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90 Funny Work Memes and Images to Share With Co-Workers

These hilarious funny work memes are the perfect way to communicate with your co-workers and team.

As someone who has spent many years in management in corporate America, I can tell that one way to turn around a crappy situation is a funny work meme.

Funny Work Memes 2023

Break the tension, relieve the work stress and bring humor into the workplace. Life is too short to spend all day at work miserable!

work memes
Office Hilarity Unleashed: A Collection of the hilarious work memes to brighten your 9 to 5.

If you need to break the tension or rally the team, enjoy these funny work memes. Break up the 9 to 5, send some workplace humor to your coworkers.

funny meme work: trying to understand how some of my coworkers were ever hired
The perfect work meme about incompetent coworkers.

From inappropriate work memes for co-workers to boss memes, enjoy sharing these with your co-workers, managers and employees.

work memes, uniting our humor and pain
Work memes are a great way to unite humor and the pains of a job.

Best Memes About Work

As someone who has spent many years in business and corporate America – I can tell you sometimes a good laugh during the work day is needed! We’ve made it super easy to find the funny memes about work.

work memes funny me leaving work be like

Funny Work Memes

This series of workplace memes is an ongoing collection of the best images about all aspects of work and career. From finding the job, to unemployment, we’ve all been there and now we have the funny memes to laugh about it!

Coworker Memes

For those coworkers that you both love and hate.

Job Memes

That 9-5 job is filled with all kinds of memeable fun!

Boss Memes

Both for and about the beloved managers and bosses in your life.

Work Stress and Struggles

Here’s the deal with funny work memes and humor. Making your co-workers laugh is a delicate balance between making their day and getting sent to HR.

the work struggle is real
Struggles at work is real.

Work Hard Meme

The best part of having a job is that if you work hard, the company will just let you keep working hard.

funny work hard meme The best part of having a job is that if you work hard, they'll just let you keep working hard.
A funny work hard meme about not being appreciated.

Need to congratulate an employee after putting in extra hours? This work hard meme is a start. Make sure you don’t just send a meme.

cheers your hard work is appreciated
A funny meme to send to a hard working employee.

Working hard, or hardly working? Business cat would like to know.

working hard or hardly working?
Are you working hard or are you hardly working?

We are sharing the best work memes for those who are working hard… or hardly working.

working hard meme
working hard meme

When you work work work and your company is not as loyal to you as you are to them.

hard worker? tell me about how loyal your company is to you
A hilarious work meme for the hard worker who works for a company that doesn’t appreciate them.

Funny Memes About Work

Human Resources does not find work humor funny, well at least most of them don’t. I have to preface this in saying – make sure your co-workers have a sense of humor.

funny at work meme - Being funny at work is a very delicate balance. you want to be funny enough to entertain your coworkers but not too funny that you get sent to hr
being funny at work meme

Unfortunately, not everyone is as awesome and thinks work memes are as great as we do. Tread lightly but enjoy sending funny work memes to your co-workers.

funny work meme friends - everytime i see a work meme, ah humor based on my pain
funny work memes are humor based on my pain

The majority of us have to work and while I’d love to say that every one of us loves our job, even the best job has bad days. As a manager, one of my favorite ways to help lighten the mood was to send out funny work memes to my co-workers.

worky meme - funny work meme that says i need a job thats not too jobby and work thats not too worky
worky meme

A few times, I even upped the ante and found funny work memes and printed them as a little gift, leaving on my team’s keyboards or posting on their cubicle walls.

work meme my mood at work its show time
work meme funny

If you are a hard-working employee whose company says that they value you but your paycheck says otherwise.

you say you value your employees but my paycheck determined that was a lie
For the company who doesn’t pay fair wages to their staff.

Also, make sure these don’t cross the line with any work policies. I am just here to share some happy not to get anyone in trouble, so use these work memes at your own risk (or just enjoy them for your personally LOL!)

