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Funny Texas Winter Memes 2023: Snow, No Electric and Ice

Texas winter memes 2023 because y’all our winters be crazy!

Laugh so you don’t cry because us Texans are cold and we can’t drive in this weather and are praying that our electric grid holds up so that we can have power. While it maybe 80 degrees here in January, Texas winter weather be crazy.

Texas Winter Memes 2023

In our on-going series of Funny Texas memes, we are laughing about our winters. As you prepare for the Texas winter storm 2023, we’re here to entertain you with some humor.

texas winter memes 2023
texas winter memes 2023

Enjoy these hilariously funny Texas winter memes, all about life in the Lone Star state when the weather changes to cold.

brace yourself texas, winter is coming
texas winter meme

We just launched our winter memes, because hello the 2023 season has arrived.

funny winter meme - winter is like the mad girlfriend who keeps storming out then comes back screaming oh and another thing
funny winter meme

Now here we are with threats of the coldest air since February 2021 (source: WFAA.) Let’s hope we can get through it this time with electricity!

texas cold weather meme - betcha can't go from
-1 to 70 degrees in one week. Texas: Hold my beer
texas cold weather meme

Below zero temperatures, extreme cold weather, kids home from school ALL WEEK, rolling power outages, no electricity, power grid failure, that’s what it was like in the Texas winter 2021.

texas winter storm? go away.
texas winter storm meme

If you have had to deal with a frozen swimming pool, friends from the north laughing at you, frozen pipes or bursted pipes, sledding, snowmen, melting snow for water because you have no water, or a love for hilarious Texas winter snow memes – we’ve got you.

Texas Snow Memes

Enjoy these funny Texas snow memes. While it doesn’t snow every year in Texas, when it does – you are sure to hear about it.

funny texas snow meme - people in texas
be like... it snowed a centimeter, let's go build a snowman!
funny texas snow meme

If there is an idle threat of any significant Texas winter weather, chances are things will start shutting down.

texas snow meme - an inch of snow texas cities shut down
texas snow meme

Our local meteorologist (shout out to Pete Delkus) is great but when it comes to snow here in the lone star states – the forecast is hit or miss. These last few years, we’ve seen more snow than we have in a while.

on a positive note, i haven't seen a mosquito
texas winter weather meme mosquitos

This funny Texas snow meme is for all of those who didn’t grow up here and laugh at all of us who aren’t use to severe winter weather.

snow in texas meme - texas shuts down with an inch of snow but thats none of my business
snow in texas meme

Don’t miss all of our funny snow memes!

how to keep kids out of your yard when it snows
funny snowman meme

Texas Cold Meme

When it gets cold here, the state pretty much shuts down.

texas closed meme
Texas Weather Meme – Closed

Our Texas public school is given 2 bad weather days of year. If we use it, chances are that the ground is lightly dusted with snow like this.

texas school closed snow meme
texas school closed snow meme

Texas Temperature Meme

Here’s the thing about Texas and it’s temperatures. We will just tell you in this Texas temperature meme.

texas temperature meme - Texas weather be throwing out crazy temperatures like power ball numbers
texas temperature meme

I don’t think people talk enough about Texas temperatures and how bi-polar this state is!

People brag about their sports cars but what states can go from zero to 60 in one day faster than texas?
texas winter meme funny

By nature, my attitude tries to find the good in bad situations. So Texas winter memes 2023 for laughter and good news – we haven’t seen any mosquitos… yet.

texas weather meme This Texas weather's trying to be all pretty and sweet, like it didn't just try to kill us a day ago.
texas weather meme

Texas Winter Bingo

Play a game of Texas Winter Bingo with me. Will Greg Abbott tell us the power grid is just fine? The kids going outside with shorts on in freezing temperatures, cover it on the Bingo card!

texas winter storm bingo
texas winter storm bingo

Texas Chili Meme

Another Texas Winter tradition, is making chili. Don’t miss our chili memes.

texas chili meme - and just like that everybody in texas was making chili
texas chili meme

Share this Texas chili meme with anyone you know who is making it when the weather turns cold.

No Electricity Memes

Cold weather happens, but when it is below zero and you have no electricity – we are talking a whole new game. These no electricity memes are almost too soon for those of us who were hit with this!

texas power meme - The stars at night are big and bright because there are no lights in texas
texas power meme

We went outside at night, and the Texas night sky was BRIGHT with stars – sadly because there were no lights. And it was freezing.

texas electricity meme - texas if our power grid fails us again please send a thank you card to governor greg abbott
texas electricity meme

Don’t miss our cold weather memes.

