Is It A Bones Day?

If you are wondering who Noodle the Pug is, or wondering is it a bones day and what does that even mean? Back in 2020, as TikTok was rising to popularity – a man name Jon with his elderly pug named Noodle hit the clock app.

Noodle, being elderly didn’t always have good days – you just never knew. Jon started recording Noodle and if he was having a good day – it was a Bones Day. Sadly Noodle passed away in December 2022, but long live his memory and legacy.

What is Bones Day?

If you are new to the Bones Day game, welcome! We have a huge explanation of everything you need to know about how this TikTok game with Noodle the Pug got started, all the info on what No Bones Day and the Bones game.

Jon first posted his first Bones Day update on August 13, 2021. He recently celebrated the birthday of the occasion on his TikTok account.

bones day meme

If you stumbled upon this post and have no idea what people are talking about this, let’s do a bones day explained. Here is what we are going to cover:

Is It a Bones Day?

Want to know what is bones day? Let us explain the bones day meaning.

The question is whether Noodle will stand or will he flop? Will it be a Bones Day or a No Bones Day? Nobody knows until the pug tries to stand.

bones day meaning
What is Bones Day – EXPLAINED!

If you are confused about why people are always saying something about BONES as of late, let’s explain Noodle, Bones Day TikTok and more.

No Bones Day TikTok Explained

Bones Day all started because of a TikTok video by a user @JonGraz. He posted about his pug, Noodle and the rest is a viral internet history!

Who is Noodles the Pug TikTok Star?

Wondering who Noodle the Pug is? He is Jon’s 13 year old pug that he had adopted several years back. Being an geriatric pug (or senior pug) – getting Noodle the pug up for his walkies in the morning became a funny ritual that Jon recorded.

noodle the pug meme
Noodles the Pug TikTok star – leader of the Bones Day movement

To get Noodle up in the morning, he tries to stand the dog up. Some days the pug will stand up and others Noodle flops back down to lay. Jon calls this the Bones Game and is what the viral TikTok trend is based on.

Bones Day = Good Day

Wonder what is a bones day? If Noodle is able to stand – that means it’s going to be a good day.

No Bones Meaning

Lets talk about the no bones meaning. So what is a no bones day? Now if Noodle the Pug is not able to stand, that means its a no bones day or a bad day.

And by bad day, what I think Jon means is that it’s a lazy day. Wear the lounge wear, don’t fret the stress of life and just enjoy a day of relaxation.

Daily TikTok Inspirations

Now this is an almost daily TikTok video series. We named it one our favorite funny TikTok videos. The innocent, non-political, happiness it brings to social media is why Noodle the Pug has gone viral.

noodle the pug tiktok
Noodle the TikTok pug made famous by determining if it was a Bones Day.

Each day, when we find out its a bones day or no bones day, Jon gives an short, typically less than a minute inspiration. These funny little daily TikTok inspiration talks on silly things to do, whether it be bones or no bones help make the daily TikTok series more delightful.

Millions check his account every day to see whether or not it will be a bones day. As of 10/23/2021, Jon and Noodle the Pug have 3.3 million TikTok followers.

I hope that helps with the no bones day meaning.

Noodle and the No Bones Day Book

Awesome news for Jonathan and Noodle. On June 7, 2022 the Noodle and the No Bones Day book launched!

noodle and the no bones day book
Noodle and the no bones day book release on 6/7/22.

This sweet story is the perfect kids book, perfect for kids who follow Noodle’s mood.

Noodle the Pug is in Charge

As Jon Graziano, Noodle’s owner says – Noodle is in charge. He calls the shots so if a daily video is not up – it’s because Noodle isn’t in the mood. Since becoming a viral sensation, Jon has started posting Bone videos more often, almost daily. Keep it up Jon, we have faith in you and Noodle!

Daily TikTok Bones Day Videos

With these funny videos, this past week we have made Noodle part of a daily tradition with our kids. The kids predict “is it a bones day or no bones day?” When Jon posts, we texts the kids the video. It’s a fun way to laugh together.

is it a bones day
is it a bones day or a no bones day?

Though, I will say my innocent 10-year-old wanted to really know if the dog doesn’t stand up if it will really be a bad day. No kid, it’s all in fun.

As we said, this has become viral internet sensation with millions checking in on the daily status of the TikTok pug, Noodle. Like all viral content, the internet takes it and makes it their own which makes this trend even more fun.

Watch these Bones Day videos with everything from a No Bones Day song to funny reactions from various TikTok accounts celebrating Bones and No Bones.

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