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25 Best Fed Rate Hike Memes About Interest Rates

Blame these funny rate hike memes on the Fed! With misery, you have to find the funny.

Best Fed Rate Hike Memes

While we can’t help your financial status and know we are only contributing to inflation by buying crap – we can provide you with some laughs in the form of funny Fed rate hike memes about interest rates.

interest rate memes

Does anyone understand what the Federal Reserve is doing? I mean, in theory or should I say history has been you raise rates and inflation goes down.

one does not simply understand what the fed is doing

That whole combatting inflation sounds great in theory. See our inflation memes, this is something the Fed is focused on addressing.

inflation raise the price on all the things

While this rate hike isn’t totally unexpected, it’s definitely unwanted.

woohoo the fed hiked rates said no one ever

Fed Chair Jerome Powell hinted that the rate hikes may stop soon. There is one more anticipated rate hike expected this year before the Fed pauses.

federal reserve be like  you get a rate hike

At a post-meeting press conference, Powell stated that the “events in the banking system over the past two weeks are likely to result in tighter credit conditions.”

the us banking system is in complete turmoil and the fed raises rates again because why not

Let’s just hope after last week’s bank crisis that we see some resolution and sanity. Well, you know, minus this last hike.

how the fed feels every interest rate hike

The reason some of us are rolling our eyes is because this is the ninth rate hike.

you said that a rate hike would help combat inflation but considering you'e now hiked in 9 times that appears to be a lie

While we are complaining about rates, it’s been worse. In October 1981, mortgage rates hit a historical peak at 18.45%.

when the fed hikes rates for the ninth time in a row

The central bank rate is now 5% – raised .25% today by Jerome Powell.

well that escalated quickly meme with anchorman will farrell

Jerome Powell Meme

Jerome Powell is the chair of the board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

i got 99 problems and jerome powell just created another one

Federal Reserve Meme

While I’m pretty sure he isn’t the sole decision maker when it comes to rates, he does get to be the spokesperson and face of the Fed.

go home fed you're drunk

Interest Rate Memes

When the Fed hikes rate, it fuels a pump in the prime rate, aka bank prime loan rate. This directly effects interest rates.

interest rate hikes everywhere

So if you are thinking of buying a car with a loan or getting a mortgage for a house, rates goes up.

interest rates are increasing? may the odds be in your favor

It is true, that you can refinance your mortgage – but it does come with a cost. With interest rates higher you can afford less which means you have less buying power.

when you finally feel like you can afford to purchase a home

The currently average on a 30-year fixed mortgage interest rate is 6.94% – as of March 22, 2024. While this is a decrease from a week ago in March 2022 we say rates from 4.75% to 5%.

higher interest rates aint nobody got time for that

Money Memes

That’s okay, we can just pretend that money is fake and that interest rates don’t matter (until it does.)

this is me pretending that interest rates dont matter and that money isnt real

While the rich get richer, well. Us who eat ramen, will be eating more ramen.

the food of my people

Sure it may feel like the state of our finances is like falling down the side of a hill, but surely we’ll survive!

how i feel about my finances

With the news of the Fed Rate Hike, we also saw stocks tank. This is my stock portfolio screaming. See more Spongebob Memes.

my portfolio after the fed announces a rate hike

The price of Bitcoin, yeah about that. It’s down 15% today.

when i see the price of bitcoin

Also, to note. When bad news gets worse – if you carry credit card debt buyer beware. Credit card interest rates are directly effected by the latest fed rate increase.

credit card debt meme

And don’t worry friends, we already have your recession memes locked and loaded, ready for sharing.

economists recession meme

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While we might be in a time of surviving, not thriving – that doesn’t mean we have to stop laughing. Share these funny fed rate hike memes. Tag us on social and link back so more people can laugh while crying as they look at their retirement accounts.

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