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50 Its My Birthday Memes to Celebrate Your Special Day


In this age of digital connectivity, It’s my birthday memes have become a delightful staple of birthday celebrations, infusing a touch of humor and personality into the occasion.

From requesting cash app money to birthday quotes for your bday, we have you covered to make sure that you are celebrating your day in a big way! Update that social media status with one of our its my birthday memes.

my birthday memes

Its My Birthday Memes

today is my birthday im just sayin'

The celebration of one’s birthday is a universally cherished event, marking the passage of time with joy and festivity.

on my birthday meme

Memes for Your Birthday

These memes, ranging from the hilariously relatable to the endearingly quirky, capture the essence of birthday excitement, anticipation, and the sheer fun of adding another year to life’s tally. 

my birthday meme feeling like a king

Your birthday only happens one day a year. Celebrate it big with these funny memes about it being your birthday.

its my birthday meme

Its My Birthday Images

Its my birthday images like this comedy queen, Betty White telling people to sing you the happy birthday song.

lets sing happy birthday to me

Calories don’t count on the day of your birth. I can’t say that I have proof of that, but let’s just roll with it.

happy birthday to me

Now, let’s share some it’s my birthday month memes that countdown to your birthday.

tootin my own horn it's my birthday

Love the funny guy with square pants that lives in a pineapple under the sea? Don’t miss all of our great SpongeBob memes!

i got 99 problems but today is my birthday so yolo

Memes for Your Birthday Month

When it is your birthday month, you deserve all the love. In fact, we have an entire collection of birthday month memes that you won’t want to miss!

its my birthday month meme I am now accepting money flowers gifts dinners and funny memes

Let your friends know that you are accepting money, flowers, gifts, dinners and of course memes for the entire month because its your birthday month!

Its My Birthday Week Meme

Tell the world what they need to know with this its my birthday week meme.

birthday week memes cat happy caption its my birthday week

Watch this Sponge Bob video of him, Patrick and gang singing you the Happy Birthday song!

sponge bob square pants its my birthday week meme

Its My Birthday Weekend Meme

When your birthday weekend demands a birthday party, you post this its my birthday weekend meme.

its my birthday weekend meme in conclusion its my birthday lets celebrate me

Its My Birthday Tomorrow Meme

When tomorrow is your bday, you celebrate with a tomorrow its my birthday meme. Annoying? NEVER!

its my birthday tomorrow meme tomorrow is my birthday so don't forget to tell me happy birthday.

Get a goodnight sleep, tomorrow is celebration time.

tomorrow is my birthday meme with lucille ball pouring champaign

Its My Birthday Today Memes

When it’s your birthday TODAY, these are the its my birthday today memes that you will need to be posting.

keep calm its my birthday meme

Tell your friends to stop scrolling that Facebook feed or Instagram feed and let them know whose day it is. P.S. it is YOUR day.

kevin hart with hand up saying stop scrolling its my birthday meme

Its my birthday cash app meme because who wouldn’t want a little cash drop to celebrate you. Hey it never hurts to ask.

its my birthday cash app me meme

Might have to make this plate in real life and serve my kids’ breakfast on it this year. You know, to act as a subtle reminder what day it is.

today is my birthday

If someone can read this its my birthday today meme and they don’t wish you a happy birthday in the comments, via text or on your social feed – are they even your friend. I kid, but for reals.

reminder its my birthday today meme

When its my MF birthday meme tells the people its your MF bday.

its my mf birthday meme

Ya bi$h knows whats up, its your mf birthday.

funny its my mf birthday meme

I hope you keep your tears to a minimum, but ya’ll we have all been there. Its my birthday and ill cry if i want to meme for those bdays that just need a release of tears.

its my birthday and ill cry if i want to meme

You’d cry too if it happened to you.

its my birthday i can cry if i want to

Sometimes a reminder is needed and if so, this is the its my birthday meme that you text to that person so they don’t forget.

its my birthday meme funny

Its My Birthday Girly Memes

For the girly girls these are for you.

funny memes its my birthday meme girly

A very happy birthday to me (or to you) – when it’s your birthday – heres a girly meme.

happy its my birthday girly meme

Its my birthday girly meme, celebrate your day with a girls night out.

its my birthday meme girly

It takes a certain queen to post this my birthday meme.

its my birthday image

Cheers to another year around the sun.

its my birthday meme girly

Milestone Its My Birthday Imagers

There are several milestone birthdays in life that call for celebrating big. Here are the memes about your birthday that you will want to share on those special days.

Its my 50th birthday – happy 50th!

its my 50th birthday meme

When you have made it to the other side of the hill. Over the hill is the new black. Welcome to your 40s, it’s quite lovely here. Use this its my 40th birthday meme to your liking.

its my 40th birthday meme

Hello 30s. Its my 30th birthday meme for when you hit that big 3-0 number. Don’t worry, in 14 years you will realize that that big 30 number really isn’t all that big after all.

its my 30th birthday meme

Welcome to adulthood. It’s my 18th birthday meme lets everyone know you have leveled up to adult. Congrats, and happy adulting.

its my 18th birthday meme

More Memes for Your Birthday

Continuing on the celebration of YOU, we got more its my bday memes for you to post.

make sure you thank the lord today for this is the day that Jesus gave y'all me

Best part about birthdays, calories don’t count when eating it on your day of birth. Eat as much birthday cake as you want. Don’t miss these Star Wars birthday memes.

my birthday it is feed me cake you must

That moment when you realize that you are getting old.

my birthday and wow im getting old

Waiting for your birthday be like.

my birthday loading meme

May the odds be in your favor, especially spouses and partners.

my bday meme funny

Keep calm, it only happens once a year.

keep calm its my birthday meme

FAKE SMILES, everyone.

its my birthday today meme

The results are in, it is in fact my birthday. Now what else does 23 and Me have to say.

the results are in and its in fact my birthday

Birthday Money Meme

Looking for some birthday money, here’s a plea for cash over presents that you’ll never use and end up donating.

my birthday is coming up so if you want my venmo cash app or zelle let me know

I Hate My Birthday Memes

To all of us who loathe your birth date and dread it, I feel you. Feel free to post an I hate my birthday meme to let everyone know you can just not with all of the bday fiasco.

funny my birthday meme

And please don’t with the Happy Birthday song. Maybe a few, but a crowd singing – especially in a restaurant. Let me just point you to these introvert memes.

happy birthday to me

For those of us who feel like a tornado is approaching every time our birthday month rolls around… Also see tornado memes.

here comes my birthday meme

Hating birthdays is normal, but why not think of life as a game. Rather than turning a year older, you are leveling up. Gamifying life, yo.

its my birthday level

Share the Its My Birthday Memes and Images

As the candles are blown out and the confetti settles, the laughter and smiles brought on by its my birthday memes linger, adding a memorable layer to our personal celebrations.

yes its my birthday tell me again how many candles you're going to put on that cake

These digital expressions of joy not only amplify our own excitement but also invite others to partake in the fun, creating a shared experience that transcends physical distances. In a world where moments are increasingly shared online, these memes have carved out a niche for themselves, embodying the light-heartedness and communal joy of birthday celebrations.

its my birthday image chart of what make people happy birthday wishes money status

So, whether you’re embracing a new decade or simply marking another year well-lived, these memes are a testament to the joy, humor, and universal appeal of celebrating our existence.

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