Me at Work

These are the perfect funny work memes about that job you may not love. So what are you REALLY like at work? Here is a collection of funny me at work memes that you just might relate me.

me at work be like meme
me at work meme

If you aren’t sure if one of these funny work memes is safe to send, consider sending something like one of our motivation monday quotes – better safe than sorry.

Work Friends Meme

Work friends memes for those people who help you get thru the day. Don’t miss our friends memes for more lols about friendship. These aren’t just for women!

coworker work friends meme
coworker work friends meme

My friends and me at work are like “Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far far far away from here.”

funny coworker meme about wanting to quit work
funny coworker meme work

Oh, touch base with you – that’s never a good sign.

when the annoying co-worker says
"I just want to touch base with you" i'm like... honey im busy
annoying coworker meme

Here is to 2023, working remotely is the norm for about half of us that were in the office previously. With working remote comes the beloved and dread video calls.

work zoom meeting meme 1st day of zoom vs 14th day of zoom
work zoom meeting meme

Whether you use Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you will find these zoom memes highly relatable.

Bad Day At Work Meme

This bad day at work job meme is too relatable.

this is what this job does to you.
bad day at work meme

When you are dealing with a lot in your position and life, this hard time meme speaks truths.

screw work i say as i continue to show up on time every day. You know what? I dont even care any more. I say as I continue to work harder than the rest of the team.
hard time meme

Driving to Work Memes

Not all of us are still remote, there are some who have returned to the commute to the office. If you are one of those employees who had to return to the office, these funny driving to work memes are for you.

funny driving to work meme - when you are driving to worky work and you realize how much you hate your lifey life
funny driving to work meme

When you are driving to work but weighing the pros and cons of driving to another country and starting a new life instead.

driving to work meme cat - when you are driving to work but weighing the pros and cons of driving to another country to start a new life instead
driving to work meme

Productive Memes

When you are in the zone, this productive meme says it best.

working working must keep working
productive meme

The secret to productivity? Work smarter not harder.

productivity meme - work smarter not harder
productivity meme

Having an effective team and management helps.

Pooping at Work Memes

This pooping at work meme is inappropriate but also hilarious.

my work makes a dollar and i make a dime, thats why i poop on company time
pooping at work meme

We have even MORE funny work memes! Click to the next page for over 50 more memes for work.

Working for a Paycheck

From getting paid, payroll to timesheets – here are the funny memes about paychecks.

While I’m sure the company wants us to think we are working for the better good, we all know that’s not why we show up every day. We are working for a paycheck. Bills need to be paid!

yoda work meme: work you must bills needs to be paid
yoda work meme: work you must bills needs to be paid

Let’s face it. We all go to work for those dollar bills, yo. The paycheck is the star of the show.

me after that paycheck hits despite being broke for the last two weeks
funny paycheck meme

This paycheck meme is me as a teenager not having any bills to worry with or any idea how much taxes were taken out. Oh to be young and carefree.

paycheck meme: when your paycheck finally hits your bank account
paycheck meme

If you are hourly or a contractor, we all know this payroll meme to well. When accounting comes knocking for time cards – or maybe you are the accountant needing the payroll, here are the funny timesheet memes.

me doing everything but my timecard
payroll work meme

Pay Day Meme

Whether it’s a one off payment, a bonus check or just your regular paycheck – the excitement shown on this pay day meme is real.

did someone say pay day?
pay day meme

Pay Me Memes

When you need those dollar bills. Use these pay me memes for when you have an invoice due, a client won’t pay, your family owes you money or whenever you need to collect payment.

where's my money?
pay me memes

Need that money STAT. Send a text with your Venmo, Cash app or whatever form of payment you accept to get paid.

pay me now
pay me now meme

As illustrated in this hilarious funny pay me meme, sometimes you have to go all Chris Farley to get paid.

pay me meme: for the love of god pay me now
pay me meme

Day Off Meme

Sometimes we just need a day off of work to do nothing or catch up on life.

day off meme: when i wake up and realize i have the day off of work
day off meme

Know your company’s policy for when you take PTO to ensure that you don’t have to work on your day off. Yes, checking your email or getting messages from work do not constitute time off of work. Know your work rights as an employee!

