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December 8 Meme of the Day: Want a Christmas Gift? Best Tip to Get It!

It’s the December 8 Meme of the Day.

Today’s LOL is at social media ads and the silly influence they play in our lives. But what if we could use that power for good, or at least good for us?

December 8 Meme

Have you ever talked casually about something and then all of a sudden your social media feed is filled with ads about that thing you were just talking about? It’s happened to us all. Our December 8 meme is just about that.

yell out exactly what gift you want for christmas near your spouse or partner's phone. Now watch as the social media listen and start sending ads to his or her tiktok, facebook and instagram feeds!
december 8 meme

Try casually whispering that Christmas present that you want into your partner’s phone and see what happens. Or maybe just add it to his or her Amazon cart, you know just to help them out. How about this diamond ring, maybe?

Send a Meme Instead of a Christmas Card

We have a huge collection of Merry Christmas memes for you to share.

looking at my like i wont be seeing you this year, but have a very merry christmas
merry christmas funny meme

This year, we know that money might be tight. Sending Christmas cards will cost you a pretty penny on top of the stress of it all.

happiest christmas vacation meme clark griswold
happiest christmas vacation meme clark griswold

As these inflation memes state, 2022 is a mood when it comes to finances.

It’s Thursday

Today is a Thursday. We have an entire collection of Thursday memes for sharing.

thursday you mean friday eve
thursday december meme

For those who are a bit more optimistic with the weekend just 2 days away, share our Friday Eve memes.

17 Days Until Christmas!

There are only 17 days until Christmas. Yes, our countdown of days until Christmas is slowly (or maybe not so slow!) dwindling.

17 days until christmas meme
17 days until christmas meme

December 8 is National Blue Collar Day. Shout out to all blue collar workers who make our world go round!

Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

Ready to get the Christmas season started?

December 8 Birthday Meme

For our friends with December 8 birthday’s see our it’s my birthday memes

funny birthday meme sing happy birthday to you
its my birthday today meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

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