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25 Inflation Memes: Funny Images About the Shrinking Dollar

Inflation memes are popping up faster than price tags are changing these days, capturing the sheer bewilderment we all feel as the cost of living climbs. It’s a wild ride watching the numbers on our bills swell, and somehow, these memes manage to sprinkle a bit of humor onto our financial woes.

Personally, I find that sharing a laugh over these all-too-relatable images can be a small but therapeutic escape from the stress of rising prices. Whether it’s the shock at the grocery store checkout or the double-take at the gas pump, inflation memes help us chuckle through the chaos.

funny inflation memes
funny inflation memes

This post first hit the digital shelves back in 2022, right when we were starting to really feel the pinch of inflation. Fast forward two years, and it seems inflation memes are more relevant than ever. As we sift through the details of the March 2024 inflation report, it’s clear that inflation is not just sticking around—it’s heating up.

what gives people feelings of power  money, status, having a job

These numbers are more than statistics; they’re the reality of our everyday spending. So, while our budgets continue to stretch, these memes provide a little comic relief that helps us navigate the financial squeeze with a smile, even if it’s a wry one.

i got 99 problems and inflation makes it 100

With big news outlets reporting that there is no end to America’s rising prices and the key inflation gauge rising, who doesn’t hate the word INFLATION?

Don’t miss our fed rate hike memes about Jerome Powell’s recent rate increase. While interest rates were set to decrease in 2024 – the head of US’ largest bank warns of 8% rates and possible recession.

inflation is causing interest rates to rise may the odds be in your favor

Middle class is no more.

when you finally make it to middle class and inflation gets so high it makes you lower class again meme
middle class inflation meme

Like a lot of painful things in life, rather than crying we choose laughter. Just when you think you have “made it” to the middle class, inflation is here to remind you that you are lower class again.

recession loading 2022 meme
inflation recession meme

So wipe away that tear next time you are in the grocery store and enjoy these inflation memes. Don’t miss these recession memes.

Living in a Van Down By the River Meme

As a 90’s baby, the threat growing up spurred from a Chris Farley skit.

i live in a van down by the river
i live in a van down by the river meme

Now that we are dealing with crazy inflation (and there is a trend for living in a van and van camping) – this threat is now something we can laugh at. Please show your kids this living in a van down by the river meme.

when living in a van down by the river doesnt sound bad in 2024

Then make sure that they watch the Saturday Night Live sketch because as kids, this is what we thought would happen to us. Government cheese? Sounds like going on keto and living the life.

you are going to end up eating a steady supply of government cheese and living in a van down by the river
van meme

This whole living in a van down by the river meme just sounds like a great way to live debt free, travel and enjoy life to the fullest. It would be fascinating to hear what Chris Farley would think of this trend if he had lived a few decades longer.

living in a van down by the river now sounds like goals
living in a van down by the river meme

Now, as parents – the truth is our kids will be living with us into their 20s because like these inflation memes say, y’all.

1993 you'll be living in a van down by the river. 2022 if you save up $45k maybe one day you can live in a van down by the river meme SNL chris farley
living in a van down by the river meme

Image source: @TheMikeChase

Right now, I think the most painful thing that is getting a big buzz is the prices at the pump. Fret not, we got you with these gas memes about crazy high fuel prices and more.

inflation rate meme  official inflation rate vs actual inflation rate
inflation rate meme

With news like inflation rising at it’s fastest pace since 1981 (in March 2022 – consumer prices jumped 8.5% annually!) – all this news just makes these inflation memes even more relevant.

inflation you read this in my voice
funny inflation meme

If you lived thru the 2008 recession, you maybe feeling the unease of the economy. Don’t cry, just yet – first laugh at these recession memes.

Inflation Jokes

Is your bank account feeling the effect of the rising prices on goods? Here is exactly why. Check out this chart featuring inflation rates!

I hate to tell you this, but the inflation jokes won’t be stopping anytime soon. Look at that inflation rate increase!

this is fine meme inflation 2022
this is fine meme inflation

7.5% based on data from Trading Economics. We won’t let the inflation jokes stop there. Here’s some more corny jokes about inflation and the current 2024 state of the economy.

Why did the price of bread go up? Because the baker kneaded more dough.

why did the price of bread go up? Because the baker kneaded more dough.
bread inflation joke

Why did the inflation go to the bank? Because it wanted to increase its assets!

What do you call a bank that charges you for everything? An inflatable bank.

Why did inflation cross the road? To get to the grocery store and raise the prices of everything.

What do you call an economist who is always wrong about inflation? A failing-flation!

Tom Brady Inflation Meme

Did you hear the new about Tom Brady coming out of retirement? This Tom Brady inflation meme is too funny.

tom brady inflation meme  inflation is so crazy even tom brady is coming out of retirement
tom brady inflation meme

Tom Brady will be returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, he is un-retiring! Read more about it on ESPN.

What is Inflation Memes

These What is inflation memes break down in simple terms real life instances (and grossly but hilariously exaggerated) on what inflation in real life looks and feels like.

