Funny Memes

Laughter is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world. — Bettenell Huntznicker

So here is the deal. I love to laugh and make inappropriate jokes. I send stupid gifs and funny memes all day, everyday. It’s my way of communicating. So of course, who would I be if I didn’t use my Digital Mom platform to share more funny with the world.

The Point of Funny Memes

Here are several collections of funny memes that i’ve collected over the years. The point of a funny meme is 2 things.

  1. Make someone laugh or smile
  2. IT is a MEME so it must be shared

So laugh, smile and share these funny memes.

pumpkin memes

Funny Pumpkin Memes, Puns and Fun

We are sharing our favorite pumpkin memes, pumpkin puns and all kinds of pumpkin fun! You guys, it’s Fall and with this season comes the inevitable PUMPKIN EVERYTHING. Did you…

october memes

Funny October Memes

October memes because hello – it’s OCTOBER, y’all! Today we are sharing our favorite October memes.  Can you believe that we are already in Fall? I am in disbelief, but…

funny memes for teachers

Funny Teacher Memes for Back to School

Teachers, this one is for you. We are bringing you funny teacher memes – just in time for back to school! 34 days until the kids head back to school…

round up of the best funny dad memes

Funny Dad Memes for Sharing

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we have rounded up the best funny DAD MEMES! That’s right, you know we’ve got dad jokes, crazy photos of what happens when…

funny easter memes

Funny Easter Memes and Images for Sharing

Lent Day 36 – Funny Easter Memes and Images If you’ve been following along, you get that this girl likes her funny memes. We’ve shared Jesus Memes, Lent Memes, Enneagram…

Best april fools day memes

Best April Fools Memes

It’s APRIL FIRST – which means I must share my favorite APRIL FOOLS MEMES! Jokes on you if you don’t play along. It’s April 1st aka April Fool’s Day so…

memes about pi day

Best Pi Day Memes for Celebrating 3.14

3.14 Pi Day Memes! Celebrate your inner math nerd with these funny pictures about pi.  Get ready for the onslaught of PI MEMES on March 14th because it’s PIE DAY,…

best memes about daylight savings time

Daylight Savings Memes

Daylight Savings Memes – Time is Changing – Share these Images about Daylight Savings Time It’s that time again. You know where either you lose an hour or gain an…


The Best Quote from The Office

We are bringing the best of the best – The Office Quotes. The Office is a classic TV comedy that is still constantly on repeat in our house. While my…