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65 Hilarious Halloween Memes to Get You in the Spooky Spirit

Best Halloween memes – whether you like it funny, scary, spooky or slightly dirty, here are the funny all hallows eve memes for sharing!

October 31, 2024 is the official date for Halloween but no need to wait until then to celebrate. I mean, this holiday really should be a season. While some of us like to celebrate year round, it is officially spooky month. Let’s get spooking with funny Halloween memes.

halloween memes

Funny Halloween Memes

Take a break from unloading pumpkins and decorating for the fall season and enjoy these funny Halloween memes!

halloween memes
halloween memes

Bravo TV, hear us out. What if, we took a bunch of women put them in a haunted mansion, they wore costume and did witchcraft all while filming. The Real Housewives of Halloween would be a legit hit.

real housewives of halloween meme: bravo hear me out what about a reality series called “the real housewives of halloween” about a bunch of spooky women live together in a haunted mansion wear costumes 24/7 and do witchcraft
real housewives of halloween meme

Funny spooky memes are perfect for anyone who feels like this is the most wonderful time of the year.

most wonderful time of the year Halloween meme

We have a complete post dedicated to October memes if you want more fall meme fun to share. We’ve rounded up the best, most funny Halloween memes for 2024!

Funny spooky memes are perfect for anyone who feels like this is the most wonderful time of the year.

waiting for Halloween meme
waiting for Halloween meme

The wait is almost over. Maybe not for October 31st but at least the Halloween season is here.

Halloween is coming meme
halloween is coming meme

Bring on the pumpkins, candy, fall memes, leaves, scary movies and Halloween costumes.

halloween dog meme
halloween dog meme

When it’s that time of the year. If you love the Sanderson sisters, don’t miss our Hocus Pocus memes!

when its that time of the year hocus pocus Halloween
hocus pocus halloween meme

God bless teachers. This teachers on Halloween meme is funny, until you think about the job they have to do on a normal day. Don’t worry, I’m sure your students won’t be hyped up on sugar come Tuesday.

teachers when they realize that Halloween is on a Monday
teachers on Halloween meme monday

Pastors on Halloween be like – trick or treat? Do you know our savior Jesus Christ? This is his body and this is his blood.

pastors on halloween meme

Trick or Treat Memes

Beginning in early October you start buying candy in bulk. On October 31st, random kids show up knocking at your door, ringing the door bell over and over until you answer.

trick or treat now gimme all your candy

These trick or treat memes are in honor of this festive tradition.

Teens Trick or Treating

Anyone on a neighborhood Facebook group or Next Door app probably has seen the posts complaining about teenagers trick or treating. Get over it, let kids be kids! Also – the real freeloaders are parents with infants.

parents get mad at teenagers trick or treating when the real freeloaders are parents with infants. Karen, I know dang well that infant of yours cant eat milk duds.
baby trick or treat meme

Let the teens feel like kids. Life goes by way too quickly to worry about the 6-foot trick-or-treater who is just out enjoying one of their favorite childhood pastimes.

Halloween reminder the teen who comes to your door to trick or treat is choosing to be a kid over doing other things. Give them the candy and smily. Life only gets harder. Let them enjoy it. You are only young once!
teens trick or treating meme

Halloween Candy Memes

All the stress of decorating for the season, carving the pumpkins, finding costumes, dressing the kids, taking the kids trick or treating, going to Halloween parties…

when you don't find drugs in your kids' Halloween candy like their grandparents warned you about
drugs in Halloween candy meme

Let’s be real. We do it for the candy.

Officially bought the first bag of Halloween candy. Let's be honest. This won't last until the end of next week.
halloween candy meme

Favorite Halloween sweet? Reese’s of course. How do I eat them? Consecutively until my stomach hurts.

How do I eat my Reese's? Consecutively, until my stomach hurts.
reeses meme

Want to save money on Halloween candy? This hilarious Tweet from Simon Holland nails it. Just head over to Aldi for discount candy to hand out Twicks, Skattles and 4 Musketeers.

