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50 Hilarious Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Ah, teacher memes – the lifeline of educators everywhere! Whether you’re navigating through a sea of papers to grade or trying to keep a classroom of energetic students in line, there’s nothing quite like a good meme to lighten the load.

So, buckle up and get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey through the hilarious world of teacher memes!

teacher memes

God bless our teachers. I know how hard it is being the mom to my 4 kids, I can only imagine having to be their teacher. With crazy, we find the funny and for our educators – we are bring the memes about teaching to help bring a smile to your day.

teacher tired meme: there's no tired like teacher tired.

Funny Memes for Teachers

Continuing on with our school memes, we had to include these memes for teachers.

a day in the life of a teacher be like...

I just am not sure if the job that they have is what they signed up for but regardless they persevere! After this last year, teachers deserve ALL THE MONEY.

funny teacher meme: who said that teaching is stressful? i'm 35 and feel great!

A career in education is what shapes our future. And while I cannot give each teacher buckets of cash that they deserve, I can possibly bring a smile to their face with some funny teacher memes. I know, nowhere near the same but it’s an attempt.

this is not a corkscrew it's a teacher fidget spinner

Teacher Tired Meme

There is regular tired, and then there is teacher tired. Good news, teachers. Summer is coming and then, you can share our sleep memes.

sleep, what teachers get to do during the summer

From the Star Wars memes, Yoda says Teacher you are, tired you will be.

teacher you are, tired you will be

English Teacher Memes

For some reason, all of my English teachers were exceptionally unforgettable. Let’s hear it for the English teacher memes, and make sure to share!

english teacher memes

The English teacher always knows whether you really did the assigned reading or not.

you said that you read the assigned reading but your vague answers determined that was a lie

Back to School

All that said, you gotta laugh. We’ve rounded up the best funny back to school teacher memes. Enjoy, share and teachers, thank YOU for all you do.

back to school teacher memes

Teachers on the first day of school be like. After decorating the classroom, labeling, organizing, lesson planning – before you know it, the time will arrive. We have first day of school memes for that special occasion.

there are 2 types of teachers school's back and here we go again

Teachers first day of school versus the last day of school meme.

teachers before and after

Pay Teachers Meme

Teachers are underpaid. These teacher pay memes advocating for raising the salary of our education professionals.

pay teachers their worth

Yes, teacher salaries are too low, everything may feel like it is your fault – but the world needs you. Did you know the national average teacher salary is $64,524 (source) Average teacher salaries in the U.S. range from $45,574 in Mississippi to $85,889 in New York.

new teacher meme: welcome to teaching where the salaries suck and everything is your fault

New teachers be like I have seven days of meetings and four hours to work in my classroom.

New teachers be like meme I have seven days of meetings and four hours to work on my classroom.

Teachers Be Like Memes

Teachers be like, “I’m gonna wait til it’s quiet…” (Don’t miss all of our teachers be like memes)

teachers be like

Teachers be like, the bell doesn’t dismiss you. I dismiss you.

Teachers be like, the bell doesn't dismiss you. I dismiss you.

Maybe the good thing with remote learning is that kids can be muted? Just trying to find the positive here! Seriously though, teachers – this has to be a huge bonus!

talking teachers be like memes

Can you imagine trying to keep 20 students quiet while you try to teach them things that they need to know. I mean, I can’t keep 4 kids quiet while they are stuffing food in their face. No idea how a teacher keeps an entire class quiet! That’s magic.

teachers be like meme waiting

God bless you teachers!

teacher stress meme

Classroom Memes

Next, let’s talk about students not paying attention. Here are teacher memes about students not paying attention in class. Relatable, right?

that question has nothing to do with what i am teaching

But teacher, he was also talking! How many times a day do teachers hear this?

but teacher

Let me explain it again.

let me explain it again the exact same way funny teacher image

Nope, no idea.

teacher meme funny when a student ask to repeat what i just explained

Teacher Appreciation

We are bringing you teacher appreciation week memes to show your love for fellow educators.

teacher appreciation week memes

Of course, shout out to all the teachers who are the reason many moms get mother’s day gifts. (Don’t miss our mothers day memes!)

Middle School Teacher Memes

You guys, I pray for the middle school teachers. The elementary school teachers are having fun, decorating their classroom and have students that love them.

high school teachers elementary school teachers middle school teachers meme

High school teachers get more responsible kids. It’s the middle school teachers we need to pray for. Puberty is not for the weak. Enjoy these middle school teacher memes.

