Funny Labor Day Memes – Don’t Work But Do Laugh


Funny Labor Day Memes to enjoy during your long weekend and sanctioned day off of work.

It’s the working person’s holiday. A holiday that is paid and requires you to take the day off. Labor day is on Monday, September 5, 2024. We are back to celebrate Labor Day weekend 2024 with new funny memes about the workers holiday.

Labor Day Memes 2024

We have rounded up the best funny labor day memes for sharing, enjoying all while NOT working.

funny labor day memes 2024
labor day memes 2024

We are kicking off the fun 3-day long Labor Day weekend with some humor. Let’s celebrate the end of the summer.

when someone tells you that summer doesn't end of labor day
fall labor day meme

I’m still enjoying these fall memes to hopefully bring in cooler weather.)

no labor meme may your labor day involve no labor
no labor meme

While Labor Day is one of the most common paid holidays in our country. – work is still to be done. According to Business News Daily, employers who choose to give their employees the day off are not required to pay them for the day.

funny meme labor day
funny meme labor day

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require organizations to pay employees for time they don’t work.

day off work meme
day off work meme

“These benefits are generally a matter of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee’s representative),” the U.S. Department of Labor

yoda labor day meme
labor day no work meme

About that job thing, see our funny work memes – but don’t peek until Tuesday after Labor Day!

Labor Day Weekend Meme

For anyone partying it up this weekend, share this labor day weekend meme when anyone asks what your plans are for the 3 day holiday. Good times ahead!

in case you are wondering what i am doing on labor day weekend
funny labor day weekend meme

Three days off of work, yes and please! Enjoy our long weekend memes for more extended holiday fun.

that moment you realize its labor day weekend
labor day weekend meme

Listen to what this Labor Day meme is telling you. Do all the things just don’t work! Save the stress for Tuesday.

labor day weekend meme
labor day weekend meme

Don’t miss our September memes!

labor day weekend memes
labor day weekend memes

Let’s not forget, because it’s easy how Facebook seems to. Labor day is the holiday where you have a day of rest from employment. Memorial Day is on the last Monday of May and is to honor the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Note the difference.

this just in facebook users still are confusing labor day with memorial day
memorial day labor day meme

Labor Day Christmas Meme

With 3 whole days off, might as well start putting up Christmas decorations. Oh come on, we all know someone who has there Christmas tree up by Halloween – might as well get an early start on it.

3 days off for labor day might as well start putting up christmas decorations
labor day christmas meme

If you are this person, we still love you. In fact, we love you so much we created these early Christmas memes.

Funny Labor Day Work Memes

If your boss loves our funny labor day memes then he will adore our work memes. Well, okay – if anything your co-workers will love them!

how your boss reacts when you share labor day memes
labor day memes funny

I hope you don’t have one of those bosses. The ones that tell you last minute that they will need you to work on labor day.

work on labor day meme
work on labor day meme

And then there are the bosses who take the holiday off but make sure there is a long to do list of things for you to do at work, while he takes a day off and is sipping margaritas.

makes everyone come to work on labor day but then leaves early because work is slow
work boss labor day meme

No work on Monday, y’all.

no work on monday meme
no work on monday meme

Leaving Work on Friday Before Labor Day Meme

Logging off of work before labor day is just glorious and deserves a praise Jesus, Hallelujah!

logging off of work before labor day
friday before labor day meme

Tuesday After Labor Day Memes

That dreaded Tuesday after labor days is daunting. Thankfully we are coming in HOT with these funny Tuesday after Labor Day memes to help ease the transition from rest back to work and chaos.

funny tuesday after labor day meme
funny tuesday after labor day meme

If your Tuesday after Labor Day requires coffee, you will love our coffee memes.

tuesday labor day meme funny
tuesday labor day meme funny

And after a great three day weekend, full of BBQ, fun, sleeping in and doing anything but working comes Tuesday. You know, the day AFTER labor day.

coffee tuesday after labor day meme

These funny Tuesday after labor day memes capture the hell and feels that going into work after a long weekend brings.

south park tuesday after labor day meme

Funny how the long weekend doesn’t feel so long the Tuesday after having Monday off of work.

3 day weekend over meme
3 day weekend over meme

And the dragging into work after labor day be like.

after labor day meme

Having Monday off is a great opportunity to hate Tuesday.

tuesday after labor day meme

And then when you realize you hate your job and you have to go back! BOO, nobody wants to go back to work, even if you work from home.

i dont want to go back to work meme

Wearing White After Labor Day

For those who don’t care about fashion rules or think the whole notion is ridiculous, here are wearing white after labor day memes.

white after labor day meme
white after labor day meme

Have you ever wondered why you shouldn’t wear white after labor day?

one does not simply wear white after labor day
funny white after labor day meme

This is what I learned from Marie Claire. The “you can’t wear white after Labor Day,” rule was created to separate the old money elitists from the new money group.

noticed that you are wearing white after labor day
funny white after labor day meme

Well, that right there folks is why I will be wearing white after labor day. I sure don’t want to be associated with that group!

when someone tells you to not wear white after labor day
wearing white after labor day meme funny

Labor Memes

There are the September labor day memes and then there are those labor and delivery memes. As mentioned in our pregnant memes, we are on baby watch as my sister is due to give birth any day now. I think labor day is the perfect day for a new nephew!

if today is labor day how many babies are being born today
babies labor day meme

While I don’t know how many actual babies are born on Labor Day – I did learn that September is the most popular month for birthdays. We all know what that means. 9 months ago, when it was cold and we couldn’t leave the house…. about that. Don’t miss our birthday memes.

when is the baby due on labor day
baby due labor day meme

This is something us mamas know all too well.

nurse labor day meme

As well as labor and delivery nurses who literally are celebrating labor day every day.

Unemployed on Labor Day

When you celebrating labor day but you don’t have a job, but that’s none of my business.

a lot of you are celebrating labor day but dont work but thats none of my business
unemployed labor day meme

Celebrate the working people, but not working.

happy labor day meme

Happy Labor Day Memes

The perfect funny memes to wish someone a Happy Labor day with.

happy labor day memes funny
happy labor day memes funny

These are perfect for posting on social media!

happy labor day meme
happy labor day meme

Funny Memes about Labor Day

The labor day memes continue. What labor day in most of the USA looks like versus what it looks like in Florida. Stay safe from the hurricanes, to anyone who is in the path of destruction.

labor day in most of usa

Holiday pay, yall got anymore of that?

yall got anymore of that holiday pay
paid holiday meme

That feeling when you realize you have Monday off. It’s the complete opposite feeling that you have on the first day back to work after the long weekend.

when you realize you have monday off of work
when you realize you have monday off meme

Then there are some that even though its the day of rest, have to work.

oh it's labor day i must have been too busy working to notice
working on labor day meme

Because well, even though its labor day, someone’s got to labor.

work on labor day meme
work on labor day meme

Any who else ever do this when you drive past your job on your day off?

driving past your work on labor day be like
labor day work meme

The feeling of the first day and the last day of a 3 day weekend described in this labor day meme.

labor day weekend meme

When you leave your office before a long weekend.

leaving office labor day holiday meme

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happy labor day meme
happy labor day meme

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