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40 Funny Sunday Memes and Images To Start the Week

As the weekend ends and the work weeks starts, we share the funny Sunday memes because y’all laughter is healing.

Here we go again. That weekend we were so looking forward to, is already coming to an end. These memes abut Sunday are the perfect way to end the weekend with some humor.

Sunday Memes for Sharing

Start the new week and mourn the weekend’s passing with these funny Sunday memes.

sunday memes

The weekend maybe ending, a new week is beginning and we know all the crazy that Sunday brings. Whether you consider this the end of the week or the start, we are sharing our favorite funny Sunday memes.

happy sunday goals meme - do nothing on sunday
lazy sunday meme funny goals

From the desire to do nothing, going to church or just enjoying a lazy Sunday or have Sunday night anxiety – we are sharing the memes about Sunday. Enjoy and share with your friends and loved ones.

Happy Sunday Memes

Happy Sunday! To some that sentiment is meaningful and kind, but can come off very sarcastic to the person who loathes the day.

happy sunday meme - hope its bearable
happy sunday meme – hope its bearable

Good Morning Sunday Memes

Start your Sunday morning with coffee. If you love coffee, we have coffee memes.

sunday coffee meme - sunday morning's good mood is sponsored by coffee
sunday morning coffee meme – see more coffee memes

Sunday Morning Meme

Happy Sunday Morning!

coffee good morning sunday meme
happy sunday morning meme

Check out more of our good morning memes.

This happened to me this morning. Every intention on sleeping in on Sunday, and then someone wakes you up early. I hope you weren’t awaken by the loud screams of some gamer on YouTube playing on a kid’s computer on the highest volume at 4am in the morning!

sunday morning meme - when someone wakes you up early on sunday
sunday morning meme – when someone wakes you up early on sunday

Sunday Church Memes

If your Sunday morning involves church and you have children, bless. (Also, enjoy these funny mom memes!)

parents church sunday morning meme
funny sunday church meme – parents getting their kids ready for church

There has never been a truer statement. Whoever wrote easy like Sunday morning never had to get their family ready for church on Sunday morning. Talk about hell! It’s like Jesus is testing a parent’s patience. (see parenting memes)

sunday church meme - Whoever wrote easy like Sunday morning never had to get their family ready for church on Sunday morning.
sunday school meme

Send this Sunday church meme to your favorite friend who skips church. (see more jesus memes if you really want to drive the message home.)

sunday school meme
sunday church meme

Sunday Funday Memes

These are 2 views on what to do on Sunday. Here are the Sunday Funday memes to make the fun view happen.

sunday funday meme sponge bob
sunday funday meme

There are those who spend the start of the week having a Sunday Funday, living their best life at the start of the week.

sunday funday funny meme

Then there are those, who gasp at the thought of Sunday Funday. These people are often TEENAGERS or kids who would rather play Minecraft than spend time with their family. And yes, I am a mom who deals with this anytime we attempt a fun Sunday family outing!

its sunday funday meme - when you hear someone say sunday funday
no sunday funday meme

Lazy Sunday Memes

Remember how I said there are 2 types of people on Sundays? There are the Sunday Funday people and then there are the LAZY Sunday people. Nothing wrong with a little lazy (unless mama wants to have fun with her family!)

lazy sunday meme - and on sundays we do nothing
lazy sunday meme – and on sundays we do nothing

If only Sunday came with a pause button.

sunday meme

Sunday mood is demonstrated by this pug, wrapped in a warm blanket, ignoring the world. I want to be this pug.

sunday mood activated pug in a blanket
sunday mood meme

All obligations can wait until tomorrow.

sunday cat meme

Sunday goals are to do nothing on Lazy Sundays!

Sunday Inspirational Memes

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

inspirational sunday quote meme - A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
sunday meme inspirational quote

This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.

inspirational sunday meme - This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you.
inspirational sunday meme

Need a change of perspective? We got you! Check out these perspective quotes.