when you take pto yet are still expected to check work email "day off"
day off meme funny

This day off meme is for when you don’t have to work and have zero obligations.

day off meme
day off meme

Daily Work Memes

We’ve got the funniest memes for your 4 or 5 day work week.

everyday im hustlin meme
everyday im hustlin meme

Monday Work Meme

This Monday work meme about your face at the beginning of the week versus the end, yep.

me leaving work on friday vs me showing up to work on monday
monday work meme

Y’all, that Monday work struggle is real. Don’t miss our Monday Work Memes to kick start your week.

the monday work struggle is real
monday work meme struggle is real


When its only Tuesday and you’ve run out of patience for work for the week.

when its only tuesday and you've run out of patience with work for the week
tuesday work meme

Here’s our Tuesday memes.


It’s hump day, and this Wednesday work meme is what you need to get over that hump.

when you realize the work week is half over
wednesday work meme

Share our Wednesday memes.


Day 4 of the work week can hit hard. We got you. See our Thursday Work memes.

work memes for thursday
work memes for thursday

When you thought it was Friday, but your terrible coworker reminds you that it’s only Thursday.

the moment you thought it was friday but a co-worker reminds you it's only thursday
work meme for thursday

Here are our Thursday memes.

Friday Work Memes

When you realize that it’s not Friday, yeah – time to share funny work memes instead of working, right?

look at all this work i havent done yet – work memes
When you have a piles on your dirty desk.

Work on Friday be like… Don’t miss our Friday memes!

working on friday be like... that can wait until monday, everything can wait until Monday!
friday work meme funny

Look at all this work I haven’t done yet… Don’t miss our weekend memes because the work week will finally come to an end, eventually.

Back to Work Memes

Time to head to the office. These back to work memes pretty much sum it up. When that alarm goes off and you realize you have to go into work.

when your alarm goes off and you have to go to back to work because you weren't born rich
back to work meme

When you know you have to go back to work but you really don’t want to go. Been there done that, you can do it! We have faith in you.

funny back to work meme: back to work you must go even if you want to not
back to work meme funny

Whether you are on a lunch break, it’s your last day of vacation or you just woke up and really don’t want to log on or go into the office. We feel you and we have been you.

go back to work meme: this is my gotta go back to work face
go back to work meme

Looking back the house, wishing you worked from home.. Just out our work from home memes.

Work Memes - Me leaving my house for work
back to work but you just want to go home

Corporate Meme

God bless, Corporate America. So many work benefits but also this corporate meme says it.

corporate meme
corporate meme

Leaving Work Memes

Whether you are just done with your work day or ready to leave work early, these funny leaving work memes say it all.

me leaving work - worse 8 hours of my life
leaving work meme

This is how I leave the office.

leaving work meme: how i leave the office
leaving work meme funny

Me checking my watch to see if it’s time to leave work yet.

time to leave work meme
time to leave work meme

Leaving Work Early Meme

That boss is always bursting bubbles. Who cares if there is 7 hours left in the work day.

When you try to leave work early, but then your boss reminds you that you still have 7 hours left...
leaving work early meme

It’s one thing to know you have a full day ahead, but the temptation to just leave work early is real. Even just 5 minutes into work, who else is ready to go home?

literally 5 minutes into work...i gotta get out of here. I think i'm going to lose it.
work meme funny

Don’t miss our Office Space memes. The perfect LOLs relatable to life and the cult classic movie.

After Work Meme

This after work meme is accurate.

after work i be like...
after work meme

Short Staffed Meme

So many jobs are still short staffed. The reasons are varied, but I do think some of it is that people are just fed up with low pay and poor work environments.

short staffed meme
short staffed meme

Inappropriate Work Meme

Are you that person who is sending inappropriate work memes to help your coworkers get thru the day with some laughs? If this is you, then make sure to forward this inappropriate work meme.

inappropriate work memes - we both know that my inappropriate work memes are what helps you get thru the day. you are welcome
inappropriate work memes

When HR comes to show me copies of the inappropriate memes I’ve been sending at work.

inappropriate meme at work about showing funny memes that you aren't suppose to on the job
inappropriate meme work

New Job Memes

After you accept that offer letter.

woohoo new job
Send this new job meme to someone on their first day.

