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Funny Parenting Memes – 25+ Relatable Memes for Parents

Because parenting memes are a required humor resource for being a parent.

For real, though. Sometimes when you experience crazy you need humor. And if you are a parent, you know the crazy that I am talking about.

Funny Parenting Memes Only Parents Can Relate To

Let’s take a break from the wild west of being a parent and laugh at these funny parenting memes.

funny parenting memes
funny parenting memes

Take a few minutes to stop picking up the floor that is littered with random objects. That laundry basket has been sitting there for a week. If the dishing aren’t done, fret not – use paper plate.

Best Memes for Parents

Exhale, relax and take 5 minutes to laugh at these funny parenting memes. If you know someone who is in the thick of it – we have funny memes for parents of all stages. God speed.

funny parenting meme just kidding there are no parenting hacks. everything is hard, these kids do not listen and this is your life now. god speed.
funny parenting meme

I thought we could start this party off with something we all could relate to. This funny parenting meme is a great conversation starter.

parenting without words meme - describe parenting without words i'll go first. photo of a rollercoaster
Describe parenting without words – i’ll go first. *cue the rollercoaster*

Post on Facebook and watch the comments roll in with silly memes and parenting photos that might act as good birth control if people only knew the truth about parenting.

Parenting is Hard Memes

No one said it was easy, but boy some people sure make having kids LOOK easy. Those people are what i call LIARS and these parenting is hard memes are revealing parenting truths that all moms and dads can relate to.

crazy parenting meme - feeling crazy welcome to parenting
crazy parenting meme

Parent Teacher Conference Memes

This parent teacher conference meme is pretty much spot on.

funny parent teacher conference meme - my prepping for the parent teacher conference
funny parent teacher conference meme

What do you say when your kid is just like you? Teachers, we got you too. Teacher memes for some LOLs.

parent teacher conference meme - my face during the parent teacher conference
parent teacher conference meme

Also if you love you some monkeys, we have a slew of monkey memes!

Cleaning with Kids Memes

You gotta love it when you’ve spent the weekend washing loads of laundry. Just as you are carrying the last load of folded clothes up the stairs, miraculously a fresh bin of dirty laundry is found.

laundry parenting meme
laundry while parenting meme

OMG, this is a weekly occurrence. If you can relate to laundry hell – see our laundry memes.

This Barney meme for parents who try so hard, even singing the Clean Up song. Bless you.

barney parenting meme

Funny Parenting Quote Memes

These funny parenting quote memes feature way to relatable quotes about parenting.

If you are a parent to a child AND dog – you might know this game. Hell, even if you have a toddler – we played it when potty training. The game is called is that chocolate or is it poop. It is a game where there is a high probability that you can lose and end up picking up a poo when you thought maybe it was just chocolate.

parents be like meme chocolate or poop
chocolate or poop – parenting meme funny game we play

Who else is a yeller? I have changed how I look at yelling at my kids. It’s not necessarily yelling. It’s more than I use my motivational speaking voice when certain subjects arise or events occur. It’s all how you look at it. Change your perspective.

parenting quote motivational speaking
It not yelling its a motivational speech meme – parenting

Bad Parenting Memes

Listen, I am not here to say you are a bad parent. Nor are these really bad parenting memes saying that if you do this you are awful. Because truth it I’ve done these and good news – thankfully my kids have survived me and I have survived them!

parenting quote childing
funny bad parenting meme

Am I the parent I dreamed I would be? No. I blame that totally on my kids. I didn’t expect them to not sleep, eat everything in the pantry yet nothing that I make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I didn’t expect the house to be THIS dirty. I won’t even bring up the laundry discussion again.

perfect parent meme - my kids are the reason i am not the parent i dreamed i would be
bad parenting meme

This bad parenting meme reminds me of when my kids were younger. This is a clever parenting hack for whoever hides snacks from your kids.

bad parenting meme - hiding snacks from kids
bad parenting meme

Parenting Running Late Meme

Anyone have kids that are always on time? HA! Parenting be like – YOU ARE ALWAYS LATE. When you tell your kids that you are running late, they instantly turn into sloths.

sloth kid parenting meme
sloth kids meme

How about using writing crazy school excuse notes that sound insane but are actually honest. How about your kid not being able to find their shoes before school? Anyone ever send their kid to school with 2 different shoes on?

