiest christmas vacation meme clark griswold

From Christmas activities to the best holiday memes, check out all of Digital Mom Blog’s Christmas content.

December 26 is Boxing Day

While Boxing Day isn’t mainstream quite yet here in America, it is in Canada and the UK. Originally Boxing day was a day off for servants, where a special Christmas box was given to them from their master. On Boxing Day the servants would go home to give Christmas boxes to their families.

Boxing Day is also known as St. Stephens Day. St. Stephen was the first Christian martyr. Learn more about Boxing Day on

December 26 is January 1 is Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is an annual celebration of African-American culture from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a communal feast called Karamu, usually on the sixth day. The first Kwanzaa celebration was in 1966.

December 31 is New Year’s Eve

End the 2022 year on a high note. December 31 is New Year’s Eve, go out with a bang.

new year's eve i sense go party i must
yoda new years eve meme

Share our New Year memes!

Every Day Memes for December

Did you know we have daily memes? Sunday thru the weekend, we have a daily December meme for the day. Looking for something more specific? Check out our meme of the day for the most fresh, up-to-dates memes.

Sunday December Meme

Start your week off with our Sunday memes.

And tomorrow is Monday again.
sunday december meme

Monday December Meme

Is there such a thing as a good Monday? If there is, surely it will be in December.

monday is a nooooooo!
monday december meme

Here are our Monday memes.

Tuesday December Meme

The evil step-sister to Monday has memes. Enjoy these Tuesday memes. Working our way through the week, Christmas can’t get here soon enough!

hmm... tuesday feels a lot like monday
tuesday december meme

Don’t forget Taco Tuesday memes.

Wednesday December Meme

The middle of the road. You are half way there with these Wednesday memes.

wednesday we are half way there
wednesday december meme

It’s the hump of the week, now down the backside. Share the hump day memes.

Thursday December Meme

Yes, we are almost to the weekend with these Thursday memes.

thursday you mean friday eve
thursday december meme

Wait, did I say Thursday – I mean to say Friday Eve.

Friday in December Meme

It’s Friday, Friyay! The day that kicks off the weekend and we pretend to work, until we have to leave early.

friday december meme

Share these Friday memes.

Saturday December Meme

Saturdays in December have a different vibe. If you have littles, it’s all about doing ALL the Christmas things or shopping. I hope that your week ends with some downtime. Here are our Saturday memes.

saturday you da best!
saturday december meme

December Birthday Memes

Happy Birthday December birthday people! Sorry that your day of birth falls during the holidays. But fret not, the least we can do is gift you with these December birthday memes.

december meme birthday
birthday december meme

See all of December and more birthday month memes to celebrate your special birth month, yes all 31 days!

its my birthday month meme image 2022

And when it is your special day, these its my birthday memes are to celebrate you.

merry christmas i mean happy birthday
christmas birthday meme funny

Birthday cards are expensive, save the waste and enjoy one of our free birthday memes!

More December 2022 Memes

We have more. December 2021 is meme-worthy and we are here for it. Enjoy these December memes for 2021!

december in florida meme
2021 December Memes – December in Florida

Texas Winter Memes – sweet Jesus, please keep the Texas power grid up this winter.

Teamwork Memes – whats going to work, team work.

Last Day of Work Memes – Taking part in the great resignation and quitting your job? Use these memes.

Dallas Cowboy Memes – what a year! Is this the year for us? Who knows, but forever a fan.

Bones Day Memes – IYKYK if not learn is it a bones day or not

Texas Memes – Deep in the heart of memes about Texas.

Cold Weather Memes – Baby it’s cold outside.

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Well friends, there you have it. Funny December memes for your enjoyment. As always, feel free to share! Please tag @digitalmomblog on social.

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