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Funny Memes

If there is a topic, I’ve got a funny meme for it. Are you that person who loves funny memes? Then you will love this.

Funny Memes laughing emoji

Laughter is God’s hand on the shoulder of a troubled world.

— Bettenell Huntznicker

If you love to laugh and make inappropriate jokes, you are my people. Stupid gifs and memes give me life. It’s how I communicate. Whether it be a happy things like a birthday meme, a mom meme to a friend dealing with kids, a funny work meme to a coworker having a bad day, these funny images are a great way to send some happy.

So of course, who would I be if I didn’t use my Digital Mom Blog platform to share more funny with the world.

Our Favorite Funny Memes

Here is our complete collection of best funny memes for all the things because there is humor in everything!

Laughter is Stress Relief

If you can’t tell, I’m a funny memes believer. For me, laughter gives stress relief. In fact, Mayo Clinic says stress relief from laughter is NO JOKE!

funny work meme escape
When you need an escape…

Whenever times were stressful at work, I knew I could always send my team and co-workers at least break some tension with humor. So I would send a funny meme about something work related.

hoarding memes - funny memes
Yes, I am a funny meme hoarder – what’s it to you?

When life was stressful with my husband’s health – memes got me thru.

sleep deprived mom meme
Where are all my tired moms at?

Did I mention I am a mom to 4 kids?

birthday betty white meme

And I think we can all give a round of applause for the birthday memes that save us last minute when we forget a birthday!

The Point of Funny Memes

Here are several collections of hilarious memes that i’ve collected over the years. The point of a funny meme is 2 things

im gonna pee funny baby funny memes
  1. Make someone laugh or smile
  2. IT is a MEME so it must be shared

So laugh, smile and share these funny memes.

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