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In today’s fast-paced world, technology is not just a luxury; it’s a necessity that intertwines with every aspect of our lives, especially for families striving to balance the demands of modern living.

Our Technology Blog is dedicated to uncovering the latest tech trends and innovations that cater specifically to moms and families. From smart home devices that streamline household tasks to educational apps that support children’s learning, screen time and more – we explore a wide range of technology solutions designed to simplify life and amplify joy.

Join Digital Mom Blog as we delve into the world of family-friendly technology, offering insights and recommendations that keep you ahead of the curve in this digital age.

Teens Sexting

7 Things You Need to Know About Teen Sexting

Teen sexting is something you hear about time and time again. Photos leak of nude teens, lives and reputations are ruined. (Note: you don’t have ... Read more
Instant Pot Best Kitchen Technology

5 Reasons Why The Instant Pot is the Best Kitchen Technology Gadget Ever

From fast meals, to set and forget - read 5 reasons why you will love the Instant Pot and may even say good bye to your Crock Pot - no seriously!
samsung hub refrigerator

Samsung Hub Review: 4 Door Smart Fridge

Samsung Hub Smart Refrigerator review - make the kitchen the center of your home and up your smart home game with the Samsung Hub smart wi-fi enable refrigerator.
meural digital canvas

Meural – The Digital Canvas That’s a Room Changer!

Meet Meural – a digital canvas that will blow your mind. No seriously. One of the first things that you see when you walk into ... Read more
kids playing roblox game

Is ROBLOX Safe for Kids? 5 Game Safety Tips for Parents

Is ROBLOX Safe for my kids? There are numerous reports of sexual predators on Roblox circling the internet - is this game safe for kids to play?
logi circle camera review

LOGITECH Circle Review – The Tech Device All Parents Need

Learn about the Logitech Circle camera and why this is a must-have for parents who have kids who stay home alone.
no screen day no electronics kids

No Screen Day for Kids: 1 Day a Week With Zero Screen-Time

Create a No Screen Day for Kids - What would happen if one day, your kids didn't have screens? Create a day where there is no phones, tvs, ipads or computers.
minecraft gift ideas

10 Must-Have Minecraft Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Gamer

Explore top Minecraft gift ideas that are sure to delight any fan of the game. From personalized accessories to themed room decor, find the ideal present.
what is snapchat app

Snapchat Spectacles – Snap Connected Sunglasses for the Snap Obssessed

Snapchat Spectacles – you know Snapchat glasses that let you see the world like a snap. Sure it sounds like a good publicity joke, right? ... Read more

YouTube VR App is Making Virtual Reality Mainstream

YouTube is taking virtual reality main stream with the new Daydream View and YouTube VR app. Get ready to have your mind blown with immersive 360 video.

5 Reasons Parents Will LOVE The New nabi SE Tablet

Introducing the nabi SE tablet for kids…. On a quest to find a kid tablet for your kid this Christmas? Mattel recently sent us their ... Read more

The BEST Digital Picture Frame EVER – Aura Digital Photo Frame

Just released, the Aura digital photo frame. It’s beautiful, features an amazing picture quality and is the perfect fancy gift for the tech lover in ... Read more
social media

WD My Cloud – Access Your Files Anywhere

Save your files to your own personal cloud storage system. Digital Mom is reviewing the WD My Cloud.
panda pop game review

Bubble Shooter Panda Pop Review – 3 Cool Things to Know

Bubble Popper Panda Pop Review - here is what you need to know about this addictive bubble popping game app and more.
stem toys for kids

5 STEM Toys to Help Build Foundation for Future Innovators

Unleash the power of STEM toys, where learning seamlessly intertwines with play, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a passion for discovery in children.
alienware alpha r2 Review

Alienware Alpha R2 Unboxing

Digital Mom Blog gives you a sneak of the Alienware Alpha R2 unboxing. Check out what the machine looks like as well as a new Dell 27 inch monitor.
Finding Dory App