2022 inflation meme  feeling like everything is expensive, or not sure if you are just poor
everything is expensive meme

What inflation? If companies just keep lowering the quantity of products in a package, we won’t think about the price rising, right? I feel this way every time I buy a box of cereal.

what is inflation meme
what inflation meme

Inflation Grocery Memes

Now a large box of cereal is family size and a regular box is well, a hell of a lot less than it was! NPR coined this term when products are shrinking as SHRINKFLATION and I think that is brilliant.

inflation grocery meme  looking at these rising grocery prices like
inflation grocery meme

Shrinkflation is the cousin to inflation and both STINK. Don’t miss our Stranger Things memes.

thinking about the prices of eggs has me like...
grocery prices meme

And then there is this funny inflation meme. Who else remember when gas stations had free air pumps?

funny inflation meme air
gas prices meme

Tip: if you are looking for free air for your tires, go to Costco!

Lumber Price Memes

Nothing says inflation like these lumber price memes! Good update (maybe?) While we saw record high lumber prices in Fall 2021, good news!

this is inflation meme
inflation lumber meme

Lumber prices are falling. Now it will take a bit for us normal shoppers to see the prices. We had a weekend project over the weekend so headed to Home Depot. HOLY LUMBER PRICES! These lumber price memes are funny but the price of lumber is NOT.

lumber prices meme
lumber prices meme

Lumber prices are still high. While we felt the initial price bump when the pandemic started, the cost of wood is down 20% in March 2022. That doesn’t make inflation feel any better though.

lumber price meme funny
price of lumber meme

Just how high are lumber prices? Willie Nelson Snoop Dogg high.

lumber prices high meme
lumber prices high meme

Who needs a diamond, soon engagement rings will be bought at Home Depot and will be blocks of wood.

funny lumber price meme

Read more about falling prices of lumber.

Inflation is Transitory Meme

Have you heard the term Inflation is Transitory? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? This was a bigger deal back in April 2021, but let’s face it the FED is slow to react.

inflation is transitory meme
Don’t worry, inflation is transitory meme.

This hilarious inflation is transitory meme comes from MishTalk where you can get a full explanation of what this term means.

theres no inflation meme funny
inflation is good meme

Interest Rates Memes

As we know, in order to combat inflation – the Fed has to hike interest rates.

federal reserve meme inflation
interest rates meme

On May 5th, the Federal Chair, Jerome Powell ordered the largest interest hike in more than two decades as part of its escalating campaign to battle stubbornly high inflation. The interest rate set by the chair effects so much of our every day lives.

one does not simply not care about interest rate meme
interest rate meme

While yes, we need to combat inflation – I mean, this is a whole post with funny inflation memes because we have to laugh or else we will cry. Higher interest rates does mean we will be paying even more for certain things.

lower interest rates inflation higher interest rates recession
recession inflation meme interest rates

Oh goody. A rate hike. While in theory it sounds great, there are consequences.

fed rate hike meme

Brace yourself! Especially if you are in the market for a house or a car. Also, watch your credit card interest rates as well. These are common areas of pain when the Federal Reserve hikes rates.

interest rate increase meme
interest rate increase meme

How does the Fed hiking interest rates help? With inflation at a 40 year high, here is what CNBC says about how the interest hike will help cool inflation.

“The Fed uses interest rates as either a gas pedal or a brake on the economy when needed,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate. “With inflation running high, they can raise interest rates and use that to pump the brakes on the economy in an effort to get inflation under control.”

Doing this makes borrowing more expensive which tends to make consumers and businesses hold off on making any investments. This helps cool demands to help bring prices down.

like it or not increase the interest rate on all the things
interest rate increase meme inflation

Basically, the Fed aims to make borrowing more expensive so that consumers and businesses hold off on making any investments, thereby cooling off demand and bringing prices back in check.

More Funny Inflation Memes

Surely you have noticed the price of groceries here lately. Our family is paying around $40 more a week on our grocery bill.


Every body is hating on inflation right now, well except those crypto investors. Did you see our buy the dip memes?

funny inflation meme crypto
crypto meme

If this bunny made you gasp, don’t miss our creepy Easter bunny photos!

Price Increase Meme

Inflation is going to happen, prices will increase – budget we must. Don’t miss our Star Wars memes.

price increases are inevitable use the budget you must
price increase meme

Pay Raise Meme

When you get a pay raise at work but it still doesn’t beat inflation. Where are the companies that give price of living adjustments?

when you tell your coworkers you want a raise
pay raise meme

This use to be a more common benefit, now a days not so much. If you need some comic relief at work, don’t miss our funny work memes.

pay raise vs inflation meme
funny inflation meme pay raise

Our exact feeling when our favorite things go up in price. NO to price increases!

price increase meme
price increase meme

Share the Memes About Inflation

As we navigate through these economically tumultuous times, inflation memes serve as little beacons of humor in a sea of rising costs. If you’ve stumbled across a particularly hilarious or spot-on meme about the state of the economy, don’t keep the laughter to yourself—share it!

if your tires look like this meme
if your tires look like this meme

Spread a bit of light-heartedness on social media, tag your friends, and perhaps make someone’s day a little lighter. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine, and in times of inflation, we could all use a dose or two to keep our spirits up.

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