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70 Funny Monday Memes and Images to Kickstart Your Week

Ah, Monday memes – the perfect remedy for those post-weekend blues! Who doesn’t love a good laugh to kick off the week? Well, fear not, because we’ve gathered the funniest Monday memes on the internet to help you start your week with a smile.

So, grab your coffee, put on your best Monday face, and get ready for a dose of humor that’ll make even the toughest Mondays a little brighter!

monday memes

Funny Monday Memes

If you struggle with a case of the Mondays, we get it. The first day of the week brings all kinds of stresses and while we can’t take them all away, we can hopefully make you smile.

today is the most mondayest monday that ever mondayed

We are sharing the best, most hilarious and viral Monday memes to cheer up this most dreaded day of the week.

monday meme that says when you realize it's monday again

Let’s pull our boot straps up and put on our big girl panties, ready or not Monday is here.

sunday vs monday meme

Not that you want to be the pessimist about how sucky the week can start, it’s just life. But let me tell you this. I have found the best way to conquer the crazy is to LAUGH.

mondays meme

You know, stupid internet graphics that have funny words and silly photos that make you chuckle. That little LOL and chuckle helps break up the pain that Monday morning can bring.

funny meme monday

Monday Morning Memes

When you are trying to live life positively and you are looking for Monday morning memes rather than negative ones – I give you these.

good morning monday meme

Congrats on making it through the week, now let’s get started.

monday morning meme

That awe-ha moment when you remember why you hate monday mornings so much.

monday mornings meme

Get Out of Bed Meme

When it’s Monday morning and you have to give yourself a little pep talk to get out of bed.

monday morning meme funny

Good morning, Monday. This middle finger mug is the perfect gift for someone who hates mornings and Mondays. It also makes a great brother-in-law gift!

good morning monday meme

Send a dose of happy first thing after you wake up with our good morning memes.

Monday Coffee Memes

Let’s start in the morning with these funny Monday coffee memes – or view our entire coffee memes collection.

mondays take a little more coffee and a lot more mascara

As much as we hate this day, there is a liquid to get us thru the morning and another to get us to sleep at night.

too much monday not enough coffee meme

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Cheers!

funny monday image may your clothes be comfy coffee be strong and your monday be short

Champagne on Monday – this is how – oh, you meant coffee? I say bubbles.

but first champagne... whoops its monday i mean coffee

Sometimes there is not enough coffee or middle fingers to deal with the day.

monday meme  there is not enough coffee or middle fingers to deal with monday

Monday Humor for Work

Back to the grind. Whether you are going into the office, a store or logging on – work on Monday is the worse. To find a happy, let’s enjoy these Monday work memes.

work monday meme

Or Check out entire collection of work memes that are perfect for sharing with your favorite coworkers.

monday work meme funny: me every monday at work amazed that i haven't quit this job yet

From our job meme collection: walking out of work on Monday feels like.

monday work meme

Need some more laughs for Monday at work? Check out our Monday Work Memes.

Monday Motivation Memes

Need some motivation for that Monday? These motivational Monday memes will help you start the week off not so pessimistic (or at least, we hope!)

motivational monday meme you can do it

Do sharks complain about Monday? No, they are up early biting stuff, chasing things and being scary. They remind everyone who they are. Be a Monday shark.

shark monday meme  do sharks complain about monday? no they are up early biting stuff chasing things being scary and reminding everyone that they are a shark. be a shark

This fresh start meme is a reminder that even though last week may have been awful – it’s a new week. Let’s start fresh with this motivational Monday meme.

yoda fresh start meme  monday it is fresh start you have

Love Yoda? Don’t miss our Star Wars memes.

Happy Monday Memes

When you want to keep it optimistic but also a little funny, these happy monday memes are perfect for sharing.

dog happy monday meme

Cheers to a Happy Monday!

happy monday image

Happy Monday – says the crying little girl.

happy monday image

See all of our happy memes to spread more joy through the internet via memes.

