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25 Funny Weekend Memes and Images for Saturday and Sunday

No time for work but all the time for the these funny weekend memes! Slide into the Saturday and Sunday with humor.

I’m not sure what your weekend plans are but I hope they involve ZERO stress, lots of fun, plenty of sleep and NO work. Sure, that sounds like an ideal weekend, chances are it won’t be 100% perfect but hopefully close enough.

Funny Weekend Memes

Kick back relax and let’s enjoy some funny memes for the weekend. It’s time to stop working and enjoy life to it’s fullest.

funny weekend memes
funny weekend memes

Enjoy these funny weekend memes and share them with someone who needs to just relax this Saturday and Sunday.

To ring in the week’s end and inhale all of the positive goodness available, let’s embrace the close of the weekend with humor.

weekend meme funny

The weekend is finally here, and what better way to celebrate than with a good dose of humor? Get ready to embark on a journey of lightheartedness.

funny meme weekend kids
funny meme weekend kids

Join us as we present a collection of hilarious weekend memes that will have you rolling with laughter and eagerly anticipating those blissful Saturdays and Sundays!

the weeknd meme
the weeknd meme

Almost the Weekend Memes

When the weekend is so close that you can smell it. See our Friday memes for that almost weekend day.

smell weekend meme

When You Think Its the Weekend Meme

Whether you thought you could relax or it could just be Wednesday and you mistakenly thought it was Saturday – we got you. This when you think its the weekend meme is for those of us dreamers.

when you think its the weekend meme
when you think its the weekend meme

Better Days Are Coming Meme

Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday! Those days are so much better than Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and kind of Friday.

better days weekend meme

Time to let go of that Monday – Friday work week stress and relax.

better days are coming meme they are called saturday and sunday
better days are coming meme

Lazy Weekend Memes

Send these lazy weekend memes to whoever it is that is trying to book your weekend full of activities. Just say no, especially to all of those kid birthday parties and early ball games.

Just send a birthday meme – no kid birthday parties on weekends please. No one has time for that kind of non-sense on the weekend!

the perfect weekend meme

Any other introverts agree that a good to do list on the weekend is an empty to do list? (see introvert memes)

do nothing weekend meme
lazy weekend meme

This lazy Saturday meme is also known as my perfect day. If it requires pants or a bra, its an absolute no.

lazy saturday meme  If it requires pants or a bra, its an absolute no.
lazy saturday meme

I guess I could say the same for Sunday as well. The week is for working, let me enjoy my lazy Saturday and lazy Sunday before the Monday hustle.

lazy sunday meme let me be lazy
lazy sunday meme

Kick start your weekend with some inspiration with our Saturday quotes.

Weekend Sleep Meme

Listen, you can fight me all you want on this. I stand firm with this statement: the weekend is for sleeping in. Let me sleep! I don’t sleep all week due to work, school and the crazy kids that I birthed. So at least give me a solid 10 hours of rest and these sleep memes.

weekend sleep meme
weekend sleep meme

So paying off your “sleep debt” on the weekend, by trying to catch up – while it’s something I’ve always done – may or may not be good for you. The jury is still out. But I did like to pick and pull a quote from this article on how maybe just maybe weekend sleep makes up for short weekday sleep.

weekend sleep meme
weekend sleep meme

It may be healthier in the long run to catch up on lost sleep over the weekend than to keep a shortened sleep schedule all seven days. source:

If you must wake someone up early on Saturday, at least send them a good morning meme.

Three Day Weekend Memes

Who doesn’t love a good long weekend? Use these three day weekend memes wisely. The face you make when you realize its a long weekend.

3 day weekend meme
three day weekend

If you are a parent with kids in school, chances are you are like “REALLY, ANOTHER THREE DAY WEEKEND?” or wait, is that just me. Don’t miss our long weekend memes.

long weekend meme

Have a Great Weekend Memes

Share the love and make people think you are too happy by sharing these have a great weekend weekend memes.

have a great weekend meme homer simpson woohoo
have a great weekend homer meme

Have a great weekend! This cute little pup screams “share me on Facebook, please”

have a great weekend
have a great weekend meme

When you feel like Oprah, instead of dishing out free cars give out have a good weekend memes.

oprah have a good weekend meme

Its The Weekend Memes

That sigh of relief when you realize that obligations are off and the weekend is on. Its the weekend memes for those who need that wonderful moment of epiphany.

realize its the weekend meme

Hands up, stress gone, exhale y’all because it’s the weekend!

its the weekend meme funny
its the weekend image

It’s finally the weekend, spread the stress-free love.

finally its the weekend meme

Gotta love when you get a minion weekend meme. You know us moms love our minion memes. (IYKYK)

minion weekend meme its the weekend
weekend minion meme

Celebrate this win after a long work week. You deserve the rest and relaxation that Saturday and Sunday can bring.

its the weekend meme
its the weekend meme

Happy Weekend Memes

This happy weekending meme says it all.

happy weekending
happy weekend meme

Enjoy Your Weekend Memes

Time off is meant to be enjoyed. From the Schitts Creek meme series, as Moira would say…. “enjoy your weekend with the utmost splendor and delight!”

enjoy your weekend meme
enjoy your weekend meme

May the days be filled with opulence and extravagance, and may your heart be merry as you revel in the grandeur of leisure. Cherish every precious moment, darling, for life’s pleasures are meant to be savored like a fine wine. Ta-ta!

More Memes about The Weekend

When its the weekend but then you remember you have a toddler. Yeah, sorry about that. It sounds like you need a babysitter! See our toddler memes.

weekend toddler meme
toddler weekend image

When you realize you won’t be working overtime this weekend.

no work weekend meme
weekend not working meme

Send this funny weekend work meme to your favorite co-worker or boss that is working overtime.

Weekend Gone Memes

And as fun as the weekend is, reality comes quick on Monday morning. We have Monday memes for that occasion.

weekend vs monday meme

Yes, just like that *POOF* the weekend is gone. Enjoy these Monday motivational quotes to get you thru the start of the work week.

weekend gone meme
weekend gone meme

Oh Kermit, for reals. Where the hell did my weekend go is the anthem of my heart every Sunday evening.

where did the weekend go meme
where did the weekend go meme

Wild Weekend

When you rather people not know what you did this past weekend, send this this wild weekend meme. Or if you did nothing, even better. Always leave people guessing is my motto.

funny weekend meme
wild weekend meme

Share the Funny Memes for the Weekend

From celebrating Friday euphoria to embracing lazy mornings and conquering Sunday night struggles, these memes bring joy and camaraderie to our digital spaces.

Share away and make someone’s day, tag us on social!

So, the next time you find yourself in need of a good laugh or a cheerful reminder that the weekend is just around the corner, turn to these weekend memes and let the humor brighten your days!

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