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Clean Christmas Memes – 50+ Funny Xmas Images for LOLing

Keeping it family friendly with Clean Christmas memes – safe for sharing with loved ones with little chance of offending them.

With the holiday season and Christmas stress in full force, there is one natural stress reliever that I love the most. Well, next to a good glass of wine, my favorite thing is LAUGHTER.

Funny Clean Christmas Memes

So share these clean Christmas memes and make someone laugh or smile. We try not to offend, but keep it clean.

clean christmas memes
clean christmas memes 2022

This is our third year sharing CLEAN Christmas memes and each year these go viral. These are clean memes that you can share with everyone from your kids to grandma without them being offended.

funny christmas meme - here is a gingerbread house recipe - let me know if you want the recipe #christmasmemes #funnymemes #humor #gingerbread
gingerbread house meme

BONUS, these aren’t raunchy – we are keeping it appropriate for all ages in this post. Don’t miss our Christmas memes which aren’t terrible but a little more edgy.

its not funny i said no rocks in the snowballs - funny christmas meme
snowball meme

Don’t miss out on our fun Christmas Drinking Game!

Clean Memes About Christmas

These funny graphics are clean, so share away. Well, I should say that some people don’t get humor and there are ALWAYS that relative that is offended by SOMETHING.

Jesus is the Reason for the Season Memes

With all the lights, music and activities, these clean Christmas memes bring back the reminder what this holiday season is all about.

Jesus is the reason for the season meme as a gentle reminder that it’s about more than gifts.

psst.. don't forget that i'm the reason for the season
clean christmas meme jesus

It’s a Jesus birthday meme because December 25th is His big day.

y'all ready for my birthday?
jesus birthday meme

“Can I share your clean Christmas memes?” Um, memes are meant for sharing. We just ask that you tag us @digitalmomblog (on facebook/instagram or pinterest.

Christmas Movie Memes

The most epic Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation delivers us a whole plethora of movie lines and imagery of Christmas funnies. Enjoy these Clark Griswold memes.

Merry Christmas to You - Clark Griswold Meme
christmas movie memes

Don’t miss all of our Christmas Vacation memes!

Funny Home Alone Memes

Another collection of clean Christmas memes from yet another iconic movie! This time we are looking at Christmas Home Alone Memes, perfect for sharing.

We recently watched Home Alone with our 2 youngest kids. It was their first time to watch it, and these Home Alone memes are totally things they reacted to. 

home alone christmas memes
home alone christmas meme

House too big forgets child – sorry kids, we will not have that problem with our current home.

home alone parents meme
funny home alone meme

Okay, since I recently watched Home Alone again, I get this – but I did learn something. This Home Alone meme is correct in how in the hell do people afford nice things with that many kids – but in the movie, Kevin’s uncle moved to Paris.

He gifted the family with a trip to Paris for Christmas so that they all could be together. 

Also, as one Facebook follower said – who knows, maybe it’s Kevin’s MOM who is the breadwinner. Hear! Hear! 

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Meme

And oh we have heard Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal is a line we have heard over and over. 

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Meme

Clean Santa Memes

Because Christmas and Santa Claus go hand in hand, check out these funny Santa memes. Also, if you want a good LOL – don’t miss our post on Scary Santa photos!

Elves make all the gifts - only his name goes on the present. Clean Christmas Meme

Elves, we pay for the gifts – so you get how us parents are feeling! And of course we have Santa memes.

works one day a year and spends the rest of the year judging you - funny santa meme

Santa meme – works one day a year and spends the rest of the year judging you. 

he sees you when you are sleeping christmas santa meme

These funny Santa memes kind of make Old St. Nick feel creepy!

More Christmas Funny Images

And even MORE clean and funny Christmas images for sharing.

how teacher dress to go christmas shopping - christmas meme
christmas teacher meme

Teachers, we get you. Dont miss our teacher memes!

Christmas is Cancelled Meme

This Christmas is Cancelled meme might be best not to show the kids. RIP – sadly, last year our local Santa Claus died.

christmas is cancelled santa claus died rip
Christmas is Cancelled meme

It was tragic and so many parents who had taken their kids to the same Santa for years were left with some explaining to do or shuffling to find another Santa.

Best DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme

This photo of a guy wearing a mirror as a ugly sweater is everything. If you are needing a DIY ugly Christmas sweater, just find an ugly sweater – and tape a mirror to it. BRILLIANT!

Best Ugly sweater idea mirror
best ugly christmas sweater meme

Check out our ugly Christmas sweaters, not as gross as that but pretty ugly nonetheless!

Check out that Christmas tree Chest hair with this ugly christmas meme. nice. and no.
Ugly Christmas Sweater Meme

Christmas tree – you are drunk! See our Christmas Tree memes.

abs are cool but have you tried little debbie christmas cake
little debbie christmas meme

Saved a ton of money by discussing politics on Facebook. 

discuss politics save of christmas presents

This funny Christmas meme make me LOL! I have learned you MUST buy batteries for all of the toys you buy on Christmas morning.

always include batteries - funny christmas memes

Poor Batman, doesn’t even get to defend himself.

christmas batman meme
christmas batman smells meme

I hope those are LED, that electric bill for those Christmas lights hurts me to think about!

christmas lights meme
christmas lights meme

Bless you, Aretha Franklin. This a wreath of franklins meme is the gift that keeps giving year after year.

a wreath of franklins christmas meme
aretha franklin meme – a wreath of franklins

The irony in this just kills me! Who knew the Flintstones new about Christmas before the birth of Christ!

celebrated christmas before the birth of christ - flintstones meem
flintstones meme about christmas

Yes, everytime someone says they are done Christmas shopping – I am sending them this Christmas shopping meme!

meme about christmas shopping
christmas shopping meme

Don’t buy drugs with your Christmas money, y’all.