Positive Monday Memes

Let’s flip the script. Rather than trash talking the day, send some positive vibes with these positive monday memes.

positive monday meme

Punch Monday in the face. Change that perspective – out with the negative Mondays and in with these perspective quotes to help change your mindset for the start of the week.

punch monday in the face

It’s Monday – but that’s okay.

its monday meme: its monday but that is okay

Send this positive Monday meme to someone who needs a smile (and possibly a good kick in the behind.)

monday rocks meme

It’s a new day, new week, new goals – go go positive attitude!

monday goals meme

Note to self – your feelings are valid.

monday reminder that you are enough

For all the creators… It’s Monday – get up and create something amazing this week.

motivation monday meme get up and create something amazing

Monslay meme – slay that Monday! As hard as today is, set some goals. Research in Psychological Science suggests that we may be more likely to actually follow through with our professional goals if we start on a Monday rather than a Thursday.

monslay meme  slaying monday

With the positive, comes the negative – and we get it.

Monday Sucks Memes

These Monday sucks memes are for those who are just can’t with this day. Don’t let one bad day ruin your whole entire week. Good news! You have 6 more days before you have to do this day again.

monday sucks meme  flipping off under water

A simple message that many can relate to. If you can’t relate, you probably don’t work.

monday sucks meme that is all

When you are drowning and can only give the day the middle finger, this mondays suck meme is for you.

mondays suck meme

I Hate Monday Memes

When you are dreading the start to the week, these I hate Monday memes are just what you are looking for.

i hate mondays meme funny

This face is pretty much the standard when starting the week. But hey, Barb – your makeup looks on point. Don’t miss these Barbie memes!

barbie i hate monday meme

This is me, running because I hate Mondays meme.

i hate mondays meme

Yes, Monday happens every week… unfortunately.

pug monday meme

If Monday was a haircut – it totally would be a mullet!

if monday was a mullet

Leave it to this minion monday meme to bring on the perfect face for the day.

minion monday meme  hello monday

Love these yellow guys? Then check out our minion memes. Rather than loathing the day, let’s laugh and share these memes for Mondays.

hey girl meme monday

Need Positive motivation instead of laughter? We got you!
Check out our Monday Motivation Quotes.

Case of the Mondays Meme

Ever heard of the Case of the Mondays? From the movie Office Space – when someone can’t even with the day, maybe this case of the Mondays meme is applicable.

case of the mondays meme  oh oh sounds like someone has a case of the mondays

If only Lysol would get rid of the Mondays, just imagine what their stock price would be!

case of mondays meme

Daylight Savings Time Memes Monday should be a national holiday after daylight savings time!

Dear Monday Meme

A meme about Monday, if I were writing today a letter – it would go something like this.

dear monday meme  thank you for having the word mon in you

Dear Monday – my mama likes everyone but she don’t like you! Thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine,” in case you weren’t aware.

Smonday Meme

Smonday is real, y’all. The moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

smonday meme  that moment when sunday stops feeling like a sunday and the anxiety of monday fully kicks in

Yes, tomorrow is Monday- seriously.

tomorrow is monday

I am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday. Me neither..

emotional monday meme  i am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be monday

New Week Meme

While “technically” the week starts on Sunday, let’s be real. Monday is the start of the new week.

new week meme

More Funny Memes About Monday

If only we could make Mondays optional.

monday should be optional meme

Mondayest Meme

When you are having the Mondayest Monday, EVER.

Man Crush Monday Meme (#MCM)

Have you seen the #MCM hashtag and were as confused as I was? Well, MCM stands for man crush Monday.

man crush monday meme

On Mondays you post your man crush but in our case we are meme’ing it instead. Do you ever feel like you are too old for the internet?

man crush monday meme funny

The only MCM I have is my husband and this guy, but i’ll need a stack of him to make my Monday complete.

