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    Best Instant Pot Italian Recipes

    Best Instant Pot Italian Recipes – Quick & Yummy

    Best Instant Pot Italian Recipes – because some people (my husband) can’t eat Mexican ...

    withings body cardio scale review

    A Scale to Weigh Baby & Yourself

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    Beef Instant Pot Recipes

    The BEST Beef Instant Pot Recipes

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    Must Have Instant Pot Accessories

    For the hard core Instant Pot fans, we bring you Instant Pot Accessories!  While ...

    Amazon Echo Show

    Amazon Echo Show – GAME CHANGER for Video Calls at Home

    Amazon Echo Show – guys, this is a game changer. I am a HUGE ...

    Instant Pot Chicken Recipes

    The Best Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – Super Easy and Extra Yummy!

    Instant Pot Chicken Recipes – you want them, we’ve got them! So here is ...

    youtube red new shows

    YouTube RED Launches 4 New Shows for Kids!

    Remember when I told you about YouTube Red? YouTube Red is YouTube’s paid subscription ...

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Mom

    5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Technology Love Mom

    Mother’s day gift ideas for the tech mom – aka a hint to my ...

    Which Instant Is Best

    Instant Pot Comparison – Which Is Best? A Look At Each Model

    Let’s do an Instant Pot Comparison! Wondering which Instant Pot best? Did you know ...

    Digital Mom Blog is here to connect parents with technology.

    We are here to share the latest finds whether it be a gadget, parenting hack, app or perhaps a funny meme or must-see video.

    This to be a community and encourage cordial discussions, questions and related advice.
    (Hey, no one knows it all!)

    Parenting is Hard

    Here, we don’t judge. We make mistakes, we do our best, we laugh, we make memories and we cry when our babies grow.

    We Love Technology

    We love technology and gadgets. We get that our kids are digital natives, but are cautious and want to know what they should and shouldn’t be play and interact with. We love our screen time, but also love our screen-free time.

    We LOVE our smart phones. We want to know the latest apps for both kids and adults. We work on our phones and then we toss it to the kid in the backseat to keep him occupied while we are stuck in traffic.

    Family is Important

    Family is important to us. We want to be good people and we want our kids to grow up to be good people. We love to find ways to make memories and finding ways to connect with other parents that get it.

    We know we aren’t perfect parents, but we are parents that try. We want to know that we are raising good people and want whats best for our family’s life and for our kids’ well being.

    Laughter is a Must

    Life can be hard and sometimes we just need to give good ole LOL at something stupid and mindless. It’s okay to laugh at ourselves and our mistakes.