This new job meme sums up well that feeling of relief from having to deal with an old boss.

when you get a new job and realize that you dont have to deal with your old boss anymore

Yeah, about that. When you may have stretched the truth about your work experience, and then actually get it. Now you are trying to figure out how exactly to do it. Hello, AI! Don’t miss all of our funny SpongeBob memes for more humor for this sea sponge.

when you fibbed about your work experience and now are trying to figure out how to do it
spongebob work meme

I Hate My Job Memes

For those who hate their job and hate work, we present you these funny I hate my job memes.

i hate my job meme
i hate my job meme

How many times today have you thought about quitting that job you hate?

quitting your job memes work funny - how many times today have you thought about quitting your job
quitting your job meme

That money think is real. If you get paid too much and need that paycheck but hate your job – the struggle is real. Just remember, money isn’t everything!

when you hate your job but you are paid too much to quit
paid too much meme

How I describe my job without using words.

work meme funny
work meme funny

When you hate your job and don’t want to work meme. But you show up anyways

i hate my job and don't want to be there. I'ma still gonna go to work tho
i hate my job meme funny

When you hate your job and it doesn’t pay enough to support the lifestyle that you want – ouch. Find a new job! Recession be gone. The job market is getting better, thankfully.

i hate my job meme funny I hate my job meme - do I love my job, no - but does it afford me the ability to go on lavish vacations and buy anything I want? Also no. work quote
i hate my job meme

I hate my job meme – do I love my job, no – but does it afford me the ability to go on lavish vacations and buy anything I want? Also no. Eventually vacay will come, and we have vacation memes for that day.

sarcastic hate work meme dear lord baby jesus
sarcastic hate work meme

Don’t Want to Work Meme

When you don’t want to work but you gotta pay those bills. Speaking of paying bills…. Those bills will get you EVERY SINGLE TIME!

ME: I don't want to go to work. BILLS: better have my money
dont want to go to work meme

Human Resources

Unfortunately, most discussions with the HR department aren’t good. We have an entire post dedicated to HR memes.

funny at work meme - Being funny at work is a very delicate balance. you want to be funny enough to entertain your coworkers but not too funny that you get sent to hr
being funny at work meme

Human Resources does not find work humor funny, well at least most of them don’t. I have to preface this in saying – make sure your co-workers have a sense of humor.

HR showing me all my posts about how much i hate my job
office worker meme

When Human Resources is showing you posts your written, and hate my job memes you’ve posted! Post smartly, y’all.

brace yourself funny work memes are coming
funny work memes are coming

Bored at Work Memes

How many are searching for bored at work memes? Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but never have I ever been paid from a job to be bored.

bored at work meme - when you are so bored at work that you might as well work
bored at work meme

If there is a or LinkedIn group for jobs that pay you to be bored, please leave in the comments!

bored at work meme
bored at work meme

Calling in Sick Memes

While you probably shouldn’t call in dead, these funny calling in sick memes about kill me. You still coming to work?

you still coming to work meme - calling in sick meme about working - I believe I used up all my sick days so I am calling in dead.
funny calling in sick meme

What about calling in a mental health day? Mental health days are a benefit that all employers should have! Let’s normalize taking mental health days. Rather than burning out by overwork, let’s get Human Resources to create mental health days that let us take a break when we need!

mental health days calling in sick meme funny
mental health days calling in sick meme funny

Late for Work Memes

It’s hard being on time when the Starbucks line is THAT long. If you have a habit of being tardy for work, then don’t be surprised if a coworker sends you a late to work meme.

me showing up late to work after the starbucks line took to long
work spongebob meme

Just a little late to work, no biggie – right?

