15 Funny Hallmark Christmas Movie Memes to Share

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The best Hallmark Christmas Movie memes for sharing while watching sappy holiday rom-coms.

We are continuing with our series of Christmas memes and what is the season without some silly holiday movie from Hallmark? It’s that time of year when we binge the latest Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

Funny Hallmark Christmas Movie Memes

We all are or have that friend that loves to watch the Hallmark channel for the silly and predictable made-for-TV Christmas movies.

hallmark christmas movie memes
hallmark christmas movie memes

Typically in a small-town, with a little romance, snow, warm fuzzy feelings and happy endings.

me getting ready to binge watch this year's hallmark christmas movies
binge watch hallmark christmas movies meme

Here are the funny Hallmark Christmas movie memes for sharing. I’m more of a Clark Griswold kind of girl, but you do you. Check out these hilarious Christmas Vacation memes.

watch hallmark christmas movies? ain't nobody got time for that
funny hallmark christmas movie meme

If you have watched one Hallmark Christmas movie, you pretty much know the plot of every one of them ever made.

every hallmark christmas movie meme
every hallmark christmas movie meme

Once again it’s the season of Hallmark Christmas movies and me wondering how these women get 8 different coats in their overnight bag when they go home for the holidays.

meme hallmark christmas movie
meme hallmark christmas movie

This funny Hallmark tweet is from VodkaLana.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Plot Meme

We couldn’t share Hallmark Christmas movie memes without laughing at the plot of what feels like every single one. Does every Hallmark Christmas movie have the same plot? Yes. Am I still going to watch two people fall in love in a small town when it’s snowing and they live happily ever after? Also, yes.

Does every Hallmark Christmas movie have the same plot? yes Am I still going to watch two people fall in love in a small town when it's snowing and they live happily ever after? after yes
hallmark christmas movie plot meme

Like this Hallmark Christmas movie meme implies – just because they are all pretty much the say, that doesn’t mean those who love them won’t not watch them!

if you've seenone hallmark christmas movie you've seen them all. but that won't stop your wife from watchingevery single one of them.
hallmark christmas meme

Hallmark movies are just like Lifetime movies, but instead of the man offing the woman, he learns the true meaning of Christmas.

hallmark movies meme
hallmark movies meme

When You Hate Hallmark Movies

For the partners, friends or spouses who just can’t – here are the Hallmark Christmas movie memes for you to share. For those that love action over sappy romance, don’t miss our Diehard Christmas memes.

watch a hallmark christmas movie or draw 25
hallmark christmas movies meme

Whether you love them or hate them, you know if she loves them – your wife will be binging.

me watching hallmark christmas movies every night vs my husband
hallmark christmas movie meme

The face of every man whose wife wants him to watch a sappy Hallmark channel Christmas movie.

when she says she love watching hallmark christmas movies
loves hallmark christmas movies meme

Hallmark Movie Love

If only our lives could be just like the movies. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Sorry to be the bummer about this Hallmark Christmas movie meme, but yeah. Good luck with that.

all i want is for my life to be just like a hallmark christmas movie
make a hallmark christmas movie meme

Falling in love with anyone who bumps into me between now and December 25th because Hallmark makes the rules.

hallmark christmas meme
hallmark christmas meme

This tweet from Missy Baker is for all the single ladies who are Hallmark movie obsessed.

Hallmark Christmas Movies 2022

In 2022, Hallmark is releasing FORTY Christmas movies for your binge watching holiday entertainment.

forty! there are 40 new hallmark christmas movies in 2022 hahaha
hallmark christmas movie 2022 meme

Starting on Saturday, October 22, 2022 running through Sunday, December 18 – Hallmark will be premiering new holiday movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

what gives people power watching hallmark christmas movie
watching hallmark christmas movie meme

There are over 200 holiday movies from the Hallmark Channel Did you know that they even have an app with a checklist to ensure that you watch every Hallmark movie? Gotta earn that movie binge badge!

hallmark christmas movies must watch all the movies
hallmark christmas movie meme funny

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Candace Cameron Bure and Hallmark

In the news is the actress formerly known as DJ Tanner. Since 2008, Candace Cameron Bure has starred in a total of 30 Hallmark movies.

She has said to have left the Hallmark Channel network due to her beliefs in “keeping traditional marriage at the core.” Let’s just say the outrage on social media is real.


Candace will star in a 2022 Christmas movie on the Great American Family, a Christian-based cable network – where is also is the Chief Creative Officer.

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