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20+ Funny Last Day of Work Memes to Share On Your Way Out!

These last day of work memes are the funny images that you are looking for when its your final day in the office or online with a company.

We’ve all been there. It’s the final day of your job. Whether you quit, were laid off, or if your coworker is leaving you to suffer in misery alone – what do you say, share or do? Well we have that questioned answered for you.

Funny Last Day of Work Memes

These funny last day of work memes cover all the topics. Whether you are the one who is quitting their job, or if your coworker leaving the office is left you without words.

funny last day of work memes
best last day of work memes

From goodbye memes to funny resignation memes, these last day memes do not disappoint.

The Great Resignation 2021

The Great Resignation of 2021 has people quitting their jobs in droves.

resignation letter meme last day of work
resignation meme

If you are on Linked In perhaps you have noticed it. A TON of your network is changing jobs, quitting jobs, starting companies. While this happens, it doesn’t typically happen in such large numbers.

you resign meme last day of work
resigning your job meme

The Great Resignation 2021 has people leaving their jobs in record numbers, in fact in September 2021, the Washington Post reports that a record 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs.

quit your job meme letter of resignation
quitting job meme

Why? Why NOT! If 2020 worse year ever has taught us anything, we need to have no regrets and a crappy job, well that is a regret.

Read more about people quitting their jobs – Americans are Quitting Their Jobs.

Quitting Job Memes

Okay, maybe not quit your job with a meme if you don’t want to burn bridges but in the right circumstances, this is a pretty great way to quit a job. These quitting job memes are what some of us dream of doing.

quit your job with a meme
Quit your job with a meme, no like literally have your boss your resignation letter like this.

Sorry for Your Loss Like a Boss

For all of you apart of the great resignation of 2021, these quitting your job memes are for you on your last day.

how to quit your job meme
I am sorry for your loss. How to quit your job like a pro. Resign with a sympathy card.

These funny last day of works memes exemplify all of the feels that the last day at work bring.Everything from the last day of work memes to goodbye email and some humor for your grand finale.

brace yourself last day of work memes are coming work humor
brace yourself for all of the last day of work

Stealing Office Supplies

Be so happy on your last day of work that people think you are stealing office supplies. Also, don’t steal office supplies.

funny last day of work meme stealing office supplies
Last day of work meme – smiled so much people think I stole office supplies

Except your name plate and your business cards. I may have ripped mine off of my office door because why would they need that? And is that even technically office supplies? I THINK NOT!

last day of work meme steal all the office supplies humor
quitting job meme

Walking Out on the Last Day at Work

Leaving on the last day of work be like, all the happy feels!

leaving work on my last day meme
Last Day at Work meme

And while you are happy to leave the job, there is the feeling that the office may burn down because what will they do without you?

What will work do without me last day of work
What will they do without you?

When you are the worker holding the workplace together – but on to bigger and better things you go! And you could always leave a sympathy note.

Last Day of Work Memes  - sympathy
2 week notice meme

But then again, this is your last day and your coworkers and boss could just find new jobs like you did!

funny walking out of work on the last day meme dancing kids
last day of work meme

No Working on the Last Day

Do people really work on the last day on the job? I didn’t think so. Too much to do like thinking about not working!

last day of work meme - one does not work on their last day

Final Office Pranks

Or there is the employee who spends their last day working to make sure that there are traps everywhere. Don’t do it. Burning those bridges are costly! That said, last day of work pranks, I approve.

when you leave traps everywhere on the last day of work meme
last day of work prank

Also, there is the extra long last day at work lunch. Everyone loves this lunch because not only do you get to say goodbye – not only are you not working for several hours, neither are they!

last day of work lunch meme

Plus, the only productive think you should be doing on your last day other than packing up your moving box or boxes is maybe that email. You know the one I am talking about.

meme about not working on last day

Last Day of Work Emails

Aw yes, there is the last day of work emails. You know the final work goodbye emails that I am talking about. The ones that you hit send only after you are sure you don’t have to see anyone before you leave.

spiderman meme - last day of work email meme
last day at work meme – goodbye email

If you are not sure what to write – here is how to write a goodbye email to your boss .

Send your boss one of the below funny last day of work memes and for the coworkers, send some funny work memes because guess what, you no longer worky there!

Coworkers Leaving Memes

Then there is the situation where your favorite boss or coworker is leaving you. Make sure to drive in that guilt with these funny coworker leaving memes.

If you don’t want a coworker to leave, a little grumpy cat meme never hurt anyone and gives all the cat feels.

coworker last day of work meme
coworker quits meme

Is your work friend leaving you? When a work bestie or work wife leaves it can be devastating and this obama meme about not crying shows exactly how you feel without you have to verbalize it with words.

coworker last day of work meme crying obama
coworker quits meme

Funny Goodbye Memes for Coworkers

A funny goodbye meme for coworkers is perfect for texting before they leave the office for good.

great resignation meme 2021
goodbye meme for coworkers

Make sure to network and get contacts and if you are quitting, try to keep the company email and web browser clean of job searching and recruiters!

What to Say on Last Day at Work

From positive to sad emotional last day of work memes, these are for you to share as your work friend leaves you to suffer alone.

best day of life meme last day of work
perfect encouragement for a coworker who is leaving – last day of work or best day of life meme

When you are a snarky boss or coworker, one last funny meme to push the envelope is always fun.

last day at work that will be great meme office space
last day of work meme – that will be great!

For the coworker who never shows up to work and then quits.

kermit lasy day of work meme shade
kermit meme – today is your last day at work….

Funny Farewell Memes

Not sure what to tell a coworker on their last day at work? No worries, a simple Star Trek Spock farewell meme will do.

star trek spock meme - farewell my work here is done last day of work farewell funny meme work
star trek spock about last day at office – funny farewell memes

For the manager or teammate that you’ve been thru some stuff with, this its finally over farewell meme says it all. If you are looking to encourage your team, don’t miss our teamwork memes.

finally quit job last day meme
farewell meme

More Goodbye Memes For Coworkers

Whether you are saying your goodbyes online or in person, here are more last day goodbye memes for coworkers are the perfect way to say see-ya wouldn’t want to be ya.

emotional meme about last day of work featuring arnold
goodbye meme

That’s right, your boss’ agenda is no longer you agenda! Upward, onward!

obama meme - last day of work and boss says starting next week
last day meme

I’m quitting to pursue my dream of not working here. How sweet it would be to include that in your finally email on your last day of work.

Work Memes - quitting my job to persue my dream of not working
last day of work meme – quit your job to not work

Work tip for your last day on the job. NEVER return!

Work Memes - Is it friday yet?
last day of work – never return!

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resignation meme last day of work
i resign meme

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