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75 Funny Friday Memes That Will Have You Yelling TGIF!

Celebrate the end of the week with these hilarious Friday memes. It’s no secret that Friday holds a special place in everyone’s heart, marking the transition from workweek hustle to weekend bliss.

The countdown to the weekend is finally over, and what better way to kickstart the joy than with a dose of laughter?

friday memes funny monkey smiling celebrating the end of the week

Let’s wind down to the weekend and enjoy some laughs and Friday humor.

Dive Into the Fun with Funny Friday Memes

sad dog friday meme that says this week has been ruff

Our handpicked funny Friday memes encapsulate everything from the relief of ending a long week to the quirky anticipations of weekend plans.

i got 99 problems but they can wait until monday

Whether your week has been as challenging as navigating a maze or as unpredictable as a dog’s day out, the good news is, you’ve triumphed!

it's friday and i'm feeling cute might delete later

Good Morning Friday

Our favorite day of the week decided to show up, now it’s our turn. Start your day with these Friday good morning memes.

good morning friday meme: so glad you finally decided to show up

Send some love and happy via text message with a good morning meme. I hope your day is purrfect.

good morning and happy friday cat eme

Happy Friday

There’s a celebration to be had because we made it to Friday!

happy friday image

Here are the happy Friday memes to post, text, print or what you to show your love for the week’s end.

happy friday meme funny

The weekend has arrived.

friday weekend meme caption says happy friday folks you survived the work week and now its the weekend

Stay cool.

cool cat saying happy friday stay cool

IYKYK – and yes, there are Star Wars memes for all of you apart of Jediism.

happy friday, you just read this in my voice

Let the fun begin! Insert evil laugh – but try to stay out of trouble. Keyword, try.

funny happy friday meme let the fun begin!

Have a Positive Friday

Keep that happiness going with some positivity and love for everyone’s favorite day. Be like Bob Ross with his happy little trees and positive chill vibes.

positive friday meme with bob ross painting happy little trees

That Finally Friday Feeling

There’s something magical about that FINALLY Friday feeling.

that friday feeling

Share a laugh with your coworkers with our finally Friday memes, perfectly capturing that universal desire to push pause on all tasks until the fresh start of a new week.

we made it to friday meme

Exhale, we made it!

made it to friday meme with a dancing bear waving

Let’s get this weekend started.

its finally friday meme lets start the weekend

Second Favorite F Word

I’ll let you guess what my first favorite F word is. Maybe it’s food, fun, fabulous or something.

friday is my second favorite f word

Almost the Weekend

The weekend is so close you can taste it!

fur real the weekend is almost here

Friday Night

Friday nights are a mixed bag of intentions and outcomes.

friday night vibes meme messy bun, leggings, netflix and pizza

Whether you’re gearing up for a night of adventure or settling in for a quiet evening, our Friday night memes resonate with all the plans that either take off or amusingly unravel. (See our Schitts Creek memes.)

typical friday night now that we have kids

As an introvert, this is my favorite way to spend a Friday night.

how i plan on spending my friday night meme photo of a pug cuddled up on a couch in a blanket

Of all the Friday night memes –  this is so relatable. (see relatable memes) I’ll be ordering takeout, watching Tik Toks, drinking my myself and online shopping.

friday night plans meme funny

And after that crazy wild list, this is what I will be doing, you know until one of my four kids barges in and wakes me up. See our goodnight memes.

friday night meme

Friday night meme about my amazing plans of laying in bed and eating chips while I Netflix and chill. Relatable: King of the Hill memes

me on friday night meme

Thoughts vs Reality – Let’s face it, we all think that Friday night is going to be a party, then reality hits and it hurts.

funny friday meme showing what you thought your friday night would look like vs reality

End of the Work Week

The end of the work week, and who else is just done?

friday you go to work but lazy you are

If only Alexa could work her magic and move the clock to 5pm.

alexa friday meme

We’ve got timesheet memes for that, including a timely nudge for the forgetters among us.

friday timesheet reminder meme

Ain’t nobody want to work on Fridays.

working on friday? ain't nobody got time for that

Leaving Work on Friday Be Like

Sign-out and walk out that door, but first post a leaving work on friday meme.

leaving friday work meme

Who else feels a little evil as you are sneaking out or logging off early. I mean in Japan, workers are encouraged to leave work at 3pm at the end of the work week.

how i feel when i leave work early on friday

It’s Friday!

Rejoice, because It’s Friday Memes! are here to help you scream, “We did it!”

yay friday meme kermit yelling its friday yay!

Or maybe you are like me and enjoy harassing people with that God-awful It’s Friday song. 

its friday friday gotta get down on friday rebecca black

I love Lucy and I LOVE this Its Friday Meme!

its friday baby meme lucy ball

Fret not, Sunday is coming.

its friday but sundays coming meme

Dance like this monkey with no care in the world. You know why!

yay its friday

Every Friday night should feature a firework show to celebrate the fact that we have made it to the end of the week.

finally friday meme

For those weeks when Friday seemed like a distant dream, we’re here to remind you that the weekend is real and it’s finally here.

What a Week

Some weeks all you can do is ask, what was that.

funny sloth smirking in this what a week meme

This funny Friday meme is so many of us after one of these weeks.

friday meme: its been a long week

Surviving the week is the name of the game.

mom friday meme

Mamas, we can relate. Kids, work, house and all the other stuff in-between leaves us moms on Friday just done.

friday mom meme
friday mom meme

Sexy Friday is Hot

Fridays just got a bit hotter with our selection of sexy memes, celebrating the allure and excitement that the day brings.

sexy friday meme caption hey there friday, you sexy beast i've been looking for you since monday.

It’s a reminder to add more smiles and positivity into our lives, perfectly complemented by our selection of happy memes. Stay sexy.

sexy friday meme dog pooping saying stay sexy


The anticipation has built up all week, and now it’s time to unleash the joy with our Fri-yay memes.

minion friyay meme  goodbye week hello weekend

We all all the reason to yell yay, today!

friyay meme to celebrate friday

Embrace the spirit of the weekend and share the laughter.

happy friyay meme jim carrey dumb and dumber

Friday should be renamed to Friyay. Thursday, well it should be renamed to Friday eve, of course!

friyay tgif meme

I would totally kiss today if it had a face.

friday face meme says if friday had a face i would kiss it

It’s fri-nally here.

frinally happy friday memes

Share the Memes for Friday

We’ve made sharing these Friday gems as easy as a click.

friday baby meme caption: its finally friday! photo of a baby stretching

Hover over each image to pick your preferred social network, link back to us at or give us a shoutout on social @digitalmomblog. Let’s spread the Friday fun far and wide!

may you sparkle happy friday meme

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rob burgandy friday memes

At Digital Mom Blog, we’re all about the LOLs and the love for memes. Happy Friday! See all of our days of the week memes for laughs all week long.

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