My wife said we would save money on Halloween candy if we bought it at Aldi so I guess we're handing out Twicks, Skittles and 4 Musketeers. Simon Holland
halloween candy meme funny

These funny Halloween candy memes are too relatable. Who else eats their kids candy? Okay, who tells their kids that they ate all of their candy?

eating my kids halloween candy elf meme

If you haven’t seen Jimmy Kimmel’s annual series where parents tell kids they ate their Halloween candy, you are missing out.

my kids when they find out i ate all of their halloween candy
eat kids halloween candy meme

Pro Parent Tip: Tax your kids’ Halloween candy! Even if you don’t eat the candy yourself, this is a good way to keep them from overindulging on sugar. I call it the mom tax, but the dad tax or parent tax works too!

parents! don't forget to tax all Halloween candy current parent tax rate: 20%
tax kids Halloween candy meme

Confession time. We live in the country. In the 5 Halloweens we have lived here we have had MAYBE 5 trick or treaters and we MAY have given out Ramen noodles to trick or treaters because we had zero Halloween candy. And we wonder why the neighbors think we are weird.

ramen halloween candy meme

Anyone else have parents who swore there were drugs or needles in your Halloween candy? Yes, be aware but it’s not being passed out as candy while trick or treating!

Halloween drugs candy trick or treat meme

Now I think about it, I think they had to go thru our Halloween loot to pick out the candy that they like.

Fun Halloween Drinking Game Meme

File this under Halloween meme for adults, 21 and up only. Put an adult spin on the trick or treating with this fun Halloween drinking game. Every time an Elsa shows up at your door, drink!

Halloween drinking game every time an elsa shows up at your door drink
halloween drinking game meme

Halloween Costume

Halloween costume memes for parents who spend hours putting together the perfect kids or couples costume.

mummy halloween costume meme

Remember when our parents use to dress us in plastic Halloween costumes and no one could breathe?

80s Halloween costumes meme

Last year, we made DIY Among Us costumes. In years past, we’ve had a Steve Jobs costume, Taylor Swift costume and a nerd costume.

best Halloween costume meme edward scissorhands
halloween costume meme

Scary Halloween

These scary Halloween memes for those who like that type of thing.

look on my face when i see Halloween meme
Don’t miss our great Beetlejuice memes

Nope, not going to let this scary meme isn’t going to get into my head and release all my irrational fears of being watched.

do you ever feel like someone is watching your every move?
scary meme halloween

I may call the cops if I saw this pumpkin scene. Scary, yes! Funny, definitely YES.

bad Halloween decorations meme

Enjoy all of our scary memes!

Happy Halloween

Share the fun with these Happy Halloween memes!

grumpy happy Halloween
happy halloween meme

Keep it spicy this year and get the HOA and your neighbors talking. How about scarecrow pumpkin with cleavage and another pumpkin mooning the street? Did you see our pumpkin memes?

happy halloween neighbors
happy halloween meme neighbors

Did you know the Halloween is also called All Hallows’ Eve? All Saints Day is on November 1st, and saints are known as hallows.

happy halloween memes
happy halloween memes

Since October 31 is the eve of All Saints Day – this October holiday was once called All Hallows’ Eve.

happy all hallows eve meme
happy all hallows eve meme

We have a list of inspirations for Halloween Pumpkin Faces for ideas of things to do with your pumpkins!

dirty halloween meme that says check out those pumpkins
dirty halloween meme pumpkins

Happy Halloween from Michael. Enjoy these Friday the 13th memes.

happy halloween michael myers meme

Work on Halloween

Good news! This year, October 31 is on a Monday which means wear your costume to work and share all the Halloween work memes.

when it's Halloween but you want to keep it professional
halloween work meme

Working from home on Halloween be like. Isn’t there a zoom filter for this? See all of our work from home memes.

working from home on halloween be like
work from home halloween meme

Sharing this working on Halloween meme for those of you who would rather enjoy time off than get free candy and have to participate in a office costume contest.