when you wake up late to work meme
wake up late to work meme

You late to work, NEVER! (If you love this movie, don’t miss our Hocus Pocus memes!)

when my boss asks me why i am always late to work meme
late to work meme – my face be like

When you are having a great morning and then realize oh, you’re going to be late for work.

late for work meme
late for work meme

Job Searching Memes

When you are trying to find a job, these funny memes will hit home.

job searching meme about when you’ve already uploaded your resume but now they want you to type out your entire work history
job searching meme resume

Where on your resume does it show your uncanny ability to make a person hate 8 hours of the day so much?

resume meme about creating a resume even though you know you won't get hired for the job
resume meme

Work Sucks Memes

The daily 9-5 is rough. Work sucks I know! Take a break and enjoy these work suck memes rather than thinking about how terrible your job actually is.

work sucks meme funny - actual footage of me trying to smile at work
work sucks meme

And sometimes you need a work meme to just state the obvious. Exhibit A: work sucks I know meme. You are welcome.

work sucks i know meme
work sucks i know meme

Kermit, sing it. Here’s a little song I wrote… “Croakin’ 9 to 5.”

work sucks memes
work sucks memes

If there ever was an optimistic work sucks meme this would be it.

maybe i'll shake things up in the office today and pretend to be in a good mood
funny working meme

I like this job only marginally more than being homeless. Man, you know your work sucks when…

job meme: i like my job just enough more than i would like being homeless
job meme

Welcome to the Team

The proper way to welcome a new employee to the team, is of course with a work meme. Not just any, we have a whole collection of Team Memes for you to share!

welcome to the team hope you like memes
welcome to the team meme funny

Work Team Humor

What’s going to work? Team work, of course! We had to include humor about working on a team! Oh the fun and horror of group projects, pep talks and collaboration.

What makes the dream work? Teamwork memes – or thats what I’d like to think.

work team meme: whats going to work? teamwork!
work team meme

New Employee Memes

When compiling our funny work memes collection, we couldn’t forget about the new employee memes. Oh new employees are the best, and worse or best? Here are new employee memes.

new employee meme: me to new employees: i'm tell you, surviving here is all about perspective.
new employee meme

When they ask you to show the new employee around the office.

funny new employee meme: when they ask you to show the new employee around the office. "This is where i come to cry."
funny new employee meme

Funny Office Memes

Do you work in an office? Then these office memes will have you LOLing. Work from home? Don’t miss our work from home memes. So many people are being called “back in to the office” or are working hybrid in 2023. If you’ve made the transition, this may hit home.

how i feel working back in the office
spongebob floating meme

But the irony of printing a meme is what is even funnier to me!

learns about memes from people at work - office is now covered in full color meme print outs
print memes at work

Be kind, even if it does cost you your sanity. I mean, come on – Janet! If we all have to go to this dump called an office just roll with it.

"It costs nothing to be kind." Some days it costs me my sanity, janet.
be kind work funny meme

Okay, who broke the work internet? Yes, our system is down obviously we broke it just for fun and to make your day more difficult. I feel bad for IT departments on days when the system is down. Oddly though, I feel like everyday my personal system is down.

Work Memes -  Yes, our system is down obviously we broke it just for fun and to make your day more difficult. I feel bad for IT departments on days when the system is down.
IT department meme

If you binged Netflix Squid Game – perhaps you are thinking to yourself that playing for the big prize is better than going to your day job. (Don’t miss our squid game memes!) That moment you realize playing Squid Game sounds better than going to work

squid game work meme - that moment you realize playing squid game sounds better than going to work
squid game work meme

Get a Job Meme

Thankfully the teen found a job rather quickly, but I know it could have gotten bad if he was jobless.

get a job. there are job openings everywhere
funny get a job meme

Y’all this get a job meme might come in handy if you have a non-working house guest or family member.

broke you are get a job you must
get a job meme

Jobless Meme

While working can be h-e double hockey sticks, truth is we need that paycheck. If you are jobless and without work – we got you.

today is brought to you by the letter j for jobless as in you have no job
jobless meme funny

Enjoy these funny unemployment memes.

