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Funny Teacher Memes for Back to School

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Teachers, this one is for you. We are bringing you funny teacher memes – just in time for back to school!

34 days until the kids head back to school (not that I haven’t been counting down since they let out.) That means, teachers are slowly headed back into the classroom to start prep for the new school year ahead. (don’t miss our back to school memes)

teacher memes

Teachers, we love you. I have to admit – I never appreciated teachers until I had this last set of kids who have difficulties requiring extra attention. I am constantly amazed at the unconditional love and patience each teacher has given to my kids.

name on paper - teacher memes
If you want the grade, you shoulda put your name on it!

I also feel like a butt for not understanding all that is done and just HOW under-appreciated a career in education really is. 

Best Teacher Memes

All that said, you gotta laugh. We’ve rounded up the best funny teacher memes for back to school. Enjoy, share and teachers, thank YOU for all you do.

who says teaching is stressful - funny teacher meme

Who says teaching is stressful?

teachers before and after

Teachers first day of school versus the last day of school. This Amy Pohler meme says it all!

large classroom size – teacher memes

Oh Dwight. Teachers change the world, even with large class sizes. 

welcome to teaching – funny teacher memes

Yes, teacher salaries are too low, everything may feel like it is your fault – but the world needs you. 

teachers be like

Teachers be like, “I’m gonna wait til it’s quiet…” (Don’t miss all of our teachers be like memes)

Teacher Memes About Students Not Paying Attention in Class

Next, let’s talk about students not paying attention. You lay out the lesson plans, teach the lessons – but sometimes you wonder ARE THEY EVEN LISTENING? Here are teacher memes about students not paying attention in class. Relatable, right? 

that question has nothing to do with what i am teaching

That question has nothing to do with what I’m teaching. 

summer reading – teacher memes

But did you REALLY do the summer reading project? 

let me explain it again the exact same way – teacher memes

Let me explain it again. 

teacher meme funny when i ask

Nope, no idea. 

Teachers Memes About Grading Papers

Grading papers, this just does not sound like a highlight of the job. 

taking home papers to grade teacher meme

Just taking papers home to grade.

just one more essay to grade

One more essay to grade.

up all night grading papers

When it’s so late you don’t know what’s a spoon and what’s a pen.

grading papers – teacher memes

Just when you think you are done grading papers. 

tired teachers – teacher memes

This one is from @teachinghumor – when you think you can finish grading papers at home but your couch calls.

spend 15 minutes giving instructions

You tried.

Funny Memes About Pencils

I know, pencil memes – random but TEACHERS UNDERSTAND.

teacher pencil meme

From @teacherwayoflife – every teacher knows THIS kid. (I was that kid.)

number of pencils purchased this year

From – the number of pencils that a teacher purchases a year versus how many are in the classroom.

Speaking of pencils, every wonder why teachers prefer the Ticonderoga pencils?

School Memes About Students

Teachers, you know the routine. Some of these students aren’t bad people just have bad behavior. Rather than stressing that bad kid, here are some funny school memes about students

million dollar question teacher memes

Which of the following happens most during the day? 

my face when a student say something funny – teacher memes

When something funny is said and you just can’t control your face!

write complete sentences

The answer is YES. You have to write in complete sentences.

when a student asks for an extension – dr evil teacher meme

About that deadline.


you have younger siblings

This funny teacher meme is from I am pretty sure that teachers have made this face when learning there are 4 of my children.  Don’t miss all of our funny sibling memes.

when a student is working on other homework in your class

Apologies to my childrens’ teachers. I am pretty sure this would include at least 2 of my children.

More Funny Memes for Teachers

Oh the funny memes for teachers DON’T STOP! We will be including more as we find them. In the mean time, here are more!

teacher sleeping meme

Teacher stress is real, y’all.

if you dont study you shall not pass funny teacher meme

If you don’t study, you shall not pass. 

funny teacher meme – dont make me use my teacher voice dr evil funny meme

Don’t make me use my teacher voice!

you get a cold – teacher memes

You get a cold, you get a cold and YOU GET A COLD!

teacher seating chart

When trying to switch kids around on a seating chart without causing problems. 

no line in copy room – teacher memes

Yay! No line at the copy room.

but teacher

But teacher, he was also talking! How many times a day do teachers hear this?

that on parent

THAT PARENT. I hope I am NOT that parent. 

when the loudest sound in the room is the kids saying shh

I volunteered in first grade last year and that loudness of “SHHHH!” is real. 

teachers be like coffee

Teachers, you need and deserve all the things.

teaching – the only profession where you steal supplie from home and bring them to work – teacher memes

From Can’t Scare a Teacher – Teaching: The only profession where you steal supplies from home and bring them to work. 

Share These Memes for Teachers

Not a teacher, no worries – share this link with your favorite teachers. Their job is stressful and laughter helps stress. These will surely be relatable and bring a smile to their faces. 

Love memes? SO DO WE! Make sure to follow us on social for the best and most funny memes we find!

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