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25 Funny Christmas Tree Memes For Sharing

Oh Christmas Tree memes – how lovely are thou to share and laugh with.

It’s time to deck the halls, put up the Christmas lights and trim the tree. I don’t know about how things go in your house around the holidays but can tell you this. There is something extremely MESSY that happens when we unload those Christmas storage boxes and setup our tree.

Funny Christmas Tree Memes

I guess it just is that time of year, but after the never do I want to repeat holiday that we had last year – we are fully embracing all that this holiday season has to offer, especially the Christmas memes – which of course includes these funny Christmas tree memes.

christmas tree memes
best christmas tree memes

Here are 15 funny Christmas tree memes, perfect for sharing with the friends who both love or loathe decorating the Christmas tree (or trees, no judgement!)

Time to put up the Christmas Tree meme
its time to put up the christmas tree meme – elf

Anyone who knows the pains of putting together Ikea furniture will relate to this Ikea Christmas tree meme. I mean, seriously – some of their pieces, while affordable and stylish are a PITA to put together!

ikea christmas tree meme
ikea christmas tree meme

Christmas Tree Up Early Memes

There’s always those people, you know the ones. Hating on us early christmas people who like to celebrate Jesus for more than a few weeks. So if you put up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving, these Christmas tree up early memes are for you (and me!)

Christmas tree before thanksgiving meme
Christmas tree before thanksgiving meme

When someone tells you it’s too early to put up your Christmas tree, walk away. You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life.

Christmas Tree Up Early meme - When someone tells you it's too early to put up your Christmas tree, walk away. You don't need that kind of negative energy in your life.
Christmas Tree Up Early Meme

For every Christmas tree lit before Thanksgiving, you know what happens. Not really but if you have someone in your life who decorates the tree way too early – please share this christmas tree meme with them!

rudolph christmas tree meme

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Memes

Let’s take a moment and appreciate the goodness of Little Debbie and her amazing Christmas tree cakes.

little debbie christmas tree cakes meme
little debbie christmas trees meme

Why yes, I have a collection of Little Debbie Christmas Tree memes because have you tried these things?

christmas tree cakes meme draw 25

Just a heads up and full disclose – some of the links included in this post our affiliate links. These don’t cost you anything, but Digital Mom will receive a small percentage of any purchase you make.

Little Debbie Christmas Tree cakes are like $3 a box and one bite will be like childhood.

little debbie christmas tree meme
little debbie christmas tree cake meme

Unfortunately, the metabolism you had during childhood did not stay with you, so watch the binging.

little debbie christmas tree cakes meme funny

If you haven’t tried the Little Debbie Christmas cakes, fear not. Amazon’s got you.

christmas tree cake meme
christmas tree cakes meme

Cat and Christmas Tree Memes

Christmas is your cat’s favorite time of year. Especially when you put up the Christmas tree!

Cat Christmas Tree Meme

Whether they are using it as a scratch post, playing with the Christmas ornaments or pretending to be the star or angel tree topper, just be prepared! Here’s some tips on how to cat proof your tree.

christmas tree cat meme
  • Barricade the Christmas tree with baby gates. They’re lightweight and easy to move. And they can be folded up and stored beneath beds between Christmases.
  • Keep the Christmas tree behind closed doors.
  • Instead of a big tree, hang a small artificial tree upside down from the ceiling. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Memes

One of our family Christmas traditions if watching A Charlie Brown Christmas. We have bought he kid’s Linus blankets and my oldest son still has a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that he uses as his little bedroom Christmas tree every year.

Charlie Brown Christmas tree meme - it's not whats under the tree, but who's around it
Charlie Brown Christmas tree meme – it’s not whats under the tree, but who’s around it

This funny Charlie Brown Christmas Tree meme had me cackling.

funny Charlie Brown Christmas tree meme viagra
funny Charlie Brown Christmas tree meme viagra

Christmas Tree Air Freshener Memes

The brand is LITTLE TREES – you know what i’m talking about if you grew up the in 90s. We didn’t have fancy car air fresheners, we had these. Here are Christmas tree air freshener memes.

Christmas tree air freshener meme - when your wife asks you to put up the Christmas tree.
Christmas tree air freshener meme – when your wife asks you to put up the Christmas tree.

Want your artificial fake Christmas tree to smell like fresh pine? Add in a Little Tree Christmas tree air freshener for that pine chemical smell!

Christmas tree air freshener meme - christmas tree smell
Christmas tree air freshener memes

Laundry Christmas Tree

What better use of dirty laundry then to make a laundry Christmas tree. (Don’t miss our funny laundry memes!)

laundry tree meme
laundry christmas tree meme

Have a pile of missing socks? ALWAYS. Here is a clever use for your odd socks. This would be a great addition to our easy Elf on a Shelf ideas.

sock christmas tree meme
missing sock tree

More Memes about Christmas Trees

Oh we aren’t even close to being done with these memes about Christmas trees. From why you never put lights on a palm tree to funny ways to decorate your tree, get ready for more funny.

palm tree christmas lights meme
palm tree christmas tree lights

When you go all Clark Griswold and buy too big of a Christmas tree. Whoopsy!

christmas tree too big meme

This is such a clever idea for a Christmas party. Find a life size cut out of The Rock and re-create this rock around the Christmas tree meme.

Rock Around the Christmas Tree Meme
Rock around the Christmas tree meme

Once lit, you will see 3 wise men, santa, 7 dwarfs and a red nosed reindeer.

weed christmas tree meme - Once lit, you will see 3 wise men, santa, 7 dwarfs and a red nosed reindeer.
weed christmas tree meme

How about a Christmas tree made out of wine bottles? This clever wine bottle Christmas tree is a great project to do with your collection of empty wine bottles.

best christmas tree ever meme wine bottles
best christmas tree ever – wine bottle christmas tree

Isn’t it funny how different what is under the Christmas tree now versus when you were a kid. The gifts maybe less, but as I tell my kids – it’s because they are more expensive!

christmas tree now vs then
funny christmas tree meme

Ever had a Christmas Tree fall over? NOT FUN!

christmas tree fell over mee

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