Office Gossip Memes

Tell me more (while telling myself to keep a straight face.) These office gossip memes are just too funny.

office gossip meme - office gossip is prohibited but ill let the cat out of the bag
office gossip meme funny

Funny, this whole work from home era has changed how office gossip works. No longer is their loud chatter overheard from your cubicle neighbor. Now, office gossip is different.

office gossip meme: The face I give when my coworker tells me the latest office gossip.
office gossip meme

Work Gossip Meme

When you know something and you have to tell your coworker the latest work gossip.

adele gossip work meme - when you find out work gossip and cant wait to tell your coworkers
gossip at work meme – don’t miss these adele memes

Detached from many of our work friends, forced to type out most of our thoughts, we’re finding that gossiping feels risky, weird and hard.

work gossip meme funny
work gossip meme funny

Hybrid work schedules mean even when we’re in the office, many others aren’t. Stuck on calls with the same five teammates, sometimes it feels like there’s simply no new information to be had.

Wall Street Journal

More Funny Work Memes

Here are more hilarious job memes for the under appreciated. Me, every work day staring at the entrance to my job like…

me every work day staring at the entrance to my job like...
job meme

Drinking on the Job Meme

YASSS!! When HR asks how to improve your work environment. Alcohol vending machines! Drinking on the job meme because this is a reality is lots of companies.

drinking on the job meme work hr funny
drinking on the job meme

Get to Work Meme

This get to work meme is the perfect way to troll your favorite coworker who needs to stop talking and do their job.

get to work meme
get to work meme

Another use, text this to your teen who will be late to work (again) if he doesn’t wake up and lave. Or better yet, if you are a manager with an employee who is slacking.

Working Meme

When someone asks me how I handle this job.

When someone asks me how I handle this job... im dead inside
funny job meme

Work Emails

These funny work email memes are hilarious but way too relatable.

email work meme
Funny work meme about replying to emails

This is the absolute worse. When someone sends you something to do and they could have done it in less time than it took at actually send the email. *FACE PALM*

Thanks for sending me an email asking me to do something that would have taken less time for you to do yourself than sending me an email to ask me to do it.
boss email meme

Per My Last Email Memes

What most passive aggressive statement than… per my last email. If someone types that, oh you better watch out! Her face says it all. Anytime I get this in an email, this funny work meme pops into my head – I hope it does the same for you. You are welcome.

if per my last email had a look - coworker memes for work
Per my last email meme

Maybe not call a coworker a b*tch – but this passive aggressive way “Per my last email” is sooo office speak for this!

"Per my last email" is office speak for "Can you read?"
passive aggressive work meme

Managers and Boss

Next on our list of work memes, these are for those who have a boss that just sucks A boss can make or break a job. If you have to spend 40 hours + a week somewhere, I hope you don’t have a boss like one of these.=

when your
boss is always cracking lame jobs but you can't afford
your job
when your boss meme

This is a classic… My boss told me to have a good day, so I went home. Enjoy all of our hilariously funny boss memes.

my boss told me to have a good day so i went home
thanks boss meme

Tells you how to do your job, doesn’t know how to do your job and your boss sucks.

Underpaid Meme

When you are underpaid and know that there’s an 8 year old YouTuber makings millions this year.

Me getting dressed to go to my underpaid job knowing that that there's an 8 year old YouTuber that will make $26 million this year.
underpaid meme

Laughs for Work Meetings

For anyone who has been apart of a meeting that should have been an email, we got you. We are leveling up the fun at work meetings with these hilarious memes!

funny meeting memes

Meeting Memes

These funny memes about work meetings are the perfect image to send over to your coworker sitting across the table from you. Post a meeting to Slack when someone wants to meet.

Zoom Memes

We are bringing you the funny with these memes about video meetings and humor for zoom calls.

Email Memes

Send these email memes to anyone who is trying to schedule a unimportant meeting. Time is money, people!

