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20+ Christmas Lights Memes to Make the Season Bright

Funny Christmas Lights memes that will help brighten your day.

Whether you are decorate with all the lights or no thanks, you can’t escape the twinkle of Christmas lights around the holiday season.

Christmas Lights Memes

Our latest addition to our Christmas memes come from what we are hanging this weekend.

christmas lights memes
funny christmas lights memes

We are sharing our favorite picks of funny Christmas lights memes!

i christmas harder than you
funny christmas light meme

On the trees, in the shrubs, around the windows, up the sidewalk and all over the house. That’s the outside, I won’t even go into what needs to be lit on the inside.

christmas lights on all the things
christmas light meme funny

If you are more on the nah, hard pass – here is a way to troll your neighbors who go all out for the holidays.

ditto christmas lights
ditto christmas light meme

The twinkle of a light or the pulsing brightness to music, as this Christmas lights meme states, the nostalgia is real.

christmas lights are the easiest way to feel like you are 7 years old again
meme christmas light

Perfect Christmas Lights Date Meme

For anyone wanting to create the perfect holiday date, here’s how. It involves driving around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate and playing Christmas music.

the perfect christmas date hot chocolate driving to look at christmas lights fire and elf while wrapping presents
christmas lights date meme

Don’t forget the fireplace, and bonus points for the Hallmark Christmas Movie.

Hanging Christmas Lights Meme

There are certain thing that people who hang or put up their own Christmas lights just get. For example, when you spend a few hours (or a day) getting holiday decor down from the attic. Then plugging in the lights in and the whole strand works – it’s a win!

when to christmas lights actually all work stranger things
christmas lights meme funny

Tangled Christmas lights? This is the best chore to pass off to the kids.

little knot here you can work on this
tangled christmas lights meme

Unknotting that ball of tangled lights is definitely the most time consuming thing to do when it comes to decorating.

the most consuming part of decorating for chrismtas lights is tangled christmas lights
putting up christmas lights meme

When you finish the first 100 feet of the 3000 feet of lights. I guess it really is all about small wins.

me hanging a single strand of christmas lights
clark griswold christmas lights meme

After hanging off of a ladder, spending a day sweating in the cold to get the lights hung – the big moment has arrived.

every person who has hung christmas lights knows the anticipation
hanging christmas lights meme

See our Christmas Vacation memes – but remember the scene from the movie where Clark plugs in the lights and NOTHING? That is our biggest fear!

Christmas Lights Palm Tree Meme

Deck the palm trees with Christmas lights! Ironically, there is a species of palms called the Christmas Palm. These trees thrive outdoors year-round in frost-free climates.

deck the palms
palm trees christmas lights meme

And like this funny palm trees Christmas lights meme shows – if you want to regret that decision, hire your teenage boy who thinks he is funny to do it.

when you hire a teenage boy to hang your christmas lights
palm tree christmas lights meme

I could totally see my teenage son and nephew doing this. All while my other nephew is yelling for them to stop.

this is why you never put lights on palm trees

Go big or go home, right? Well, definitely if you are Clark Griswold.

if you are going to jingle  jingle all the way

He did not shy away from going big with the lights.

christmas vacation lights meme

More Funny Christmas Light Memes

We are putting up solar Christmas lights this year, so I am sure we will be THOSE neighbors. Every neighborhood has one. You know the people who never take down the Christmas lights.

not sure if the neighbors just put up christmas lights or if they dont take them down last year
christmas lights too early meme

There are now year-round lights that work for all the seasons. For a small $5000 investment, you too can have year-round Christmas lights. Or be like this funny Yoda meme. Work smarter not harder. Here shows an easy way on how to decorate your yard for Christmas for cheap.

work smarter not harder
easy christmas lights meme

Might want to make sure the cat does not chew on the lights.

never ever chew on christmas lights
cat christmas lights meme

Christmas light photos are absolutely stunning. Then reality hits. Somewhere deep in the photograph archives are photos of me attempting to shoot our kids’ photos for Christmas cards like this. Did it work, nope. But here is a great Christmas light photography tutorial.

expectations vs reality dogs with christmas lights
dogs christmas lights meme

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