50 Funny Saturday Memes and Images for a Great Weekend

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Kick off the weekend with funny Saturday memes.

Saturday is the beginning of the weekend and end of the week. From sleeping in to crazy schedules, whatever this day of the week holds, we are bringing the humor.

Hilarious Saturday Memes

Exhale, you have made it to the most favorite day of the week. Stress be gone, let’s have some fun.

saturday memes funny
funny saturday memes

Whatever the plans are, or lack there of – we are sharing our best funny Saturday memes.

saturday has finally arrived
saturday cute meme

I don’t know about what your day looks like, but with 2 working parents and busy school week schedules – our weekend quickly becomes doing all the boring things that should have been done during the week.

its saturday which means we have to do all the things
its saturday meme

If you to live a busy life, this funny Saturday meme is for you. Enjoy your day and just ignore all of those things that should be done.

this is me, enjoying my saturday and ignoring all the things i should be doing
meme saturday funny

Saturdays be like, should I be lazy or productive.

saturdays be like lazy or productive
saturdays be like meme

Do All The Things Meme

Decisions are to be made, but what happens when all the things need to be done. If this funny Saturday do all the things meme is relatable, apologies in advance.

do all the things meme saturday
do all the things meme saturday

Sing it Kermit. On your days off, may you be able to lay around and do whatever you want. Doing all the things is a necessary evil and we just don’t like it!

do all the things meme
do all the things meme

Don’t you love those weekends when you just think you don’t have plans but then are quickly reminded of the kid activities that will soon plague the weekend. Don’t miss our weekend memes.

me no i dont think we have any plans on saturday my kids plan says otherwise
saturday kids meme

There’s kids sports ball games and those birthday parties. Parents know (see our parenting memes.)

when you realize your saturday schedule is filled with kid sports ball games & birthday parties
saturday meme

Saturday Work Memes

While it’s great to think about a lazy weekend, truth is many of us can relate to this Saturday work meme.

yeah, if you could just yeah that would be great
working saturday meme

When you think you don’t have work to do, but by the emails and tasks – that is a lie. See our funny work memes.

you said that you didn't have to work on saturday but it's now saturday and you are working so you lied.
work on saturday meme

When there’s a deadline and the whole team gets in on the working on Saturday project. Teamwork memes to get those people motivated!

you get to work on saturday
saturday work meme

This is my teenage son, every time he is scheduled to work on Saturday.

when work schedules you to work saturday y tho
working on a saturday meme

No work on Saturday because it’s lava.

work on saturday is lave
no work saturday meme

May the odds be in your favor.

when you are called into work on a saturday... may the odds be in your favor.
saturday meme work

Happy Saturday Memes

Let’s not think about work, bring on the Happy Saturday memes!

happy saturday let the weekend obligations begin
happy saturday meme

Is it a happy Saturday or a busy one? See our happy memes!

happy saturday false saturday is not happy its busy
happy saturday meme funny

Keep it weird.

happy saturday keep it weird
happy saturday meme weird

If you love the yellow guys, check out our minion memes.

minion happy saturday
saturday minion meme

May your weekend be very nice.

happy saturday very nice
happy saturday meme

Good Morning Saturday Memes

In the spirit of our good morning memes, let’s start Saturday off by spreading some goodness. Kick start your weekend morning with these Good morning Saturday memes. This cat face looks like my kids wanting to know what’s for breakfast.

good morning its saturday
good morning saturday meme

Send this Saturday morning meme to anyone that tries to wake you up early on your day off.

This will be me on Saturday morning. If you want to have a good weekend, do not wake me up.
saturday morning meme

Saturday Coffee Memes

Yawn, sip and repeat. This Saturday coffee meme is relatable.

yawn sip repeat happy saturday
saturday coffee meme

If you love the java, we got the coffee memes.

this is my saturday morning i need coffee face
saturday morning coffee meme

Good morning happy Saturday!

good morning happy saturday
good morning happy saturday

Saturday Night Memes

There are 2 types of people which produce response to these different kinds of Saturday night memes.

get in loser its saturday night and we are going out
saturday night meme funny

We have the introverts, who plan on spending Saturday night at home or in bed. See introvert memes for more alone time fun.

my saturday night plans be like
saturday night at home meme

Then there’s the extroverts who might relate to this Saturday night drinking meme.

saturday drinking team assemble
saturday drinking meme

Cause and effect is real. What Sunday afternoon be like after a Saturday night of drinking. Yes, we have Sunday memes.

what sunday afternoon be like after a saturday of drinking
saturday night drinking meme

Not sure if i’m happy it’s Saturday night or if I’m sad that my weekend is half over.

not sure if i'm happy it's saturday night or if i'm sad that my weekend is half over
saturday night meme

If you like the saturday night meme about staying in, don’t miss our introvert memes!

Positive Saturday

Who has something negative to say, well don’t. Living for the happy weekend? We’ve got you with the positive Saturday memes.

may your saturday be filled with happiness peace and all the things you love
saturday positive meme

Looking for something positive, send this to someone who needs a nudge this weekend.

may your saturday be purrfect
saturday meme positive

Don’t miss our Saturday quotes to inspire your weekend zen.

More Memes About Saturday

More hilarious funny Saturday memes your way. May your Saturday be filled with happiness, peace and all the things that you love.

Do you REALLY love Saturdays?

i love saturdays
saturday funny meme

Who doesn’t go shopping on Saturday? Costco, grocery store, pharmacy – it’s errand day!

one does not not go shopping on saturday
saturday shopping meme

This Saturday vibes meme is goals.

saturday vibes be like
saturday vibes meme

Do you have a 3-day weekend ahead? Enjoy our awesome long weekend memes and enjoy your time off!

It’s Saturday

If you have a spouse or partner that wants to book your day filled with things to do, but you just want a day of rest – this Saturday Yoda meme is what to send.

saturday it is rest i must
saturday yoda meme

This dog smiling is just too cute.

smile its saturday
saturday dog meme

A little Mr. Bean to brighten someone’s day.

its saturday
its saturday funny meme

What is the Meaning of Saturday

Ever wonder what the meaning is of the word Saturday? It comes from the Middle English Saturdai, a partial Latin translation meaning Saturn’s day. According to dictionary.com the ancient Romans named the day we call Saturday after the planet Saturn, which was named for their god of agriculture.

happy caturday
saturday cat meme

Is Saturday the Sixth or Seventh Day of the Week?

when its saturday but you are trying to process the week
its saturday meme funny

According to the international standard ISO 8601 – Saturday is the sixth day of the week. It is the last day of the week, seventh day in countries that use Sunday as the first day of the week in their calendar, such as USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. (source: timeanddate.com)

What is the Day of Rest?

holy saturday batman
holy saturday meme

Jewish tradition calls Saturday the seventh day of the week, the Jewish Sabbath which is the day of rest. According to biblical tradition, it commemorates the original seventh day on which God rested after completing the creation. (source: Brittanica.com)

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We hope you enjoyed our hilarious funny Saturday memes.

this just in its saturday and its over
funny its saturday meme

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woohoo its saturday
its saturday image

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