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Bones Day No Bones Day Memes and – 5 Things to Know About Noodle & This TikTok Trend

Is it a Bones Day or No Bones Day? We are explaining this viral TikTok about Noodle the Pug and why the world wants to know daily if he has bones.

I don’t do horoscopes. No judgement if you do, it just isn’t my thing. But for some reason, my psyche has jumped on the hilarious TikTok trend of Noodle the Pug and finding out daily whether he has bones.

Let me rewind. If you have heard people mentioning if its a “bones day” or a “no bones day” this is for you. This video series is something we mentioned in our TikTok funny videos series, but if you haven’t seen that or want a better explanation – here you go. We are breaking down what exactly this means and how you can do your daily bones check from Noodle the pug.

5 Things to Know About Noodle the Pug – Bones Day Explained

Since the old premise started with a senior pug named Noodle, we are breaking this bones day TikTok trend down by explaining 5 things you need to know about Noodle the Pug to better understand Bones Day.

bones day memes funny
funny bones no bones day memes and an explanation

Bones Day Memes

And because we love our funny memes, we couldn’t resist creating these hilarious bones day memes (and don’t worry, we also have no bones day memes.)

bones meme noodle the pug

These are perfect for posting to give the world and those who know (IYKYK) the status of your day and of Noodle the Pug.

no bones meme

We have plenty of more memes about Bones game – but let’s first explain what this TikTok trend is and how it got started. Let’s just say there once was a man named Jon.

Bones Day Birthday Meme

In honor of Jon’s birthday on November 9th, we added this Bones day birthday meme. Check out all of our birthday memes, but this one is pretty fun!

bones day birthday meme
its a bones day birthday meme

Thank you Jon for the gift of Noodle!

#1 Noodle the Pug is 13 Years Old

First, let’s start by explaining this Bones TikTok trend has a few components. First, there is Noodle the Pug. This adorable senior pug has lost his color and his coat is turning gray. Noodle is 13 years old and owned by Jon Graz. He has constantly has his tongue out (Noodle, not Jon.)

Then there is Jon. He adopted Noodle several years ago.

bones or no bones meme
the bone anticipation is real

And once you learn about this whole No Bones thing – you will totally laugh because Noodle is the perfect name for this pug.

#2 TikTok Meets Noodle

The world of TikTok meets Noodle in Jon’s first TikTok video. He explains that his dog Noodle’s favorite game is called “No Bones.” With over 50 videos featuring the adorable Noodle the Pug, he has become quite popular and a viral sensation. We will talk about that later, but let’s learn more about Noodle’s No Bones Game.

#3 No Bones Game

What is the No Bones game? If you have a pug, especially one that is older – no longer a puppy, you know how lazy they can be. As pugs get older, even getting them up in the morning is a chore!

is it a bones day meme
titkok pug noodle

We have a 7-year-old pug, named Guy. While he isn’t necessarily hit his senior years, he is no longer a puppy! Getting him out of bed in the morning is a joke. He sleeps with our teenage boy and until the teenager gets out of bed, the pug WILL NOT get out of bed – unless he is physically removed. So much so, we have to carry him downstairs because he will not go down without assistance in the mornings. Looks like Noodle doesn’t do stairs either.

no bones day meme
no bones day meme

So the No Bones game is where Jon wakes Noodle the Pug up, in an attempt to see if he is going to have a good day or bad day. If you set Noodle the Pug up and he falls over, like he has no bones, it’s not going to be a good day.

If Noodle the Pug stands up – he has bones! When he stands, its a Bones Day meaning it will be a good day.

bones day meme
bones meme

#4 Noodle Goes Viral

Since posting videos daily of Noodle the Pug and his Bones game has gone viral. Millions are watching in each day to see if Noodle the Pug is going to have a No Bones Day (bad day) or a Bones Day (a good day) all by playing the No Bones game.

good morning bones day meme
Good Morning memes – start your day by checking on Noodle

Yes, this is super silly – but isn’t this what life and TikTok is about. You can’t take everything so seriously and with the crazy world we live in – these daily pug TikTok videos are a breath of fresh air and funny.

And while Noodle maybe the star – the genius is Jon for adopting this sweet pug.

Update on 10/19/21 – Jon and Noodle have hit 2.1 million TikTok followers! Congrats, you and this piece of internet happiness deserve it all.

#5 Noodle Calls the Shots

As Jon mentions in a few videos, Noodle the Pug calls the shots. While we anxiously await a daily Bones Day video from Noodle, Jon often reminds us that Noodle is our leader and he calls the shots.

noodle the pug meme
noodle the pug meme

So if a Bones day TikTok video is posted late, he reminds us its because it’s up to the dog.

Where to Find Bones Day Forecast

As I was saying, this TikTok account has gone viral. We all want to know the Bones Day forecast, where this geriatric pug tells us what type of day he, and in turn we will have. So in addition to getting a cup of coffee, checking on the weather forecast, seeing what your daily horoscope says, checking Facebook and posting birthday memes – now you can add to check the Bones Day Forecast.

daily bones day forecast meme
Bones forecast meme

There are 2 ways to check the Bones Day forecast.

  1. You can find the Bones Day forecast by checking TikTok user @jongraz tiktok account daily. Thankfully Noodle’s owner Jon has started putting the date on his TikToks so you will know if you are watching the latest Bones Day video.
  2. Check out IS IT A BONES DAY page to see what the day is and a historical look at every prediction Noodle has made.

When Did No Bones Start?

Jon first introduced us to Noodle’s favorite game of No Bones in his first TikTok video on September 9, 2020. While at first, it looks like it started out as just a cute TikTok video, it is now a viral sensation that is posted daily.

Best TikToks About No Bones

So as mentioned, this whole no bones situation has blown up. We have even started asking our kids in the morning, do you think it’s a bone or no bones day? It’s been a fun way to get them talking and we all check Jon’s account to see what type of day this dog is having.

The TikTok world has taken over and you can find all types of videos about the dog and bone game. Here are our favorite TikToks about no bones.

Bones Hashtags

Here are a few hashtags to follow for more TikTok videos on this trend:

  • #noodletok
  • #nobones
  • #bones
  • #nobonesday
  • #bonesday
  • #noodlethepug

Share These Bones Day Memes

And more bones day memes and images for posting on bones day and no bones day! Remember BONES = good.

bones day image
#bonesday meme

And NO BONES = bad.

no bones day image
#nobonesday meme

When you try to explain to your boss that you can’t come into work because the pug couldn’t stand up. Yeah, maybe this isn’t a good idea. (but make sure to share these funny work memes!)

bones day meme   trying to explain to my boss that i cant come into work today because in a no bones day
no bones means no work

There you have it. Bones day explained, an introduction to Noodle the Pug, Bones day memes and hopefully an understanding of why millions are telling you what type of day it will be all by whether a pug stands up or flops.

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