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Funny Santa Memes – He is Coming to Town December 25

Before Old Saint Nick comes to town, we are sharing our favorite Santa memes!

A Christmas tradition that can be traced back hundred of years is the legend of Santa Claus.

Best Santa Memes

To honor this beloved childhood Christmas memory, as an adult – what better way to bring some cheer to all of us who now embody Santa Claus then with these funny Santa memes.

funny santa memes 2021 best memes about Santa Claus
funny santa memes 2024- best memes about Santa Claus

Who we know as Santa was originally, St. Nicholas. He was born someone around 280 A.D. near modern day Turkey. As the years have passed, Santa has evolved into what we know him today.

inflation has even hit the north pole
inflation santa meme

See our inflation memes – even Santa Claus is getting hit in 2022.

Did you know that Saint Nicholas (the original Santa Claus) was a 4th century Christian saint? This fact makes me not feel so sacreligious when it comes to bringing in Santa to the holy holiday Christmas season.

judgemental santa meme
judgemental santa meme funny – works one day spends the rest of the year judging you

In early America, Christmas wasn’t the festive holiday we know and love today. It was shunned in New England, lacked a cheerful figure who brought gifts and was celebrated outdoors with alcohol.

A string of poems and stories in the early 19th century redefined the holiday by giving St. Nick a makeover and focusing on the themes of family and togetherness. (source: The Daily Meal)

santa elf meme
santa is coming – elf meme

Santa is said to live at the North Pole with his wife Mrs. Claus. There he received letters from children asking for Christmas gifts.

All year he has a team of elves that help him source the Christmas gifts. I think in 2021, we can all agree that Santa isn’t building anything.

santa not satan meme
santa satan meme – when you think you are meeting satan but then realize you read the sign wrong

He’s teamed up with Jeff Bezos and Santa buys his gifts from Amazon mostly. I do find it weird that he doesn’t do any of the real labor, the elves do – but Santa gets the credit. Sounds like typical corporate America if you ask me!

judgemental santa meme funny  works one day spends the rest of the year judging you
elf santa meme – elves make all the gifts only santas name is on the presents

The tradition says he flies around the world in a sleigh with bags filled with toys. Santa’s sleigh is drawn by 8 reindeer (does that include Rudolph the red nosed reindeer?)

He slides down the chimney and leaves Christmas gifts for all the kids. Kids leave him milk and cookies, and sometimes if the kids are smart like I was as a child. They leave the reindeer carrots.

santa meme 2021
santa is watching meme

I am sure my mom loved the fact that I demanded carrots for the reindeer, surely not in advance of Christmas eve.

2021 Santa Claus Memes

The 2021 Santa Claus is much different than the Santa I had growing up as a child. His location can now be tracked by kids on Christmas eve. Rather than mailing letters, kids can now email him.

rich santa meme
rich santa meme

Talk about a supply chain! What do the elves even do now a days? My guess is work for Amazon delivering packages.

Dirty Santa Memes

While there are plenty of other dirty Santa memes and Bad Santa memes infecting the internet, we keep it SOMEWHAT clean here on Digital Mom blog.

santa mom joke meme ho ho ho
santa your mom meme – santa use to say hey hey hey until he met your mom

That said, we do have these dirty Santa memes for your enjoyment (and sharing!)

santa hos meme
santa hos meme

When ever I hear dirty Santa, Billy Bob Thornton and his Bad Santa immediately come to mind. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks this!

the santa claus meme
he sees you when you are sleeping

Secret Santa Memes

And the funny Santa memes continue, this time with secret Santa memes.

baby yoda secret santa meme
secret santa meme

While I don’t work in corporate, the one thing I do miss is the Secret Santa game.

secret santa meme elf buddy
secret santa is coming meme

There’s always the sarcastic wise guy in the office (see work memes) – gotta admit, I always love the coworkers who gives shafe!

i am your secret santa meme
getting nothing secret santa meme

Dear Santa Memes

If only adults could write Santa letters. Here are a few dear santa memes that sound about right.

dear naughty santa meme
naughty santa meme

As a parent at Christmas time – you just gotta play the Santa card when you can. If you haven’t already threatened to call Santa 10x this week, are you even a parent. (parenting memes)

call santa meme parent  if you havent already threatened to call santa this week are you even a parent
parents calling santa meme

Dear Santa, this year all I want is a fat bank account and a slim body. Please don’t mix them up again like you did last year. EVERY YEAR, he gets it wrong. Mrs Claus obviously doesn’t handle my Christmas gift order fulfillment.

dear santa meme funny
funny dear santa meme

More Santa Claus Memes

Gearing up for that big trip on Christmas eve, because Santa Claus has to travel over 41 million miles to deliver more than one million tons of presents. (source That’s a lot of miles and quite a bit of presents.

santa claus meme
santa wrapper meme

What would Santa’s therapist have to say.

naughty santa meme
bad santa meme

Are you on the santa naughty or nice list? I know what list my kids are on.

bad santa meme
santas list meme

Inflation is real, yo. Due to inflation, Santa is just giving our gift wrapped boxes this year for Christmas. No presents, just boxes.

inflation santa meme
inflation santa meme 2021

This is the sweetest photo. I can so remember waiting hours and hours for a photo with Santa at North Park mall with our first child. We wanted to make sure the picture was perfect and in Dallas, TX the North Park mall Santa Claus is legit. Well, by the time we had our third kid – let’s just say we don’t really care what Santa looks like anymore. As long as he isn’t a scary Santa, we are good.

santa baby meme
sweet santa meme

What other moms play Santa all of the holiday season and then right before the big day arrives, you crash like hard. Christmas Eve is never a pretty look for this mom. (see more mom memes)

moms santa christmas eve meme
santa moms on christmas eve meme

Speaking of TIRED MOM, just think about what Mrs Claus has to go thru. This Mrs Claus meme gives me life. Give Santa’s wife some credit. You know that she is doing all of the work to make Santa Claus look good. Plus, how many elves does she have to watch? The most under appreciated person during the holidays is definitely Mrs Claus.

mrs claus meme
mrs claus meme – santa gets all the credit but us moms know who really does the work

This poor cat looks scared to death.

santa cat meme
santa cat meme

I hope Santa is at the liquor store shopping for me and not himself (again.)

drunk santa meme
drunk santa meme

Jesus and Santa are both watching.

jesus santa meme we saw that
jesus and santa saw that meme

Put Christ back in Christmas? What about putting Christ back in Christianity. I’ll just leave this one right here.

christian santa meme
christ in christmas meme

The high gas prices don’t only hurt our pocket books. Santa has decided to use an alternative fuel source.

santa reindeer meme 2021 gas prices
santa gas prices meme

Let your kids believe in Santa. You believe you look like your filtered photo. Oh Kermit, always with the shade (and tea!)

believe in santa meme
i believe in santa meme

Santa eating venison just not sit right with me.

santa meme funny reindeer venison
santa eats venison

But I guess if Santa went keto, venison would be an approved food. Keto Dirty for all your keto recipe and low carb food ideas.

keto santa meme
santa went keto – see keto dirty

I can just see Santa saying this. Fed up with the world and what has transpired over the last 2 years – can’t say I blame him.

santa meme funny
no santa gifts meme – nobodys getting anything this year

Share the Memes about Santa Claus

We hope you enjoyed our collection of Santa memes. We love us some memes, and a great way to make someone’s day is to text them a funny meme.

santa baby yoda meme
baby yoda santa meme

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Have a very MERRY Christmas!

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