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December 1 Meme of the Day: Fun Start to the Holiday Month

It’s the December 1 Meme of the Day.

Let’s kick off the month of December 2024 with some holiday fun. There are only 31 days remain until the end of the year and only 24 days until Christmas.

December 1 Meme

Happy December, y’all! If you are a Christmas decorating hold-out, Thanksgiving is over and you can now officially put up your tree without feeling judged.

happy december  november 30th vs december 1st
december 1st meme

Now that the official holiday month has arrived, Our December 1 meme is for all of you who turn in to Santa

December 1st Memes

Did you see our December memes? We have a compiled all of our memes for the month in a singular location. Let’s share some December 1st memes!

there are two types of people at the beginning of december
december 1 meme funny

Don’t miss our new Grinch memes.

its december 1st it was no shave november now its dang you need to shave december
december 1st shave meme

Who else turns into Buddy the Elf come December 1?

me on december 1st
me on december 1st meme

December is here, so that means we can give everyone their Christmas gifts! Well, almost. As someone whose love language is giving presents this Christmas baby yoda meme is relatable.

when its finally december and you dont want to wait to give people their christmas gifts
december baby yoda meme

24 Days Until Christmas!

There are only 24 days until Christmas. Countdown until Santa comes is on. Don’t eat all the advent calendar chocolate!

only 24 days until christmas meme will farrell as buddy the elf
24 days until christmas meme

As these inflation memes state, the 2022 is a mood.

December 1 Holidays and Observances

Today is the 335th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. Here are significant holidays and events for today, December 1st:

  • World AIDS Day
  • Commemoration Day
  • Rosa Parks Day
  • National Women Support Women Day – GIRL POWER.
  • Day Without Art Day (this sounds very sad and uncreative, dislike.)
  • Eat a Red Apple Day
  • National Christmas Lights Day
  • National Cookie Cutter Day
  • National Peppermint Bark Day – here is a link to my favorite

This week marks Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness week.

With it being the start of the month, here are December observations:

  • Month of Gifting
  • National Cat Lovers’ Month
  • National Tie Month
  • National Volunteers Month

December 1 Birthday Meme

For our friends with December 1 birthday’s see our it’s my birthday memes

happy birthday people born in december are the best (literally)
jesus birthday meme

Wish a friend who has a bday today a great day with our Happy Birthday Memes!

More Memes for December

Don’t miss all of our November memes.

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