No drugs
christmas gift meme

This is actually a really great idea. Turn Happy Birthday wrapping paper into Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas wrapping paper!

when you run out of christmas wrapping paper
christmas wrapper paper meme funny

Don’t miss our funny early Christmas memes for those of us who like to decorate earlier than the masses.

its never too early for christmas decorations if you never take them down
christmas decorations meme

For our neighborhood White Elephant Gift Exchange, this is what I actually did.

buying gifts at the liquor store

Who else is guilty of Christmasing before Thanksgiving?

i promise i won't be extra this holiday season
early clean christmas meme

Who is done Christmas shopping?

done christmas shopping implies that i have actually started
funny christmas shopping meme

The real star of Christmas is Jesus, sorry Nicholas Cage.

Christmas tree - my mom let me decorate the christmas tree so i put the only star that matters
nicholas cage meme about christmas star

I don’t get the ASMR craze!

gift wrapping asmr meme
christmas asmr meme

Merry Christmas is living dangerously? 

austin powers at christmas
austin powers christmas meme

This every mom on Christmas meme is so relatable. My favorite part of Christmas – when I can give a present that I didn’t think I’d be able to!

Every mom on Christmas while you open up that gift that she swore she wasn't going to get you.
mom on christmas meme

Christmas costs are real, yo.

my bank account after buying christtmas gifts
expensive christmas gifts meme

All I Want for Christmas is for you to not miss these hilarious Mariah Carey memes.

all i want for christmas meme mariah carey
all i want for christmas meme mariah carey

Here’s a clean Christmas meme that every parent who does Santa and has little kids can relate to. Don’t miss our funny parenting memes!

f you haven't threatened
to call santa 10 times this week, are you even a real parent?
clean christmas meme parenting

Funny Holiday Images

Here are several Digital Mom Christmas memes and funny holiday images for sharing.

funny holiday image - Instead of presents, this year I am giving everyone my opinion Christmas meme
funny holiday image about christmas presents

Instead of presents, this year I am giving everyone my opinion.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house everyone was on their phone. - Funny christmas meme

This funny Christmas meme explains it all:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house everyone was on their phone.

grinch christmas quote Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas - perhaps means a little bit more!

“Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas – perhaps means a little bit more!” – The Grinch Quote about Christmas

I should probably start Christmas shopping for everyone else since I just keep buying things for myself. christmas shopping meme

I should probably start Christmas shopping for everyone else since I just keep buying things for myself. WHOOPS.

funny memes about christmas Christmas is the only time of year where you can sit around a dead tree and eat candy from a sock. 

Christmas is the only time of year where you can sit around a dead tree and eat candy from a sock. 


Alcohol – helping us survive Christmas one sip at a time. 

"One of the most glorious messes in the whole world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly." Andy Rooney quote

Favorite Christmas Quote About Parenting – “One of the most glorious messes in the whole world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don’t clean it up too quickly.” Andy Rooney quote

It's beginning to cost a lot like Christmas.

It’s beginning to cost a lot like Christmas. Tis the season of crazy spending and funny memes about Christmas. One of these things I love.


Christmas Tip – wrap empty boxes for presents and when your child misbehaves – throw one in the fire. My kid didn’t find this meme funny. His loss.

Xmas Tree Cakes

You know the little Christmas tree cakes. So bad, yet so good. We can talk abs come January.

abs are cool but have you tried xmas tree cakes - clean christmas memes

Elf Christmas Meme

Before you even think about buying an Elf on the Shelf, read this funny Christmas meme and decide for yourself. If you choose to proceed, we have easy last minute Elf on the Shelf ideas.

elf on the shelf isn't jsut for christmas its for every christmas for the next ten years. think before you buy
elf meme

We didn’t stop there, here are the Elf on the Shelf memes that you will want to share.

Chocolate Advent Calendar

No idea how the chocolate advent calendar is empty and we aren’t even half way to Christmas yet!

according to my advent calendar meme
according to my advent calendar meme

Ikea Christmas Tree

You know how things from Ikea go, right?

Just picked up my new Christmas tree from ikea - yeah a diy ikea christmas tree - not this year, 2020 - funny christmas meme
ikea christmas tree meme

How about a DIY Ikea Christmas tree?

GI Joe Aircraft Carrier

Oh, the infamous Christmas gift that every boy in the 80s wanted… the GI Joe aircraft carrier. I’m pretty sure my brother had this!

All hail the king of one liners – @SimonHolland

Socks and Underwear for Christmas Meme

Who else gives socks and underwear for Christmas? Better yet, who else always knew they needed to wait because they were receiving socks and underwear for Christmas?


How to Draw a Reindeer

It’s really not that hard. Here is how to draw a reindeer, meme style.


There you have it. A HUGE collection of the best, funny and CLEAN Christmas memes. Happy sharing!

And More Xmas Memes

If you love these Clean Christmas memes – you will adore these funny memes!

Car commercials that show a middle class husband buying his wife a new car as a gift is so unrealistic. 

It's like "hey honey, as a gift this year I made a huge financial decision without your approval, you might want to look for a second job. Merry Christmas!
car for Christmas meme

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