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Best Enneagram Podcasts

Enneagram Podcasts for Learning More About Types

We posted about the best Enneagram Instagram accounts to follow and you guys are still loving this content so thought I’d bring you another thing. Yes, another Enneagram related topic and if you are an Enneagram obsessed Podcast junkie like myself – and yes, I did also proclaim to be an Enneagram obsessed Instagram junkie as well –  then this post is for you.

Learning while listening – I always have to have some background noise on to keep my mind going because hello ADHD. Also, can you guess my type? Hahaha – anyways, maybe you have no idea what we are talking about in regards to the Enneagram. 

Enneagram Basics

If you are clueless or maybe you are looking to learn more about the Enneagram, we’ve got you! Check out our complete Enneagram guide to help get you started on learning all about this personality test and why people (like me)  are so obsessed with it. 

enneagram podcasts

Alright, now that we have got all of that covered, on to the podcasts!

Best Enneagram Podcasts

Get ready to get your listen on! We are sharing the best Enneagram podcasts. If I am on the go, I typically use the Podcast app over the Apple Podcast app because Apple's podcast app tends to crash on me!

If I am listening to podcasts while working, I either play them thru Alexa (yes, Alexa will play podcasts!) or thru my computer.

We are sharing both podcasts dedicated to the Enneagram and episodes from podcasts where they talk about the Enneagram.

Alright, Enneagram fans, here they are. Tune in and subscribe to these podcasts about the Enneagram.

Read or Listen?

So your thoughts? Are you digging any Enneagram podcasts that we should know about? Do you learn from podcasts or are you more of a reader type? If you prefer reading and want to learn more, check out our list of Enneagram books