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Daily Memes for December 13 – Share Whats Trending Now

Welcome to daily memes for December 13, our every day series sharing with you the trending memes for the day.

December 13 Memes

What’s going on today? Here are the trending December 13 memes. From current news events to serious and fun holidays, share the memes and learn why they are trending.

Taylor Swift Birthday

Did you know Taylor Swift’s birthday is December 13, 1989? It’s been quite the year for Taylor and the Swiftys as she continues to re-release her albums. Happy Birthday, Taylor!

december 13 taylor swift birthday meme
taylor swift birthday meme december 13

Enjoy these Taylor Swift memes.

Elon Musk

You never know what to expect from Elon Musk! Did you see earlier this week he talked about quitting Space X and Tesla to become an influencer? So why is Elon trending today? Well…

elon musk meme person of the year
Elon Musk meme image source: twitter

While he doesn’t mince words, the man is brilliant. Elon Musk, Tesla CEO is the 2021 Time Magazine’s Person of the Year.

Fantastic Beast 3 Meme

Fans of the Fantastic Beast will be excited to see the release of the Fantastic Beast 2 trailers. I mean, let’s just say Jude Law is a young Professor Dumbledore – that alone is worth checking it out.

fantastic beast 3 meme - I'm mostly interested to know what point Albus Dumbledore decided smart, grey three-piece suits were out, and embellished, jewel-coloured robes with a matching hat were in #FantasticBeasts
fantastic beast 3 meme tweet – dumbledore (twitter source: @LucyJaneWood)

As Lucy points out so observantly in her tweet: “I’m mostly interested to know what point Albus Dumbledore decided smart, grey three-piece suits were out, and embellished, jewel-coloured robes with a matching hat were in #FantasticBeasts”

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Memes About Christmas

The countdown is on, and there is only 12 days until Christmas.

december 13 christmas meme
Christmas Family Drama meme

Enjoy these Christmas memes 2022.

Child Tax Credit Meme

December’s child tax credit payment will be paid on December 15th, but why is it trending?

funny child tax credit meme 2021
child tax credit meme

If the Build Back Better plan, that expands the child tax credit isn’t extended – the December payment will be the last.

Golden Globe Nominations Meme

It was an honor to be nominated, sure they say that but you know they want that GLOBE!

golden globe nominations meme snoop dogg
golden globe nominations meme – Snoop Dogg

The 2022 Golden Globe nominations were announced today, and a guest announcer was the one and only Snoop Dogg.

See the complete list of nominations. And it’s obviously been a while since I’ve been to the movies because I have seen a total of ZERO of the movies on the list. Yikes. But YAY for Squid Games and Maid. Don’t miss our Squid Game memes.

More to Know About December 13th

Here are things to know about December 13.

  • It is 0 days until December 13 – and it’s the 347th day of the year.
  • Today is considered Green Monday. No, not about the environment, but it is about finishing all of that Christmas shopping. More about Green Monday
  • Find out if it is a Bones Day

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