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25 Hilarious Christmas Vacation Memes You Won’t Want to Miss

National Lampoon’s fans – these hilarious Christmas vacation memes are just for you.

There is a reason that National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation has become a family Christmas movie favorite.

Funny Christmas Vacation Memes

This hilarious holiday movie featuring a crazy family and amazing cast is a comedy that spans generations with its humor. In our ongoing series of Christmas memes, we had to include a collection from our favorite Christmas movie.

christmas vacation memes funny
best national lampoon’s christmas vacation memes

Get ready to LOL with Clark, Cousin Eddie and the rest of the National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation movie gang! Enjoy these funny Christmas vacation memes.

if you are going to jingle, jingle all the way
griswold christmas lights meme

Remember the scene where Clark and the Griswold family bring home a GIANT Christmas tree that was too big to fit in their house (yet they made it work!) This bend over and i ll show you meme featuring the Griswold neighbors Todd and Margo is a movie one liner for the books.

bend over and i ll show you meme  where are you going to put that christmas tree  bend over and ill show you
bend over and i ll show you meme

So our favorite Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation rolled out in 1989. And while that was decades ago – the humor is funny because it’s too real.

are you serious?
are you serious meme

We all have crazy family members, weird neighbors and outrageous Christmas memories both good and bad.

Christmas vacation quotes meme  i dont always watch National Lampoon's Christmas vacation  but when I do I know the entire script word for word.

Let’s dive into some of these funny National Lampoon Christmas Vacation memes that capture the spirit of the reality of Christmas and how it relates to this classic Christmas movie.

Clark Griswold Memes

Our father National Lampoon’s dad – we give you hilarious Clark Griswold memes in our collection of Christmas Vacation memes.

happiest christmas vacation meme clark griswold
christmas vacation meme

Merry Christmas to you, even though everybody’s telling you the same thing on Facebook.

Merry Christmas to You  Clark Griswold Meme  National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
Merry Christmas to You – Clark Griswold Meme

Christmas Bonus Meme

Next up for the Christmas Vacation memes is from the infamous scene where Clark opens his bonus check. Merry Christmas to you, Clark!

If 2020 was a bonus check
Christmas Vacation Bonus Meme

Griswold was expecting a big Christmas bonus check – so much so he was going to buy the family a swimming pool.

Jelly of the Month Club Meme

This Jelly of the Month Club meme feels very 2024. With inflation, that Christmas bonus 20242 isn’t a norm.

when your christmas bonus is a jelly of the month club subscription
jelly of the month club meme

I hope you get that Christmas bonus and not a jelly of the month club subscription. Check out our collection of work memes if you need some workplace humor.

clark griswold meme jelly of the month club funny
jelly of the month club meme christmas bonus check

One year membership to the jelly of the month club. Clark that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.

More Christmas Clark Griswold Memes

The Griswold Christmas tree was one for the books!

huge christmas tree meme christmas vacation
grisworld christmas meme

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Cousin Eddie Memes

Who doesn’t love National Lampoon’s Cousin Eddie? So many of the most memorable moments from the Christmas Vacation movie feature this beloved character.

every family has a cousin eddie
cousin eddie meme funny

These Cousin Eddie memes are from scenes that made the movie complete.

can i refill your eggnog? get you something to eat? drive you out to the middle of nowhere
moose mug christmas vacation meme

Did you see you can buy a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Moose mug?

christmas vacation moose mug
christmas vacation moose mug

Say what you will about Cousin Eddie, but I didn’t see anyone else standing during the pledge of allegiance.

say whatever you want about cousin eddie but i don't see anyone else standing for the pledge of allegiance.
christmas vacation cousin eddie meme

Every family has a “cousin Eddie.” If you aren’t sure who it is in your family, then it’s probably you. Are you your family’s cousin Eddie?

Every family has a "cousin Eddie." If you aren't sure who it is in your family, then it's probably you. Are you your family's cousin Eddie?
cousin eddie merry chirstmas meme

Cousin Eddie Christmas Vacation Meme – Save the neck for me, Clark!

save the neck for me clark
save the neck meme

Real nice, Clark. This cousin Eddie meme and face just say it all.

real nice clark
real nice clark meme

Send this Merry Christmas Cousin Eddie meme to your favorite family member who reminds you of this guy.

merry christmas from cousin eddie
merry christmas cousin eddie meme

The Shitters Full Memes

Would Cousin Eddie memes even be worth sharing if we didn’t include the infamous shitters full Clark meme?

the shitters full cousin eddie christmas vacation meme
the shitters full meme

Merry Christmas from Cousin Eddie.

