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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity that intertwines with every aspect of our lives, especially for families striving to balance the demands of modern living.

Our Technology Blog is dedicated to uncovering the latest tech trends and innovations that cater specifically to moms and families. From smart home devices that streamline household tasks to educational apps that support children’s learning, screen time and more – we explore a wide range of technology solutions designed to simplify life and amplify joy.

Join Digital Mom Blog as we delve into the world of family-friendly technology, offering insights and recommendations that keep you ahead of the curve in this digital age.

best alarm clocks for toddlers

Best Toddler Alarm Clocks in 2024

Explore our annual list of the best toddler alarm clocks, designed to help your little one establish a healthy sleep schedule. Featuring user-friendly functionality and engaging designs.
bluetooth speaker with microphone conference call

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone for Conference Calls

Looking for the best Bluetooth speaker with microphone for conference calls? Our top 10 list includes options from top brands like Bose, JBL, and Anker. From portable and waterproof speakers to those with long battery life and voice control capabilities, we've got you covered. Find the perfect speaker for your conference call needs and enjoy clear, natural-sounding sound quality.
funny alexa memes

20 Hilarious Alexa Memes About the Popular Amazon Personality

Alexa Memes - we are sharing the memes about Amazon's Alexa digital assistant. Perfect for anyone who loves or fears Jeff Bezos digital assistant.
bitcoin explained

What is Bitcoin? Wild Ride of the Original Cryptocurrency 2014

What is Bitcoin? Welcome to Bitcoin 101 - learn everything you want to know about this new form of currency, its worth and more.
apple camp 2022

Apple Camp – Everything You Want To Know About Apple’s Free Camp For Kids

Did you know Apple offers a free camp for kids during the summer? Learn everything you could want to know about Apple Camp and kids hour.
best tech gifts for teen girls

Tech for Teen Girls – Gift Ideas for What to Buy a Teen Girl

If you are looking for the best tech gifts for teen girls, look no further. Check out the ultimate teen girl gift guide - chockfull of fun gift ideas!
wordle word game

Ultimate Wordle Game Guide – 7 Things to Know Plays & Cheats

Everything you NEED to know about the Wordle game everyone is talking about! Learn why this new word puzzle game is trending, where to find, how to play & more!
best kids tablets

Best of 2024: Kids Tablets That Parents Love

Explore our curated list of the best kids' tablets for 2024, featuring devices that blend learning with fun to support your child's educational journey.
ray-ban stories overheating

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Overheating – 3 Things to Do Now

Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Overheating - after receiving a notification of glasses need to cool - here is what I learned about using the new Ray-Ban Stories.
rayban stories review

Ray-Ban Stories Review – The Smart Glasses You Didn’t Know You Wanted

Ray-Ban Stories Review - learn price, specs, styles and more about the new Facebook x Ray-Ban smart frames. Also a honest opinion on if they are worth the money

10 Fascinating Fortnite Stats 2024 Edition – Learn How Many People Are Playing and More!

Fortnite Stats - updated for 2021! From how many people are playing Fortnite to how much money Epic Games is making. Fascinating stats for Fortnite play.
alarm clocks kids

Awesome Kid Alarm Clocks – Help Wake Your Kids Up

Best Kid Alarm Clocks - Help your kids establish a morning schedule with an alarm clock for kids that helps them wake up on their own and get the day started.
best kids ipad cases

Best iPad Cases for Kids

Check out our picks for best iPad cases for kids. Read real life recommendations for the best ipad case from a mom of 4 kids.
what happened to parler app cancelled

What Happened to Parler App – 7 Things to Know – Timeline of Events

Wondering what happened to Parler app? Here are 7 things to know about what happened to the right wing Twitter alternative when it will return, who and the why.
teens social media 2020

Social Media and Teens – 5 Teenage Trends Parents Should Know About in 2021

Social Media and Teens - We are sharing what parents need to know in 2021 about apps, technology and what their teenagers are doing on social media. Must read!
teen drivers ed online classes and courses

Aceable Drivers Ed Online – Easiest Way To Complete Drivers Education

Getting your license now a days is easier, cheaper and done online! Learn about taking drivers ed online to easily get a drivers license.
nintendo switch or switch lite

Nintendo Comparison: Switch vs Switch Lite

Trying to decide between the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite consoles? Here is a comparison - see whats the same and whats different before you buy!
your facebook data

Quitting FB? Learn How to Download Your Facebook Data

Read this before you quit Facebook! Learn how to easily download your Facebook data - save those FB photos and videos, we will show you how!
mewe social network illustration of connected people

5 Interesting Things You Must Know About Mewe Social Network

The MeWe social network is touted as the facebook alternative, but is it? Here are 5 things you need to know about MeWe before you join.
kids screen time in 2020

Screen Time for Kids 2020 Positive Change in Rules & Perspective

We are getting real about screen time for kids 2020. Things have changed, and so has how we parent. This is the post where a ... Read more
a pair of scissor cutting a cord.

5 Things To Know Before You Cut the Cord on Cable TV

Get rid of cable tv and save money. Before you cancel your cable service, learn helpful things you need to know before you cut the cord on cable television.
apps teen uses 2020

Teens Apps – What Apps Are On Your Teenager’s Phone

What apps are teens using in 2020? We are talking teen apps and teenagers and social media. And just like that, I am the mother ... Read more
best photoediting app

Snapseed App – Best Photo Editing App

Snapseed is my go-to photo editing app. It’s super easy to use, allowing quick and easy photo edits. My initial Snapseed app review was for ... Read more
ipad cases for executives

5 Executive iPad Cases That Wow

Today we are sharing our favorite executive iPad cases, covers and portfolios for the business professional. In my 20’s my work in corporate America took ... Read more
science kits for kids

25 Fun Science Kits for Kids That Love STEM

Embark on an adventure of scientific exploration with the captivating world of science kits for kids! These engaging kits offer more than just entertainment—they inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and a lifelong love of learning.
tech gifts for boys

Best Tech Gifts for Boys

Discover the ultimate tech gifts for boys in 2024. From the latest gadgets to educational toys, find the perfect present for every tech-savvy kid
best enneagram podcasts

5 Best Enneagram Podcasts for Deep Divers and Curious Minds

Discover the best enneagram podcasts that delve into personality insights, growth, and deep connections. Transform your understanding today!
dash rapid egg maker review

Dash Egg Cooker Review – Easiest Way for Kids to Cook Eggs

While this Dash Egg Cooker review was initially just to find out if its easier to make eggs with, I found a whole other reason ... Read more
Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Tech Mom

5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Technology Love Mom

Mother’s day gift ideas for the tech mom – aka a hint to my husband on what he should buy his wife.  She did birth ... Read more
digital photo frame review

Nixplay Review – Smart Digital Photo Frame

Nixplay review of the new Nix Digital Photo Frame, Seed! Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner and if you are looking ... Read more
bible alexa skill

Can Alexa Read the Bible?

Learn how to have your Amazon Echo device have Alexa read you the bible with this simple guide.
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