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December 20 Meme of the Day: New Socks and Underwear Coming Soon

It’s the December 20 Meme of the Day.

Today, December 20th is the 354th day of the year, meaning we are just 5 days until Christmas, y’all. Tonight is night 3 of Hanukkah.

December 20 Meme

Our December 20 meme of the day is dedicated to getting those essentials as Christmas gifts. Hang in there for anyone who has holy underwear, or is it holey. Socks and underwear are coming soon!

december 20 meme hang in their guys christmas is in less than a week
december 20 meme

If you are Christmas shopping and needing cheap presents for college students, buy a pack of ramen! You can get 12 for under $5 and that’s like 12 whole meals! My kids love me. Last year they got a new vacuum and this year – if I find a deal, they are getting a carpet cleaner.

best cheap christmas gift ramen
cheap christmas gift meme

Let’s not forget the essential Christmas gifts of new tooth brushes in the stocking.

Hanukkah Night 3

Happy night 3 of Hanukkah to our Jewish friends. Don’t miss our Hanukkah memes.

wishing you a pretty good hanukkah
hanukkah meme funny

Send a Meme Instead of Christmas Cards

Save your money but still send good tiding, sweet sentiments and some humor. We have a huge collection of Merry Christmas memes for you to share.

work happy holidays meme
work happy holidays meme

Or if you prefer, we also have holiday memes that are perfect for friends of any faith or those. And our December 20 meme – this is perfect for the co-worker crew. Just bad enough design to be cringe worthy!

Don’t miss these funny work memes – more funny for sharing with your work team.

It’s Tuesday

We have an entire collection of Tuesday memes for sharing.

hmm... tuesday feels a lot like monday
tuesday december meme

What would Tuesday be without TACOS? Share our Taco Tuesday memes!

taco tuesday meme
taco tuesday

Don’t Forget About the Elf

For those of you who are counting down the days for the elf to go back to the North Pole, check out our latest post. Here are 75+ last minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

move your self meme reminder funny
move the elf

And plenty of Elf on the Shelf memes, too!

5 Days Until Christmas!

Enjoy these Santa memes because Old St. Nick makes his journey in just a few nights! Only 5 days left until Christmas.

5 days until christmas meme
5 days until christmas meme

Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

Ready to get the Christmas season started?

December 20 Birthday Meme

For our friends with December 20 birthday’s see our it’s my birthday memes

december birthday meme
december birthday month meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

More Memes for December

Don’t miss all of our December memes. Celebrate with a meme for every day of the month!

december 31 meme see you next year
See your next year meme

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