Substitute Teacher Meme

The substitute teacher meme for anyone who side hustles as a sub.

substitute teacher meme: my face everytime i sub and a student tells me that's not how my teacher does it

Birthday Teacher Memes

Hey Teacher, it’s your birthday. Celebrate your favorite educator by printing out one of these birthday teacher memes for your teachers birthday. Don’t miss our birthday memes.

What teacher doesn’t love being sung to by a happy birthday teacher 6 times, mangled?

teacher birthday meme

Take your birthday off of work, oh wait you can’t you have to teach class.

birthday teacher meme

Pencil Memes

I know, pencil memes – random but teachers understand. From @teacherwayoflife – every teacher knows THIS kid. (I was that kid.)

teacher pencil meme

Speaking of pencils, every wonder why teachers prefer the Ticonderoga pencils?

Teachers Grading Papers

Let’s start with funny teacher memes that every educator can relate to…. grading memes!

teacher homework meme: tell me again how the dog ate your homework

This one is from @teachinghumor – when you think you can finish grading papers at home but your couch calls.

tired teachers – teacher memes

Funny Student Memes

Teachers, you know the routine. Some of these students aren’t bad people, just have bad behavior. Rather than stressing that bad kid, here are some funny school memes about students

my face when a student say something funny – teacher memes

When something funny is said and you just can’t control your face!

funny teacher meme  do you really just ask me if you have to write in complete sentences

The answer is YES. You have to write in complete sentences.

when a student asks for an extension – dr evil teacher meme

About that deadline.

teacher meme you have younger siblings

This funny teacher meme is from I am pretty sure that teachers have made this face when learning there are 4 of my children.  Don’t miss all of our funny sibling memes.

funny teacher meme  when a student is working on other homework in your class

Apologies to my childrens’ teachers. I am pretty sure this would include at least 2 of my children.

Parent Teacher Conference Meme

The beloved parent teacher conference. While us parents have to stress about what are kids are doing (and how they are doing) – the poor teacher has at least 20 sets of parents to meet with.

when you realize it's time for parent teacher conferences

Teaching Memes

Teaching is a funny profession. While there is a hierarchy when it comes to the school management, every parent feels like they are your boss. Creating a lesson plan to appease the masses, about that.

me trying to create lesson plans to make every parent happy

Oh Dwight. Teachers change the world, even with large class sizes.

teaching meme: "Teachers change the world one child at a time." false: my class roster has 30 kids in each class

Pretty much sums up classroom teaching in all elementary schools.

teacher spends 15 minutes giving instructions to start the activitY pause 2 minutes later to have to explain the instruction again

More Memes for Teachers

Oh the funny memes for teachers DON’T STOP! We will be including more as we find them. In the meantime, here are more!

teacher sleeping meme

Math Teacher Meme

Math teachers be like – you will need this in real life.

math teachers be like

Bruh Meme

When the students call you bruh.

bruh meme for teachers

Student Teacher Meme

This student teacher meme is for all of you in training to do the most difficult job in the world.

student teacher meme: oh, your a student teacher? may the odds be in your favor


If you don’t study, you shall not pass.

if you dont study you shall not pass funny teacher meme

Teacher Voice Meme

Don’t make me use my teacher voice!

funny teacher meme0 dont make me use my teacher voice dr evil funny meme

Getting Sick

You get a cold, you get a cold and YOU GET A COLD! Oh bless, don’t miss our flu memes because teachers know what flu season be like!

you get a cold – teacher memes

Seating Chart Meme

When trying to switch kids around on a seating chart without causing problems.

teacher seating chart

Copy Room Meme

Yay! No line at the copy room.

no line in copy room – teacher memes

Student Parents

THAT PARENT. I hope I am NOT that parent.

that on parent

Shh Meme

This shh meme teachers will totally get! When the loudest sound in the room is the kid saying “shhhh!” Also, apologies to any of my son’s teachers, this is totally something he would be.

shh meme when the loudest sound in the room is the kids saying shh

Share These Memes for Teachers

If these teacher memes brought a smile to your face and a chuckle to your lips, don’t keep the laughter to yourself! Share them far and wide on your favorite social media platforms, and be sure to tag us for a virtual high-five.

teachers be like coffee

Together, let’s spread the joy of teaching with a dash of humor, one funny meme at a time. And remember, whenever you need a pick-me-up or a reminder that you’re not alone in this crazy world of education, come back and revisit this post for another dose of laughter.

Until then, happy meme-sharing and may your classroom be forever filled with laughter and learning!

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