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20 Cold Weather Memes That Will Warm Your Heart

As the mercury dips and the world outside turns into a frosty wonderland, there’s nothing like a good cold weather meme to bring warmth and laughter to our hearts.

These playful images and witty captions capture the essence of what it means to face the chill, wrapping us in a shared experience of icy mornings, snow-covered landscapes, and the humorous struggles that come with layering up to brave the cold.

funny cold weather memes

Funny Cold Weather Memes

Bundle up, friends. We are sharing the funny cold weather memes that are highly relatable as we head through fall into winter.

cold weather meme

It feels like just yesterday we were complaining about the Texas heat with our hot weather memes. What a difference a few months make. No complaining as of yet.

what it feels like outside meme

We couldn’t help ourselves with this funny freezing meme featuring the one and only Taylor Swift. She endured the cold to watch Travis Kelsey play, but we don’t blame her. Go Chiefs!

freezing meme taylor swift

Okay just kidding. I am complaining. This cold weather meme says it best. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So maybe I’m a wee bit dramatic, but just keeping it real. We are talking just cold air, not even sharing our snow memes – as of yet.

it is too cold meme

We had a good week of great weather, even a little rain. It was beautiful but should have known it wouldn’t last! Don’t mean I can’t for a little more of that warm weather.

warm weather meme funny

School Weather Cancellation Meme

When the cold weather forces schools to close. These are the words parents hate hearing most! See all of our school closing memes for more humor that parents will love.

cold weather school

Cold Front Memes

When the meteorologist says a cold front is headed your way…

cold weather blanket meme

This cold front meme will either have you saying YES or nuh-uh, no way!

when the cold front finally hits

This past weekend, it was 92 degrees. Today, it’s 40. For the love!

cold temps meme

It’s kind of chilly outside. Trying hard to not overreact, but Merry Christmas everyone.

chilly weather meme

Don’t miss our Christmas memes.

I Hate Cold Weather Memes

There are two sides to these cold weather memes. We have the yays and the nays. Here are the I hate cold weather memes for those of us who could do without the frigid temps.

i hate cold weather meme

If my husband would just let me keep the thermostat on 85 degrees, I wouldn’t be so opposed. Ignore my space heater, warm socks and heated blanket.

thermostat meme

The state of denial in regards to the temperature only works for so long.

cold weather meme funny

I Love Cold Weather

Then we have the flip side. The yin to my yang husband is this person. He loves the cold weather. Do I think he is crazy? Yes. Do I still adore him? Also, yes.

i love cold weather meme

Sweater Weather Meme

From the infamous SNL skit, we give you a sweater weather meme. Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph made sweta wetha unforgettable.

its sweta weatha

It’s a nice day for a light sweater. It’s a nice day for a cardigan. This Billy Idol sweater meme, epic dumb brilliance.

it's a nice day for a light sweater its a nice day for a cardigan

Texas Cold Weather Memes

For my fellow Texans, here are Texas cold weather memes that you will totally be able to relate to. Temperatures here in Texas change on a dime. It can be beautiful and sunny one day and then freezing with ice the next. See our Texas winter memes when that happens.

texas cold weather meme

After the ERCOT failure a few years back, cold weather kind of puts us into a state of PTSD. What gives Texans a feeling of power? Having electricity that stays on!

texas power meme

Cold temperatures mean more stress on the Texas power grid. When those ERCOT power grid warnings start hitting your phone, Texans be like.

cold temperatures mean more stress on the texas power grid

Texans, you will appreciate these Texas memes.

It’s Freezing Cold

Not stopping with the cold memes. You know who loves winter memes? We do. You know who else loves the cold weather and winter months? Propane companies. There are a few times a year where I am thankful we live in an all electric house.

propane meme

With the cold weather comes our oh too familiar friend, Seasonal Depression.

seasonal depression meme

Adding this to our parenting memes. Who else have kids who wear shorts year round? My kids refuse to wear a jacket or coat.

kids cold weather meme

I’m lucky to get them to wear a hoodie but there is a 50/50 chance that it will end up in the lost and found at their school.

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