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December 13 Meme of the Day: Great Christmas Reminder for Parents

It’s the December 13 Meme of the Day.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, oh wait. It’s me.

December 13 Meme

With the endless holiday activities, the mailbox filled with perfect orchestrated Christmas family photos and the list of who to buy gifts, let’s just stop and remember this. Our December 13 meme of the day, is a gentle reminder to all the parents the holiday season.

december 13 meme Please remember You are a great parent regardless of how much you spend on Christmas, how many December activities you partake in and even if you don't send out that perfect Christmas card. Don't let society make you feel less than
december 13 meme

Being a great parent is more than spending a lot at Christmas or looking like the perfect family on the Christmas card. Don’t let society make you feel less then.

This Year Send a Meme Instead of a Christmas Card

We have a huge collection of Merry Christmas memes for you to share.

merry christmas may your family drama this holiday season be less crazy than the duttons
merry christmas yellowstone meme

This year, we know that money might be tight. Sending Christmas cards will cost you a pretty penny on top of the stress of it all.

merry christmas shitters full
merry christmas friend meme

YIKES! As these inflation memes state, 2022 is a mood when it comes to finances.

Don’t Forget About the Elf

For those of you who are counting down the days for the elf to go back to the North Pole, check out our latest post. Here are 75+ last minute Elf on the Shelf Ideas!

move your self meme reminder funny
move the elf

It’s Tuesday

We have an entire collection of Tuesday memes for sharing.

hmm... tuesday feels a lot like monday
tuesday december meme

What would Tuesday be without TACOS? Share our Taco Tuesday memes!

taco tuesday meme
taco tuesday

12 Days Until Christmas!

There are only 12 days until Christmas. Did you know that the 12 days of Christmas actually begins on December 25? Now you know!

only 12 days until christmas
12 days until christmas meme

Enjoy and share the best Christmas memes for the season.

i love christmas memes
i love christmas memes

Ready to get the Christmas season started?

December 13 Birthday Meme

For our friends with December 13 birthday’s see our it’s my birthday memes

happy birthday doll face
leslie jordan birthday meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

More Memes for December

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