Life with No Power

We are use to our nice HOT weather with a few sprinkles of cold days. We are not made to live without electricity.

maury texas no electricity meme
no electricity meme

No power, how desperate were you to get your hands on a power generator?

generator texas winter meme
power generator meme

This photo of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’s grandpa and grandparents in the living room, huddled together to stay warm was the reality of Texans with no power.

charle grandpa no electricity meme - us in the living room right now
charle grandpa no electricity meme

Texas Power Grid Memes

Over 4 million Texans were hit with electric issues due to the Texas power grid failing.

texas requires repair meme

It was discovered that the ERCOT power grid was minutes from complete failure. If that happened, Texans could have been without electricity for months.

texas blackout memes
#1 state – including in blackouts!

Dallas Cowboys Let Us Down

We are a tough bunch, just look at our football team and these Dallas Cowboys memes.

texas electric meme dallas cowboys
Dallas Cowboys Funny meme

Like our electric, ERCOT and our TX government – the Dallas Cowboys let us down as well.

Rolling Blackouts

If you have never experienced rolling blackouts, consider yourself lucky. These were surprise power blackouts. You had no idea when your electricity would quit.

rolling blackouts meme - These rolling blackouts have us acting like we are on an episode of Chopped.

You have 15 minutes to cook an entree and all you have is hot dogs, soup, pineapple and hot sauce. Your time starts now!
rolling blackouts meme

Making food is spot on with this rolling blackouts meme! Cooking seriously was like playing Chopped in real life!

No Water

Another fun (not fun) thing that had to be included in our Texas winter memes 2021 collection is No Water Memes!

Did I also mention that along with no power, Texas had no water? Well, not everyone but there were millions impacted with either no water or with boil orders.

boil water meme

Getting a boil water notice when you have no water and no electricity is really like a slap in the face!

texas no water meme
All the toilet paper but no water for the toilet!

Here we were sharing funny toilet paper memes in 2020, now 2021 – we got all the toilet paper we need but yet we have no toilet water!

no shower meme - i ain't had a shower in 3 damn days
no shower meme

3 days without a shower sucks. When there are 6 of you that haven’t showered in 3 days it sucks and it is smelly!

plumber meme - plumbers after a winter storm be like...
plumber meme funny

Plumbers and electricians will be doing just great with the power outages, water pipe issues and so on.

frozen pipes texas
frozen pipes meme

This frozen water pipe photo is crazy, but this type of water pipe burst in Texas was totally normal. Having lived thru this for un-weather related house issues, I can tell empathize with anyone who has had a water leak. Frozen pipes, busted pipes and no water is not fun – especially when you have no electric!

Going to Whataburger Memes

You can freeze Texas roads, cut off our electricity and water and deliver below zero temperatures. Texas will still find a way to get to Whataburger!

texas whataburger meme - texans be like i am headed to whataburger do you want anything?
texas whataburger meme

These Whataburger memes are so Texan! We have friends who waited over 2 hours to get their snowed in Whataburger fix.

gave proof through the night texas whataburger meme
Texans love their Whataburger

The line was wrapped around the street. Texans love their Whataburgers!

Texas Winter Snow

When we say that Texans don’t know how to do winter, we are serious. These Texas snow memes are exactly the crazy I saw on my Facebook feed over the last week.

texas no snow clothes meme
Texas snow meme – we don’t own snow clothes, thats the truth!

Winter Coat Meme

Our kids’ warmest clothes are their flannel pajamas from Christmas. So what did our TX kids wear to play in the snow? Yep.

teenager coat meme - You know it's REALLY COLD
when your teenager actually wears a coat
teenager coat meme

We layered up with multiple hoodies because our kids outgrew their winter jackets 2 years ago! And yes, our boys wear short year round.

Snowman with a Gun

Of course, even the Texas snowmen have guns.

texas snowman meme
Texas Snow Memes – How Texans Make Snowmen – with a gun

How Texans Play in the Snow

While people in cold climates own sleds so that they can play in the snow, Texans do it different. Sure, some do DIY sleds.

texans winter snow meme
Texas Weather Meme

But why don’t worry about a DIY sled when you can just pull a couch with a truck! From trucks pulling kids with a rope on the roads to golf carts towing kids in buckets – snow play in Texas is crazy.

texans in the snow meme
Texas Snow Memes – Texans, trucks and snow – not a good combo.