working on Halloween is stupid. employees want time off not free candy and a costume contest
working on Halloween meme

Work Costume

Keep it classy, y’all. There are work Halloween costumes and then there are party costumes. Choose wisely and share these funny work memes with your co-workers.

there's always one coworker at the office who misinterprets business casual attire on Halloween business casual attire on halloween
adult costume meme

Dirty Halloween

Well by dirty Halloween memes we aren’t getting too wild here. But these funnies are awkward, dirty and fun.

dirty halloween meme chills

Well, thats one way to use your old fancy panties.

dirty halloween meme pumpkin

Can someone please tell me what she is putting in her pumpkin spice lattes? (source: @the_pumpkin_queen)

dirty halloween memes
dirty halloween memes

Halloween Cat

These are pawsitively bewitching Halloween cat memes for feline lovers.

cat meme halloween
cat meme halloween

I hope you are cat-ching some spooktacular vibes this scary season.

cat halloween meme
cat halloween meme

Happy Meowlloween!

halloween cat meme
halloween cat meme

Spirit Halloween

You know Halloween is approaching as soon as you see the first Spirit Halloween store of the season.

spirit halloween meme
spirit halloween meme

It’s a smart business model for Spirit Halloween. You know they are scoping out the stores that are closing like Jim of the Office looking thru the blinds with a mischievous smile.

spirit halloween store meme
spirit store meme halloween

Halloween Christmas

If you are someone who is ready to move through the holidays, this Halloween Christmas meme is for you. Don’t miss our early Christmas memes for those of us who decorate sooner than the day after Thanksgiving!

halloween christmas meme
halloween christmas meme

And let’s not forget when the clock strikes midnight on November 1, Halloween will end then BAM Christmas carols everywhere.

midnight on halloween meme christmas
midnight on halloween meme christmas

(Get started with our Christmas memes!)

More Memes about Halloween

And the Halloween memes continue. Are you one of those Halloween diehards?

when people dont like halloween

Is it even the season if you aren’t sharing funny Halloween memes?

Football season? No, it’s Halloween season my dear. Okay, I know there are some of you who love that sport. For you, we have football memes.

football season no halloween season meme morticia addams

When do you start celebrating and decorating for Halloween? Are you one of those early Christmas people or do you embrace the Halloween and Thanksgiving season?

screw it halloween starts now

Or maybe you are someone who celebrates Halloween all year long.

halloween is never over meme

When those weird and usual tastes are normal, hip and popular because it’s Halloween.

addams family halloween meme

And let’s not forget when the clock strikes midnight on November 1, Halloween will end then BAM Christmas carols everywhere.

night of halloween christmas meme
November 1st Christmas Everywhere

(Get started with our Christmas memes!)

Friday Before Halloween Meme

Some neighborhoods have adopted a trend of trick or treating the Friday before Halloween. Halloween parties, sure! With 4 kids, I get wanting them to be able to stay out later, especially since this year i 2024 – it falls on a Monday (school night.)

when mom says we are trick or treating on the friday before halloween but no one is answering the door
friday before halloween meme

All that said, poking fun at the situation with this Friday before Halloween meme. Enjoy these ghost memes for more ghouly fun.

Halloween 2020

Remember back when we had that 2020 worse year eve? These are the Halloween memes 2020-2021 that we shared as the world dealt with that scary, spooky and tragic thing.

covid halloween meme

While the world feels like it’s on fire right now, just check out Google news – actually don’t. Focus that negative energy to some positive like decorating for Halloween.

scary halloween meme 2021

When it’s your special day but everyone is more afraid of the virus than you now. (Omg, anyone else have to deal with quarantine and kids.)

scary halloween meme jason

Anyone else trying to figure out if 2024 s better or worse than 2020 worse year ever? TBD.

Share The Funny Memes for Halloween!

As we always say funny memes are for sharing! We share memes often and hope that these funny Halloween memes bring a smile to your face.

halloween beetle juice meme
day after Halloween memes

Please share away, we do appreciate a tag on social media if you do share one of our memes about Halloween.

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