You got to love a work meeting to discuss the things that must be done. It’s especially great when all of your co-workers know that that task list presented at the meeting will never be complete.

meeting at work meme
meeting at work meme

5:00 pm meetings should be illegal. The best way to reply to this is with sarcasm. Drop him a have a great day meme.

work meeting at 5 meme
work meeting at 5 meme

There were so many meeting memes – we dedicated an entire post to them!


These funny coworker memes provide such great work humor. Just a heads up, you probably shouldn’t actually send these to your bad coworkers, but that’s on you.

funny coworker meme work humor - when a coworker asks a dumb question what would you do if you even had a brain
funny coworker meme work humor

Of all the funny work memes, this one just brings me back to the days of being on the Keto diet while working in the office. And with this I bring you funny coworker memes. There is always that one person, bringing in the donuts when you are trying to diet! While we love jokes, this isn’t a good one! (Check out these hilarious diet memes.)

when co-workers brings in donuts coworker meme
funny coworker meme – bringing donuts when you are dieting

We all know SOMEONE at work, usually a bad coworker that makes us wonder how they got hired and how they aren’t yet fired! Here is a how do you still work here meme that is totally relatable.

Workplace Meme

I admit it, I am that person. Except, if this desk is considered neat – yeah, my desk isn’t the neatest.

office cubicle meme
office cubicle meme workplace

Work Training Meme

Bless. And no smoking crack at work, or ever, please. When you are training someone and have given instructions 3 times and they still don’t get it. Don’t miss these Barbie memes.

work training meme: When you are training someone and have given instructions 3 times and they still don't get it. is it crack? is that what you smoke? oh that's it. you smoke crack and that's why you aren't getting this.
work training meme

Immature coworkers? Then you can totally relate to this work meme!

sometimes i cant tell if i am in preschool or if i am in high school work meme
funny work meme about coworkers

Break Room Meme

The person who is responsible for maintaining the office break room and cleaning out the fridge, this is for you.

stop and read make sure your name is on your food before you put it in the fridge
breakroom meme

An office break room meme to remind those people to label their food in the fridge. I mean, if you are going to post a sign – might as well make it a funny work meme.

Bad Week Meme

When you are having a terrible no good, very awful week – yeah that’s no fun. This bad week meme tries to put into a positive light.

you cant have a good week if you've never had a bad one
bad week meme

Angry Customer Meme

No sir, you are not going to win this argument. When an angry customer threatens to leave a bad YELP review.

me refreshing YELP after an angry customer tells me they are going to leave a bad review
angry customer meme work

Not Working Meme

When you have better things to do while on the clock, this not working meme says it best.

this is me pretending to be working when in reality i am doing anything but my job
not working meme

There are those that don’t work. Then there are those lucky ones who have a job, are getting paid and yet have no work to do. How do people find these gigs?

when you have a job getting paid but there is no work to do
no work meme

Last Day on the Job

When it’s time to quit your job, it’s time to quit your job! This is how you do it! Don’t miss our huge collection funny last day of work memes for all of the humor for your last day or a coworkers last day.

last day meme - 2 weeks notice sympathy card
Last day meme

Work Before and After Meme

This made me think of the before and after memes of presidents.

before and after work meme: first day of the job vs last day of work
before and after work meme

So relatable. Also works for before and after kids. (mom memes for all the moms who get that!)

Best Work Memes

Scour thru our memes funny work topics and share with your coworkers and friends who need a good laugh! The work days can be long and stressful. Bring some happiness to the workplace by sharing these memes for work with your coworkers!

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funny work meme you misunderstood i said i work well under pressure not that im willing to die for my job and this company
funny work meme

Speaking of sharing, please do that! We know the dread of a bad job and dealing with work stress – especially in this economy is no fun. That’s why we share these funny office memes.

every morning when its time to go to work kim kardasian crying
going to work meme: every morning when its time to go to work

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funny customer service meme: The customer is always right? fact: customers are homo sapiens and thus they are capable of illogical reasoning
funny customer service meme

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