Merry Christmas Meme Cousin Eddie Shitters Full
cousin eddie shitter full Clark meme – merry christmas shitter was full

When Cousin Eddie is feeling cute… Might empty the $h*tter later.

Feeling cute might empty the shitter later idk  cousin eddie christmas vacation meme
cousin eddie shitters full meme

Merry Christmas – shitters full! How about putting Cousin Eddie as your Christmas lawn decor? How GREAT is this setup?

Bets Christmas Lawn  Cousin Eddie
best christmas lawn decor, ever

Christmas Vacation Car Memes

The infamous station wagon, who doesn’t love the Christmas Vacation car?

christmas vacation car meme
christmas vacation car meme

The Christmas Vacation car is a 1979 For LTD Country Squire station wagon.

christmas vacation car
christmas vacation car

Clark Griswold Lights Memes

Another moment that is unforgettable in Christmas Vacation is the Christmas lights moment when Clark Griswold lights up his house.

let there be lights
christmas vacation lights meme

Here are the Clark Griswold lights memes that you are looking for

clark griswold lights meme  me after hanging a single strand of christmas lights
clark griswold lights meme

Me after hanging a single strand of Christmas lights.

christmas lights meme clark griswold
clark griswold christmas lights meme

How I feel when I plus the lights in and they all work!

Is your house on fire, Clark? Don't throw me down Clark. Christmas Vacation meme
is your house on fire clark meme

Don’t throw me down, Clark. Is your house on Fire, Clark? Such a classic.

little knot here and you can work on that
clark christmas lights meme

Who loves untangling Christmas lights? Little knot here, you can work on that.

More Funny Christmas Vacation Memes

The funny Christmas Vacation memes continue! Here are some more funnies to keep you LOLing from our favorite Christmas movie.

Your face when you realize it’s only some days to Christmas!

Clark Griswold Christmas is Coming Meme
Clark Griswold Meme Christmas is Coming!

Are You Serious Clark Meme

Who can forget the sweet confused face of Clark’s wife Ellen as he was plugging multiple extension cords in trying to setup the home’s Christmas lights.

Christmas Vacation quote  you serious clark
you serious clark meme

This you serious clark meme could be used with every character because Griswold is always up to something sus.

you serious clark meme
you serious clark meme

Aunt Bethany Meme

Another favorite National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation was the beloved Aunt Bethany. So of course we had to share the Aunt Bethany memes.

oh dear did i break wind?
aunt bethany meme

And the rockets red glare… bless her heart.

and the rockets red glare
funny aunt bethany meme

Grace? She died 30 years ago.

grace? she passed away thirty years ago
christmas vacation aunt bethany meme

Why is the Carpet All Wet Todd Meme

The infamous Christmas Vacation quote: Why is the carpet all wet, Todd? I don’t know Margo. If you have never seen the movie and wonder what the joke is about wet carpet and Todd – watch the clip below!

Wet Carpet Meme Christmas Vacation Quotw
why is the carpet all wet todd meme

Here is the infamous Why is the Carpet All Wet Todd infamous scene from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Watch on YouTube.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation Answers

Get answers to your National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation questions. From Clark to Cousin Eddie, here are the things you want to know about the best family Christmas movie for the holiday season.

Who plays Clark Griswold in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?

Chevy Chase plays Clark Griswold.

What year did Christmas Vacation movie release?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation hit movie theaters in 1989.

Where was Christmas Vacation set?

The Christmas Vacation movie is set in Chicago, IL but was filmed in Los Angeles, CA.

What was Clark’s wife’s name?

Clark Griswold is married to Ellen Griswold. Ellen was played by Beverly D’Angelo.

What was the Station Wagon Christmas Vacation Car Clark drove?

That beloved station wagon, if you are wanting to know the Christmas vacation car that Clark drove with the giant Christmas tree on top – we got you. The Christmas Vacation car was a 1979 Ford LTD Country Squire. This station wagon obviously is no longer made, but I can only expect that it is now something some of ya’ll would love to have.

How was Cousin Eddie related to Clark?

Cousin Eddie is Clark’s wife, Ellen’s cousin. So Eddie Griswold is not a thing, he isn’t actually a part of the Griswold family, since he is from Ellen’s side of the family. In other words, amazingly Eddie is not blood to Clark.

Where can I watch Christmas Vacation on TV?

If you are a member of AMC + (American Movie Channel) you can watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation on demand. Amazon has this holiday favorite for rent.

Check your local listings to see if it will be available for free on your local tv stations.

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