Finding Dory App Review

Just released, the Finding Dory app. I sat down with my 4-year-old, Zeke tonight and let him have my iPhone. “Choose an app and we ... Read more
replace iphone battery for cheap

How To Replace Your iPhone Battery For Cheap

Replace your iPhone battery for cheap! Rather than taking your iPhone to Apple - we are sharing our more affordable option for replacing an iPhone battery.
outdoor tv patio tips

5 Helpful Outdoor TV Ideas for Patios and Gazebos

Here are 5 helpful things to know before you buy an outdoor tv. We are sharing patio tv ideas, learn about gazebo tv mounts, what the buy and how to install.

FAVE: USB Charger Power Strip

Today’s Friday Fave is this USB charger power strip. Yes, I know – it doesn’t sound all that exciting but let me explain. Too Many ... Read more

What You Need to Know About Kiddle – The Kid Friendly Search Engine

Kiddle – the kid friendly search engine made it’s way around the Facebook mommy groups this past week. I love the idea of a kid-friendly ... Read more
what is minecraft

What is Minecraft? Stats and Facts

Minecraft explained. Learn what is Minecraft, who is playing it and how old kids should be to play Minecraft. We got the deets from digital mom!
macbook pro cover cute

15 Cute Macbook Pro Cases to Stylishly Protect Your Mac

Favorite Cute Macbook Pro Cases - find your next macbook case! These cute Apple Macbook Pro cases not only are stylish, they will also help you keep it safe!
kids safe online

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Discover the key strategies for keeping kids safe online. Our guide offers practical advice and actionable tips to help parents and guardians navigate the challenges of digital safety, ensuring a protected environment for children on the internet.
fitbit charge review

Fitbit Charge Review: Unveiling the Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Discover the ultimate fitness companion! Read our in-depth Fitbit Charge review to uncover the features, performance, and style of this popular fitness tracker. Find out if it's the perfect fitness gadget for your active lifestyle.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender – Extend Your WiFi!

Get rid of dead wifi spots with a Netgear WIFI range extender. Several months ago, we moved to the country, bought a fixer upper and ... Read more
7 minute workout apps

Best 7 Minute Workout Apps for iOS

Check out the best 7 minute workout apps. Get in your daily workout in under 10 minutes via your smart phone.
drobo review

Drobo Review: Ultimate Computer Storage Backup System

We are reviewing the Drobo file storage system. Never lose a photo again with this NAS file storage system.
hulu no commercials

HULU With No Commercials – It’s Worth The Upgrade!

Is Hulu with no commercials worth the upgrade? We think so! Here's why we are loving this streaming service now that we finally cut the cord, and ditched cable.
Amount of Screen Times

How Much Screen Time Should My Kid Have?

Wondering how much screen time your child should have? This digital mom sounds off on what she allows and doesn't allow with her 4 kids. 

Science Podcasts for Kids

I get emails all day everyday – to be honest, mostly from companies wanting me to promote (for free) things like toothpaste, baby food, toddler ... Read more

Meet Arlo – The Easy Setup Video Surveillance System

So here’s the deal. We moved to the country, we now have a few acres and something we’ve wanted to do is find a way ... Read more
tech moderation

For the Love of Tech: Tech Moderation & Kids

I love my tech. I love that my kids love tech. I work in tech. My husband works in tech. The kids do the majority ... Read more
best lead to read apps for toddlers

5 Best Learn to Read Apps for Toddlers

We are sharing the best Learn to Read apps for toddlers. Help your kids get a head start on reading with these valuable education apps, engaging and fun!
iphone for kids

iPhone for Kids: 5 Good Reasons To Pick Apple vs Android

Why we chose the iPhone for kids when it came time to buy them a phone. An Apple iPhone vs Android comparison when its time to buy your kid a phone.

Touchjet Pond Projector – The Coolest Projector Ever

We get to review some pretty nifty tech stuff here at Digital Mom Blog, but this takes the cake. Let me introduce you to the ... Read more