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Funny October Memes 2022 – Halloween, Fall and Pumpkins

From pumpkins, fall to Halloween – enjoy these funny October memes.

The best month of the year is October. Anyone who disagrees might want to keep scrolling. Cooler weather, we are finally in the rhythm of things now that school is back in session and maybe because it is my birthday month, let’s celebrate with memes about October.

Funny October Memes 2022

If you are a meme posting fool who loves you some off the wall holidays, you have come to the right place. We have the best funny October memes for all of your events and funny holidays for this 10th month of the year.

october meme
Best October Memes 2022

Get ready for it. Memes for all the October things.

2022 october memes
2022 october memes

We have October memes for just about every day of this month. Let’s start with a hello October meme. Of course, we had to get started with a Jason, Friday the 13th meme.

hello october meme funny
hello october meme funny

Love the yellow guys? Don’t miss these minion memes.

happy october meme
happy october meme

October 3rd Meme

October 3rd is Mean Girls Day and we have all the Mean Girl Memes for sharing.

mean girls day october 3 meme
mean girls day october 3 meme

But if you just want to celebrate the month of October, best month of the year – we got you. Here are the best October memes.

getting lit october meme
funny october memes for sharing

National Taco Day – October 4

How am I just now being made aware of a holiday dedicated to my beloved taco? If you are coo-coo or crazy for tacos, October 4 is National Taco Day! Enjoy these taco memes.

feed me tacos meme
national taco day october 4, 2022

Celebrate National Taco Day 2022 on TUESDAY! It’s meant to be, Taco Tuesday memes – FTW!

September 30 vs October 1 

You guys, these September 30 vs October 1 memes are killing me. How true are these?! There is just something about this month that makes me go all Halloween/Fall!

September vs October

When October 1 appears, you know it’s time to turn into a Sanderson sister. We have Hocus Pocus memes for the witches!

hocus pocus october 1
September 30 vs October 1 meme – Bette Middler

IT before and after September 30 vs October 1 meme.

it clownn september 30

Wake Up Billie Joe Memes

Looks like someone woke up Green Day’s Billie Joe. Check out all of the Wake Me When September Ends memes

billy joe septemer 30 october 1
Time to wake up Billie Joe Green Day meme

DID someone say BEETLEJUICE? Winona Rider wins in this september 30 vs october 1 meme. And of course we have beetlejuice memes because its one of the best movies ever!

october 1
wynona ryder – heather vs lydia

Sponge Bob on September 30 vs October 1.

september 30 october 1
october sponge bob meme

The Office’s Dwight gets it. On October 1, I become all pumpkin.

october 1
the office october meme

Christmas in October Memes

You guys, I love me some Christmas and in an earlier point in my life I would be decorating right now. So no judgement here, but these Christmas in October memes are hilarious.

calm down its only - Christmas in October memes

Check out our early christmas memes for those people who just decorate way too early (its me.)

Mid-October Christmas trees, y’all.

october time to crank up that christmas music - Christmas in October memes


You gotta love the retail stores and their HALLOTHANKSMAS displays!

walmart fall hallothanksmas - Christmas in October memes
hallothanksmas meme

This really is an accurate description for these months.

hallothanksmas meme funny

I hate to tell you guys, but Hobby Lobby Christmas decorations have been setup since July! Costco and Sams Club have Christmas trees and Christmas decorations on display and ready for purchase. So don’t act too surprised when you see Christmas decorations during October.

when i see christmas decorations - Christmas in October memes

Don’t worry, we have all the Christmas memes you could ask for. Yes, there are just 2 months left until the official month of our favorite holiday!

october christmas meme
october christmas meme

Fall October Weather Memes

While it maybe October and it maybe Autumn, someone forgot to tell the weather. These Fall memes laugh at the fact that it’s 90 degrees here in Texas today, yet the world is pretending it’s 50 degrees! p

autumn weather - fall weather memes

The IT Fall Weather Meme is everything. What we wouldn’t do to enjoy some cooler temperatures. I mean it is October and all.

fall weather down here

Yeah, fall weather if you could go ahead and show up – that would be great.

fall weather

October weather be like.

october be like

It’s 85 degrees outside and this is me.

OCTOBER cat - friends its still 85 degrees

The calendar says fall, the thermometer says that is a lie. Maury knows.

maury polvich the calendar says fall the thermometer says thats a lie october weather meme

If it’s October, why is it hot?

if its october why is it hot meme

Waiting for fall in Florida (and Texas!)

waiting for fall weather

October Memes About Pumpkin Spice

Next, let’s talk about pumpkin spice. Would this round up of funny October meme even be complete without a good LOL with these pumpkin spice memes? Everyone loves the PSL – or do they? Check out all the pumpkin spice memes!

hate pumpkin spice meme

Keep calm and pumpkin spice everything!

Autumn Memes

Oh Autumn, the best season ever and these autumn memes are here to reiterate that fact! Don’t miss our huge collection of fall memes.

autumn dog poop - autumn memes

Brace yourselves, crunchy leaf piles are coming!

crunchy leaf piles are coming october - autumn memes

October Birthday Memes

Who doesn’t love October birthdays (says the person with an October birthday.) If you are looking for October birthday memes – don’t miss our birthday month memes for a collection dedicated to October birthdays!

october birthday meme - the best people are born in october
october birthday meme

People who were born in October, were most likely conceived in January. What were your parents doing in January. This October birthday meme is for that person who hates this kind of humor!

funny october birthday meme - People who were born in October, were most likely conceived in January. What were your parents doing in January.

Not what you are looking for, check out our massive collection of birthday memes for all occasions.

October 21 Meme

Sure October 21st is Kim Kardashian’s birthday but in 2022, there is something way more important. Swifties all know that Taylor Swift’s new album, Midnight drops October 21, 2022!

taylor swift midnight meme - wishing all swifties a happy midnight
taylor swift midnight meme

See all Taylor Swift memes.

More October Memes

And the October memes continue! Here are some more funny memes to get you in the October mood!

That time of year is here! Hocus Pocus memes for all of you witchy friends.

hocus pocus meme
hocus pocus october meme

Say his name 3 times and you know what happens. Beetlejuice memes for those who love this guy!

beetlejuice halloween meme
beetlejuice october meme

It’s FOOTBALL season and if you aren’t rooting with these Dallas Cowboys memes, well it’s okay – we can still be friends.

dallas cowboys fan you are trust the process you must
2022 dallas cowboys meme yoda

Who else wants to go apple picking, wear scarves, drink hot coffee (and share coffee memes) all while watching Trump go to prison. Fall stuff, right?

fall stuff trump prison meme
trump prison meme

Yes, it is the season of legging and yoga pants!

yoga pants meme
yoga pants meme

Dogs sure do love leaf piles!

leaves meme

My current October mood is… Of course we didn’t forget halloween memes – I mean what list of October Memes would be complete without October 31 memes?

october moodd

My favorite color is October! Which means start posting those October 2022 memes, y’all!

october meme 2022
october meme 2022

As Ian showed us, this October’s hurricane season may be fierce. Stay safe and share the hurricane memes.

empty store shelves - everyone is gluten-free until a hurricane arrives
grocery store hurricane meme

When you are ready for the spooky season, these scary memes are perfect for sharing.

me watching a horror movie its not that scary also me hearing the slightest sound
scary movie meme

Well friends, there you have it. Funny October memes for your enjoyment. As always, feel free to share! Please tag @digitalmomblog on social.

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