10 Scary Creepy Santa Photos That Are Sure To Make You and Your Kid Cry

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Creepy Santa photos are MY FAVORITE. I mean hello – HO! HO! HO! It’s the old creepy man who sneaks into your house and leaves you presents. As creepy as Santa is, I love him. We are really wanting to have an intentional Christmas – keeping Christ as the center of our holiday. That being said, I still love me some Santa and the tradition of a good patron delivering joy.

We have had our fair share of screaming kids on Santa’s lap. All year long, we tell our kids “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS” and then come Christmas, we plop the kids on some old smelly man’s lap. Of course, they are going to scream and cry. The germs alone make me freak out. So what’s better than a kid screaming on Santa’s lap? If that Santa is scary as all hell .

Creepy Scary Santa Photos

We’ve rounded up several of our favorite creepy Santa photos for your amusement (and our’s too!) 

Scary Santa Photos

These are some Santas that are just downright scary. From drunk looking to just freaky, let’s take a few minutes to chuckle at these hilariously scary Santa Clauses. What were these parents thinking? 

Unibrow Santa

scary santa clauseHas used the same scary Santa beard for the last 10 years. No idea what happened to his face, or what is in his hands. 

White as a Ghost Santa


I’m a pale person, but that white is just a little too white. I love how the little girl is showing up her brother in this pic. 

Charles Manson Santacreepy-santa

If Charles Manson (RIP) were to dress up as Old St. Nick – this is what he would look like. 

Don’t Touch My Child Claus


Camo Santa


Stop Looking at Her


Just NOwth-santa

Drunk Santa Claus


Santa really needs to stop drinking. 

Too Touchy Santa


He sees you when you are sleeping. NO!!!!




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