Sunday Scaries Memes

Have you heard of the Sunday scaries? It’s the moment that you realize that the weekend if over and that reality starts back tomorrow. Maybe it’s Monday anxiety or fret.

funny sunday scaries meme

Smonday Meme

Whatever it is, these Sunday scaries memes are for your enjoyment. The moment when Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday kicks in.

smonday meme - Sunday scaries - the moment when sunday stops feeling like sunday and the anxiety of monday kicks in.
Smonday meme

It’s Sunday meme – when you realize tomorrow is Monday. (don’t worry, we have monday memes to get you thru the day.)

realize tomorrow is monday meme
its sunday meme

When the Sunday scaries make you realize that going to sleep will only cause Monday to happen. (Hate to break it to you,, but Monday will happen regardless. Get your zzz’s and enjoy these sleep memes.

sunday night blues meme - going to sleep on sunday will cause monday to happen
sunday night blues meme

Sunday Night Memes

When it’s Sunday night but you really are just needing an extension to the weekend.

sundary scaries meme
sunday night meme – see weekend memes

I like to spend my Sunday nights wishing it wasn’t Sunday Night.

funny sunday night meme - I like to spend my Sunday nights wishing it wasn't Sunday Night.
funny sunday night meme

When Monday is headed is lurking – you know the feeling!

sunday night meme funny
funny sunday night meme

Where the hell did my weekend go? Don’t miss our weekend memes because it ain’t over yet!

funny sunday meme weekend
meme for sunday night

More Funny Memes about Sunday

Continuing on with the funny Sunday memes, here’s a meme to share on social. Have your friends or page followers comment if with their favorite Sunday meme. This is a great way to create interaction with your social media followers. And if you love these yellow guys, see our funny minion memes!

minion sunday meme - if you love sundays post your favorite sunday meme
minion sunday meme

Who else is slow rolling by Chick Fil A on a Sunday, just in case they decide maybe they will change their business practices and open on Sunday? If that is you – you need these Chick-fil-a memes.

funny sunday meme - when you drive by chick-fil-a on a sunday
funny sunday meme chick fil a

Did you know that Sunday was named after the sun? Unlike many of the other six days in a week, almost every language around has derived their word for Sunday from the meaning “Sun’s Day” or “Day of Sun”. Now you know. That still doesn’t make up for the fact that Sunday also means that the weekend is gone!

sunday weekend gone meme
sunday weekend meme

And while some of us Funday and some of us lazy – there are those that combine the 2 type of Sunday people by laying around on the couch, eating all the appetizers and having fun by watching Sunday football. (Go Cowboys – see Dallas Cowboys memes!)

football sunday meme - and on sunday we watch football
football sunday meme – and on sunday we watch football

Also don’t miss these football memes, just in time for the new season!

Shout out to those of you who have to work Sundays. Why you work Sunday, well some of us gotta pay the bills. (see work memes)

work on sunday meme
work on sunday meme

Sunday Birthday? This happy birthday Sunday meme is for you. A birthday on Sunday surely means you are obligated to nothing and no one. It’s an unwritten rule that I am writing (see all of our birthday memes)

birthday sunday meme
sunday birthday meme

Who has driven to Chick-Fil-A on a Sunday craving that blessed fried chicken? Admit it!

chick fil a sunday meme
sunday chick fil a meme – see all of our chick fil a memes

Share the Memes

There you have it, friends – funny Sunday memes to help start your week, or end your week. The whole is Sunday the first day of the week or last, is debatable….

According to international standard, Sunday is the seventh day of the week. But countries like the U.S., Canada and Australia categorize Sunday as the first day of the week.

Some argue that Saturday is the original “day of rest,” or the Sabbath, making it the true last day of the week and Sunday the first day in a new one. Others say that Sunday is the last day of the “week-end,” and should be treated as the final day of the week. Which one is it?

So while what day this lands is debatable – something I do know is that memes make things better. So share these funny Sunday images and make someone’s day.

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