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Funny Fall Memes 2021 – Autumn, Pumpkins, and More to Share

We are sharing our favorite funny Fall memes of 2021 because we need some happy and are trying to be optimistic that this Autumn will be as great as we are hoping it will be!

update: it’s September 22 – which means first day of fall memes are trending!

While some people like to think that fall starts on Labor day, the first day of fall 2021 is Wednesday, September 22 and goes all the way till Tuesday, December 21, 2021! That gives us a long season to celebrate all the wonderful things and holidays that happen this season.

Best Fall Memes 2021

But you guys are here for the funny fall memes and we’ve got you. First, should we talk about the reasons we LOVE fall?

reasons to love fall meme
reasons to love fall meme
  • PUMPKINS (yes, we have pumpkin spice memes)

I mean, seriously though! Check, check and yet another check on why this season is the best season.

fall meme - fyi there are actually only two seasons
there are actually only two seasons, fall and waiting for fall

Everyone is entitled to an amazing Autumn. I mean, even Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Also, this tops as one of my favorite memes ever.

humpty dumpty had a great fall meme
humpty dumpty had a great fall meme

First Day of Fall Memes

While we romanticize about Autumn and all the joy it will bring, remember y’all it doesn’t start until September 22, 2021. And then, you can post these first day of fall memes. (j/k I wrote this a few weeks ago, here are first day of fall memes to celebrate autumn)

first day of fall meme funny pumpkin flavor all the things!
first day of fall pumpkin flavor all the things meme

Actual footage of me on the first day of fall. And wearing my signature black.

actual footage of me on the first day of fall meme
actual footage of me on the first day of fall meme

Confession time – who buys Halloween candy when fall hits and then proceeds to eat all of the Halloween candy before Halloween actually arrives? Guilty, but they are fun sized so. Also don’t miss our Halloween memes!

its the first day of fall and i've already purchased and eaten a large bag of halloween candy funny first day of fall meme
first day of fall halloween candy meme

Thou shall not judge what fall obsessed friends do to celebrate the first day of fall.

me on the first day of fall memes be like
me on the first day of fall be like meme

First day of fall meme – the start of autumn got me like…

first day of fall meme funny
first day of fall meme – funny rugrats

Fall Weather Memes

We all dream about the beauty of the loveliness of the fall weather. But let’s be honest. Some of us live in states that don’t experience seasons! But we can dream, right?

weather meme - if we could not have all 4 seasons of weather in 1 week that would be great
if we could not have all 4 seasons of weather in 1 week that would be great

This fall weather meme nails it. While we dream of beautiful autumn leaves, what we really get our gross brown WET leaves because mother nature decided that it should rain, a lot.

autumn weather - fall weather memes
fall weather meme

The IT Fall Weather Meme is everything. What we wouldn’t do to enjoy some cooler temperatures. I mean it is October and all.

fall weather down here

Yeah, fall weather if you could go ahead and show up – that would be great.

fall weather

October weather be like.

october be like

It’s 85 degrees outside and this is me. Fake it until you make it, people. Especially if you live in Texas.

OCTOBER cat - friends its still 85 degrees

The calendar says fall, the thermometer says that is a lie. Maury knows.

maury polvich the calendar says fall the thermometer says thats a lie october weather meme

Waiting for fall in Texas

fall weather texas meme
texas fall weather meme

and I am sure you guys in Florida are waiting on that cool breeze to come your way as well.

florida fall weather meme
florida fall weather meme

The doom and gloom of Delta variant may have soured some of your fall plans, but did you see the fall delta memes? That’s the only thing good that has come out of the variant! If our kids have to quarantine one more time, I am going to pull my hair out!

Fall Leaves Memes

I never understood why people complained about picking up fall leaves until we actually had trees in our yard and have to deal with the leaf issue that takes over our yard.

crunchy leaf piles are coming october - autumn memes - fall leaves meme
fall leaves meme – Brace yourselves, crunchy leaf piles are coming!

These fall leaves memes are for those of us who should be raking leaf piles and cleaning up our yards (but I did read its best just to leave the leaves!)

Crunchy leaf piles are also known as pre-snow. Why does the word pre-snow trigger all of the Texas winter memes in my head?

leaves are pre-snow

If you do live in an area that actually gets an Autumn season, nature has the best crayons when in the right location!

nature has the best crayons

Everyday I’m rustlin’

everyday im rustlin - fall leaves meme
fall leaves meme – everyday i’m rustlin

More Memes about Fall

Here are more memes about Fall. Don’t fret, we know one of the main things of fall is PUMPKINS. Here you can find pumpkin memes.

You guys, I am confused by this one. Are you telling me people don’t wear legging and yoga pants year round?

fall season of leggings and yoga pants meme

This family fall game is brilliant. In the fall, play a little game of how long can we freeze before we turn on the heat for the first time. Here in Texas, it isn’t that hard, but I do cheat and have an electric heated mattress pad that keeps me warm year round.

fall game temperature meme

There are the cute fall outfits on Pinterest and then there are the comfortable and warm fall outfits that I wear.

fall outfits meme - what fall outfits on pinterest look like vs what i wear
fall outfits meme

Share the Fall Memes

As we always say, funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these funny Fall memes and Autumn memes (whatever you want to call this season) brings a smile to your face. Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about fall.

happy fall yall meme

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