parents be like meme no shoes
parents be like meme

Let’s talk about the hell clothing item known as socks. These things disappear and the kids are always asking for new socks though I know we have 230942934 pairs in random places throughout the house. So next time they ask, since it is the holiday season – just tell them to add it to their Christmas list. Speaking of – clean Christmas memes anyone?

parents be like meme - oh you need socks put it on your christmas list
parents be like meme – add it to the christmas list

Parenting Newborns

Parenting newborn is not easy y’all. We have a whole series of baby memes you must see because parents of babies, you totally will relate.

parenting newborn memes - first joke parents hear after having a baby sleep when the baby sleeps
parenting newborn meme – sleep when the baby sleeps

Tired Parents Memes

Another thing I had no idea about is that while the baby eventually does sleep thru the night, there is a great chance that you won’t. Tired parents memes are memes about parents who just need sleep.

tired parents meme
tired parent meme

And the co-sleeping thing. OMG, our third kid would not leave our bed. If we let him, he still would sleep smack in the middle of my husband and myself kicking all night long. If you long for sleep – these sleeping memes are for you.

cosleep parenting meme
co sleeping meme parenting reality

My husband has always worked and while yes, he deserves him sleep but omg how does he sleep so well thru a crying baby. So many nights while on maternity leave, I wanted to just go back to work so that we could take turns. It finally happened, but man even with tweens and teens – my husband can sleep hard. It’s so unfair!

parenting sleep meme
i want to sleep like my husband

The bedtime struggle is real. Especially with toddlers. Get yourself a toddler alarm clock or kids alarm clock if the kids are older.

bedtime meme parenting
bedtime meme

Isn’t it amazing how kids are ALWAYS hungry when it’s time to go to bed?

kid bedtime parent meme
tired parent meme

Parenting Fail Memes

There are times in your parenting journey that while you try your best, you just can’t win them all. These parenting fail memes are dedicated to those time. Like clipping your baby’s nails for the first time.

Who else was perplexed when your sweet child was born with these vicious nails. Then to learn from the nurse that they can’t clip the baby’s nails. My foggy brain from that time period swears the nurse mentioned that clipping nails is the equivalent to removing body parts and they can’t do that.

funny parenting quote meme
funny parenting fail meme

All that said, my parenting fail began early trying to accomplish this feat. By the 4th kid, I ended up doing something disgusting. I chewed my baby’s nails off because believe me when I say nobody wants to knick a precious sweet newborn baby with nail clippers!

parenting is hard meme
most terrifying moment of parenting

More Funny Memes About Parenting

Parent to a toddler? Then you know the amazing power of a toddler at 6 am. There should be an energy drink named 6 am toddler! Don’t miss our toddler memes.

toddler parenting meme
toddler energy drink meme – from @simoncholland follow on facebook / twitter

When a kid falls asleep sitting up after a long day of destroying your house.

kids destroying house meme

Parenting teens is a whole new game. This feels very relatable as often parenting feels like you are screaming at a brick wall.

brick wall meme parenting
parenting teens meme

When a trip to Target without the kids feels like a zen yoga retreat.

target without kids meme
target without kids meme

Anyone else have kids that eat whatever you make them? I didn’t think so either. Use this funny parenting meme about kids not eating your food as a Throwback Thursday meme.

kid not eating parenting meme
throwback meme parenting

Having weird parents builds character. Be weird enough to be fun, but not too weird.

weird parents meme
weird parents meme

Co Parenting Memes

What are parenting memes without co parenting memes. So many of us are co-parenting. Whether married or single – parenting should always be a co-parent thing.

co-parent meme - co-parenting be easy said no parent ever
co-parent meme

My husband and I co-parent but thankfully we are still married and living in the same house. I can’t imagine being a single mom and doing this parenting thing by myself.

funny co parenting meme - coparenting aint easy but neither is doing this parenting thing by yourself quote
funny co parenting meme

Kudos to all the single parents as well as the co-parents and bonus parents (step parents) that are doing the hard work to raise good kids! And eek to all of those who can relate to this funny co-parenting meme.

coparenting meme - co parenting with a psychopath is a special kind of hell
funny coparenting meme

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