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Monday Memes – Start Your Week With Some LOLs

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Monday memes because Monday needs as much LOL as possible, right?

I am going to pretend I can read your mind for a second. It’s possibly Mondays – and most likely it’s hell. Am I right?

Not that you want to be the pessimist about how sucky the week can start, it’s just life. But let me tell you this. I have found the best way to conquer the crazy is to LAUGH.

monday meme
Monday Memes because starting the week with a LOL makes for a better week!

I am no data scientist, but I often think about how many other people are dealing with the Monday crazy by scouring the internet for Monday memes. You know, stupid internet graphics that have funny words and silly photos that make you chuckle.

That little LOL and chuckle helps break up the pain that Monday morning can bring. 

weekend gone i swear it was just here a sec ago monday meme
Monday Meme – weekend GONE!

Rather than loathing the day, let’s laugh and share.

Need Positive motivation instead of laughter? We got you!
Check out our Monday Motivation Quotes.

Best Monday Memes

If you struggle with a case of the Mondays, every single Monday – and you like to share funny memes specifically those about Monday, look no further. We have rounded up our favorite and what we think are the best Monday memes for you to share and post. Enjoy!

Your Friday leaving work face vs your Monday showing up for work face. There is a difference – for sure!

leaving work friday face vs showing up for work on monday morning face

Everything can wait until Monday – until it’s Monday!

wait until monday friday work memes

Daylight Savings Time Memes Monday should be a national holiday after daylight savings time!

daylight savings time meme

Tuesday is just Monday’s ugly sister. 

tuesday is mondays ugly sister
Tuesdays also suck – interesting read from Daily Break – Tuesdays are Worse Than Mondays

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Cheers!

May your clothes be comfy, your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Cheers!

Dreaded Monday Memes

When you are dreading Monday – your face may look like…

monday barbie meme
this is my Monday Face meme

Mondays should totally be optional.

mondays should be optional

If each day is a gift, i’d like to know where to return Mondays. 

   If each day is a gift, i'd like to know where to return Mondays. 

This is me, running from Monday!

run from monday true story meme

My Monday face looks like…

dis my monday face - funny monday meme

Yes, Monday happens every week… unfortunately. 

Pug meme so monday we meet again

If Monday was a haircut – it totally would be a mullet!

if monday was a haircut it would be a mullet - funny monday meme

Good morning, Monday *insert middle finger*

good morning middle finger meme about monday

Monday takes a little more coffee and a lot more mascara!

monday takes a little more coffee and a lot more mascara - funny monday meme

Happy Monday – says the crying little girl.


Monday Champagne Meme

Champagne on Monday – this is how – oh, you meant coffee? I say bubbles.

Monday champagne meme

Sunday Night Memes

When Sunday night rolls around and you realize tomorrow is Monday you look for Sunday night memes. Get ready for it.

Smonday Meme

Smonday – the moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in. Smonday is real, y’all.

smonday - the moment when sunday stops feeling like a sunday and the anxiety of monday kicks in - sunday night memes

Yes, tomorrow is Monday- seriously.

tomorrow is monday

I am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday. Me neither..

I am not emotionally prepared for tomorrow to be Monday

Good Monday Memes

When you are trying to live life positive and you are looking for good Monday memes rather than negative ones – I give you these. 

Good morning monday meme
Don’t miss our good morning memes – to wish someone a happy morning.

Punch Monday in the face.

punch monday in the face

It’s Monday – but that’s okay.

its okay that its monday

It’s a new day, new week, new goals – go go positive attitude!

Its a new monday

Note to self – your feelings are valid. 

monday reminder that you are enough

For all the creators… It’s Monday – get up and create something amazing this week.

create something amazing today

Monslay – slay that Monday!

monslay monday motivation meme

More Funny Memes About Monday

Dear Monday – my mama likes everyone but she don’t like you!

My mama dont like you monday

Monday Wine Memes

Toast the week with a little wine and these Monday wine memes!

wine a little on monday

Rewine with some Monday wine!

Monday wine meme - time to re-wine

Funny Monday Memes

And even more funny Monday memes!

what do you call a person who is happy on monday? RETIRED

Monday, go step on a LEGO!

Dear Monday - go step on a lego

I’m totally ready for the weekend. What do you mean it’s only 9:02 am on Monday morning?

Ready for the weekend on monday meme

When you are having the Mondayest Monday, EVER.

Mondayest monday ever

Mondays would be crocs if it was a pair of shoes.

If mondays were shoe theyd be crocs - funny monday memes

If only the pew pew pew could make today go away. 

Go away monday meme

Not enough coffee or middle fingers. 

I dont think there will be enough coffee or middle fingers for this Monday. Funny Monday memes

If your Monday is a horror, this is a Monday meme you will appreciate. If anything, hopefully these funny memes will give you a smile to start your week.  It’s been a very long week, oh wait – maybe not.

Monday Funny Memes

Looking for some inspiration? Don’t miss our  Motivational Monday Quotes!  And if you need a meme for tomorrow, we have the best Tuesday memes – because let’s face it. Tuesday isn’t always better than Monday! The we have hump day memes. Not last or least, Friday memes.

Funny Monday Memes

Go forth and conquer. You can make it thru the week. 

If you enjoyed these funny Monday memes, makes sure to share on Pinterest, Facebook and beyond!

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Norma | We Bananas

Monday 28th of January 2019

THese are great! Bookmarking so I can get inspiration every monday. :)


Saturday 3rd of November 2018

Love these birthday memes, shared with my fb friends who had a bday today!