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20 Hilarious Friday Eve Memes to Kickstart the Weekend Earl

When you are optimistic on a Thursday, these Friday Eve memes are a must.

Any one want to help me petition the renaming of the day Thursday to Friday eve? All of my optimistic friends who are anxiously awaiting the start to the weekend, this post is for you.

funny friday eve memes to celebrate the end of thursday

Start your pre-weekend off with these funny Friday eve memes! It’s not quite time for Friday memes so let’s celebrate the end of the week early and in a clever way.

Funny Friday Eve Memes

Just 1, ONE more day until the actual day. Join us for some optimistic fun that you can do every week. We are simply renaming a day. If you relate to these memes, don’t miss our relatable memes.

almost friday meme
almost friday meme

Here is how you can join in on the fun.

Pre Friday Meme

From this Thursday forward, rather than saying the “T” word, from now forward we shall call it Friday Eve. What a positive way to look at the week!

friday eve meme no thursday
pre-friday meme

Who is with me? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday Eve, and Friday. No more Thursday, may you rest in peace. If you can’t get into the fun, fine whatever. We love one and all and give you Thursday memes. They are still funny but not as out of the box thinking, but you do you.

did someone say friday eve meme
friday eve meme

Who needs to wait, when you can join us with doing a pre-game for Friday. Up for margaritas? Then don’t miss these margarita memes!

friday eve drinking meme
friday eve drinking meme

This is me hiding from the fact that its Thursday. And by Thursday, you totally know what I really mean.

thursday face meme hiding my face from thursday
thursday friday eve face meme

Check out these Thursday work memes to help you get thru day 4 of the work week.

That feeling when you realize it only Friday eve and not actually Friday. Don’t be too sad, it’s only a day away.

friday eve meme funny kermit when you realize its only friday eve and not actually friday
friday eve meme funny kermit

Can someone wake me up when it’s actually Friday? Then I will get my weekend memes on.

not actually friday meme wake me when it is
not actually friday meme

Until then, I’ll be posting these sleep memes.

When the weekend is SOOOO close, this minion friday eve meme says it best. Happy Pre-Weekend! I like the positive optimistic attitude that is happening here.

minion friday eve meme happy preweekend
minion friday eve meme

If you adore these little yellow guys, then you will love these minion memes!

For those people who just aren’t understanding our movement here. We are saying that it’s not Thursday. That words is being banished from our dictionary and vocabulary.

friday eve meme funny you say thursday
funny friday eve meme

From now on, like these you say Thursday I say Friday eve memes state – address the day correctly. Practice it with me. Who knows, maybe someday a Jeopardy question will be “What day was formerly called Thursday?” I’ll take memes for $500.

friday eve spiderman meme
friday eve spiderman meme

Celebrate the end to the work week early and send one of these to your coworkers to take their minds off the dread of work. We also have these funny work memes that will also do the trick!

funny friday eve meme rolling into friday like it aint thursday
funny friday eve meme

Work on Friday eve sounds so much better than work on Thursday. Am I right or am I RIGHT?

Happy Friday Eve Memes and Image

Share one of these Happy Friday Eve memes to annoy the person who insists on calling today Thursday.

happy friday eve meme
happy friday eve meme

Say no to Thursday. Call it what it is!

happy friday eve image
happy friday eve image

Share the Funny Friday Eve Memes

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Thanks for sharing the love and Happy Friday Eve!

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