Margarita Recipe

When we see the words ice and salt, here in TX we think MARGARITAS.

funny texas winter meme - The next time I hear the words "ice" and "salt"
it better be for a damn
margarita recipe
funny texas winter meme

Don’t miss our margarita memes.

Winter in Texas Meme

Texas weather memes because in TX, our average temperatures in February are a high of 61 and a low of 41 degrees. While yes, I complain in the summer – I’d rather deal with that than winter in Texas.

winter in texas meme - I'd rather be sunburnt, covered with mosquito bites trying to figure out how to stomp to death a copperhead snake with my flip flop than deal with winter weather in Texas.
winter in texas meme

Bring on those hot weather memes because it’s cold, y’all.

Texas Winter Weather Memes

Bi-polar is probably the best way to describe Texas weather in general. These Texas winter weather memes are not joking. Seriously, y’all with a Tuesday, February 16, 2021 wind chill of -16 degrees – it was hell naw degrees outside.

cold weather meme - its hell naw degrees outside
cold weather meme

But like all things here in the Lone Star state, things are bi-polar here. Will it rain, or will it snow? I live in Texas so I do not know. This Dr Seuss Texas weather meme nails it.

dr seuss meme about texas weather will it rain will it snow, i live in texas so i do not know
Don’t miss these Dr Seuss quotes for kids!

Relax Texas, you know that it will be 80 again before we know it.

texas winter weather meme relax texas we got her. it will be in the 80s again by monday.
texas winter weather meme

North Vs South Weather

We heard it all week long from the people up north who experience snow and cold temperatures for weeks on end. So these Texas winter memes are replies to all of those northerners hating on the south!

alaska meme funny - I'd like to cancel my 7-day trial of living in Alaska.
alaska meme funny

I’m done with the 7 day free trial on living in Alaska. Alaska maybe the largest state, but Texas is the greatest state (as long as it doesn’t have Alaska weather!)

northerners in texas summer meme

To all the yankees saying Texas can’t handle winter. You are right. But also. (source: @thetxmemes)

norterners meme about texas winter

110+ degrees is not unheard of during a Texas winter.

north vs south winter meme
north vs south winter meme - Funny Texas Winter Memes 2023: Snow, No Electric and Ice

Texas Winter Groundhog Memes

Who doesn’t love the idea of Groundhog day. We adore it, so much we have a huge collection of funny groundhog day memes you won’t want to miss.

groundhog winter texas meme

Texas challenging the groundhog to wrap up a Texas winter in 3-5 business days. Level complete.

groundhog texas weather meme

That doesn’t mean that Texans will let that rodent live. Texans and their guns.

you tell that groundhog that i am coming and hell is coming with me groundhog meme

More Funny Memes About Texas Winter Storm

Texas winter memes because again, let’s laugh. We are good folks who pull together in tough times.

Stay at home texas 2021 meme

We’re in the midst of a pandemic and now a national disaster.

travel plans this week be like to the window to the wall and then down the hall – funny winter meme

Snow Funny Memes

These funny Texas winter memes are applicable anywhere. We just happened to use them a lot this past week.

This must be the weather our parents walked to school in - winter meme

Inches upon inches of snow on top of ice and it wouldn’t stop.


Yes, it totally felt like being in a snow globe!

i feel like we are stuck inside of a snow globe and some keeps shaking it funny texas winter memes 2021

And it doesn’t matter where you are. We still got the robo-calls trying to sell us an extended car warranty.

car extended warranty meme

Free snowman, some assembly required. This looks like an Ikea snowman.

Ikea Snowman Meme

Cover your weiners, it’s cold. And for the love – please keep your dogs inside.

Cold Weather Memes – Keep Dogs and Weiners Warm!

My favorite of the Texas snow memes has got to be freezer bern. Yes, the funny Bernie Sanders meme made into a snowman.

Bernie Sanders Mittens

Stay Warm, Texas

I think this final funny meme sums up all of us in 2021. We are tired of living through historical events.

2020 and Now 2021 – Tired of Living Through Historical Events

Stay warm, Texas. And to our TX government, please get your crap together so when our weather goes crazy we continue to have power. Mkay? Thx.

How to Help Texans

Millions experienced power outages and water issues.

texas strong logo

If you are wanting to help – here are a few options:

Texas Winter Memes are part of the Funny Memes series on Digital Mom Blog