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Best Christmas Eve Memes for December 24th

Enjoy these Funny Christmas Eve Memes to kick-start your holiday fun!

If your day before Christmas is anything like our’s it’s a lot. From attending church, cooking, seeing family and wrapping Christmas presents – it might just be the busiest day of the year.

Funny Christmas Eve Memes

Exhale for a second from the holiday chaos and indulge is some humor and fun with these funny Christmas eve memes.

christmas eve memes
funny christmas eve memes

From classic holiday movie references to funny holiday puns, these memes have something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh with these festive memes.

not ready for christmas meme
not ready for christmas meme

If you hate Christmas, good news – the holiday is ALMOST over. Enjoy these funny Christmas memes before it’s gone.

i hate christmas meme
i hate christmas meme

The power of having all Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree on or before Christmas eve is some type of crazy magic that I will never understand.

christmas eve gifts meme
christmas eve gifts meme

Speaking of it being Christmas eve, who still has gift shopping to do?

christmas eve shopping meme
christmas eve shopping meme

Headed to the mall, or even trying to do last minute things – may the odds be in your favor.

christmas eve? may the odds be in your favor
christmas eve meme funny

These Christmas eve memes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and get you in the holiday spirit.

Christmas Eve Pun

And a very Merry Christmas eve pun because why not.

merry christmas eve
merry christmas eve

Christmas Eve Santa Memes

December 24th is also the night that Santa Claus comes to town (if you do that sort of thing.) Don’t miss our Santa memes or more St. Nick fun.

christmas eve elf santa comes tonight
christmas eve elf

Yep, it’s showtime. All of the elves are done, Santa’s sleigh is packed. Mrs. Claus has made sure that Santa has his coat, boots and white gloves (which, why white when going down a CHIMNEY?) on.

santa is coming meme
santa is coming meme

My aunt never told her kids about Santa Claus. She said she works too hard all year long to give her kids’ and awesome Christmas so why should she let him take credit for that. Truth. Christmas magic is actually just a lot of hard work.

santa parents christmas eve meme
santa parents christmas eve meme

A Christmas Eve work meme for all of those who are working on Christmas eve to pay the bills and all of those gifts.

working on christmas eve meme
working on christmas eve meme

We love us some coffee memes. Coffee on Christmas Eve is a requirement. I miss my kids being little, but thank God the days of building toys all night long are over!

christmas eve coffee meme
christmas eve coffee meme

Merry Christmas Eve Memes

Whether you’re spending the holiday with family, friends, or solo, these Merry Christmas eve memes are sure to make your Christmas Eve even more special. And for December 25th, we have Merry Christmas memes for you to share.

santa's coming merry christmas eve meme
merry christmas eve meme

Or if you like more of a generic holiday greeting, we got you. Our funny holiday memes will work for whatever is celebrated this season.

merry christmas eve! tonight you'll find out if you made the naughty or nice list
naughty christmas eve meme

As this funny Merry Christmas meme says, any parent who celebrates knows that we are lucky to get any sleep the night before.

when someone says merry christmas eve but you know the only thing merry about it will be if you get 3 hours of sleep
funny merry christmas eve meme

Don’t forget, Jesus’ birthday tomorrow.

you know what tomorrow is - merry christmas eve!
jesus christmas eve meme

Speaking of Christmas Eve birthday, we didn’t forget about those of you who were born on December 24th.

Christmas Eve Birthday Memes

Happy Christmas Eve birthday memes to everyone, including my Father-in-Law whose parents created a baby that was born on the wrong day.

a christmas eve birthday? Ain't nobody got time for that.
christmas eve birthday meme

There is no rule that says you can’t celebrate your birthday another day. Celebrate it big!

everyone is celebrating christmas eve but its also my birthday
christmas eve birthday meme funny

You know who was born tomorrow, right? Well actually nobody really knows the date that Jesus was born. So see, you can celebrate it whenever!

psst, don't forget that tomorrow's my birthday - jesus christmas eve birthday meme
jesus christmas eve birthday meme

Sorry your parents didn’t plan your birth date better. Christmas eve birthdays are second worse to Christmas day birthdays. So I guess it could be worse, but here have a Happy Christmas eve birthday meme as a condolence gift.

happy christmas eve birthday meme - sorry that your parents didn't plan better and had you on Christmas eve.
happy christmas eve birthday meme

Don’t miss all of our funny birthday memes for bday greetings for all the people.

Christmas Eve Eve Meme

December 23 we have Christmas Eve Eve memes for you to share.

christmas eve eve meme
christmas eve eve meme

Shout out to all of my fellow Christmas procrastinator friends! Someone once told me that Christmas is a deadline. It sure is, and well, as this Christmas eve eve meme states – I’m cutting it close.

day before christmas eve meme
day before christmas eve meme

We also, Festivus memes for those Seinfeld fans!

happy christmas eve eve meme
happy christmas eve eve meme

And on December 22 meme – we celebrate Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve.

christmas eve eve eve meme
christmas eve eve eve meme

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