No Hangover Meme

Monday, but it makes me think of you more as my day and frankly that sounds like a much more promising start to the week.

monday hangover meme

Monday Blues Memes

If the start of the week has already gotten to you, these Monday Blues memes are what you are needing.

monday blues meme funny

We interrupt this happiness to bring you MONDAY. This Monday Blues meme just tells it how it is.

monday blues meme  we interrupt this happiness to bring you monday

Bad Monday Meme

When it’s just not a good day, it’s a bad Monday.

bad monday meme: how bad was your monday?

Manic Monday Meme

It’s just another manic Monday (Ooh-oh) I wish it were Sunday (Ooh-oh). This Bangles hit from 1987 is the Monday theme song.

manic monday meme

For all too young to know who the Bangles or what a manic Monday is, watch this video.

another manic monday meme

Monday Dog Memes

Our beloved sweet doggos can meme Monday best.

monday dog meme

If you have to go into the office, chances are your best friend doggy hates Mondays too.

monday dog meme funny

Monday Wine Memes

Toast the week with a little wine and these Monday wine memes!

monday wine meme  its monday wine a little

Rewine with some Monday wine! If wine just isn’t doing it, see our drinking memes.

its monday wine meme

What do you call a person who is happy on Monday? Retired.

monday joke meme

Monday, go step on a LEGO!

monday step on a lego meme

I’m totally ready for the weekend. What do you mean it’s only 9:02 am on Monday morning?

monday weekend meme

Mondays would be crocs if it was a pair of shoes. Okay, yes I know that all the cool kids are now wearing crocs. But also, crocs are tough and so are Mondays – so there is that.

monday crocs meme

If only the pew pew pew could make today go away.

go away monday pew pew

If your Monday is a horror, this is a Monday meme you will appreciate. If anything, hopefully these funny memes will give you a smile to start your week. 

monday image funny

It’s been a very long week, oh wait – maybe not. See our sleep memes for more snooze fun.

It’s Monday Again Meme

Does anyone else feel like it’s groundhog day every Monday morning? Just like Bill Murray in the Groundhog Day movie, look at the alarm clock and realize it’s Monday again.

its monday again meme

What do I need to do to get out of this trap?

Monday Mood Meme

How’s your mood on Mondays? This cat will show you what mine is like.

monday mood meme

Rainy Monday

Want to know how to make the day worse than it already is? Throw in some rain!

rainy monday meme

If you love or loathe it, we have rain memes for those wet days.

Monday Funday Meme

If your boss ever says Monday Funday, run. There is no such thing as a funday on a Monday!

monday funday meme

Monday Cat Meme

Enjoy and share one of these funny meme about Monday with someone who needs to smile.

monday cat meme

Go forth and conquer. You can make it through the week. If you enjoyed these funny Monday memes, make sure to share on Pinterest, Facebook and beyond!

Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister.  Don’t worry, we have Tuesday memes as well.

tuesday is mondays ugly sister

Here’s an interesting read from Daily Break, though I’m not sure I agree!

Share the Monday Memes!

If these Monday memes brought a grin to your face and made your Monday a bit more bearable, why keep the laughter to yourself? Share them with your friends and followers on social media, and don’t forget to tag us for a virtual high-five!

zero stars meme monday

Let’s spread the joy and humor of Monday memes far and wide, making Mondays everywhere just a little bit better. And remember, whenever you need a pick-me-up, come back and revisit this post for more laughs.

hate monday images

Happy meme-sharing, and may your Mondays be forever filled with laughter and good vibes! Tag us on social at @digitalmomblog on Facebook or @digitalmomblog_com on Instagram! And follow along for some more funny!

Norma | We Bananas

Monday 28th of January 2019

THese are great! Bookmarking so I can get inspiration every monday. :)


Saturday 3rd of November 2018

Love these birthday memes, shared with my fb friends who had a bday today!

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