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5 Best Enneagram Podcasts for Deep Divers and Curious Minds

Kicking things off with a shoutout to all my fellow Enneagram enthusiasts, I’m thrilled to dive into another topic that’s sure to tickle your fancy—the best Enneagram podcasts out there.

If you’re anything like me, oscillating between proclaiming yourself an Enneagram podcast junkie and an Instagram devotee, then you’re in the right place.

best enneagram podcasts

The joy of learning with a side of background noise—ah, the sweet symphony for those of us dancing through life with ADHD. And just for fun, try to guess my Enneagram type from this little confession! But wait, are some of you still scratching your heads wondering, “What’s an Enneagram, anyway?”

Enneagram Basics

Fear not, whether you’re a newbie to this fascinating world or just thirsty for more knowledge, we’ve got your back. Dive into our ultimate Enneagram guide to kick-start your adventure into understanding this captivating personality framework. Discover why folks like me find it utterly irresistible.

enneagram memes funny

Now, let’s crank up the volume on our Enneagram exploration. We’re unveiling the crème de la crème of Enneagram podcasts. Whether I’m out and about (opting for the Podcast app due to my ongoing tiffs with Apple Podcast’s tendency to crash) or settling in for a work session accompanied by the dulcet tones of Alexa (yes, she’s quite the podcast connoisseur) or my trusty computer, these podcasts are my go-to.

Best Podcasts About the Enneagram

Enneagram enthusiasts, without further ado, here’s your playlist. Hit subscribe, tune in, and let these podcasts on the Enneagram guide you through a journey of self-discovery, understanding, and maybe even a bit of type-guessing fun.


Dive headfirst into the fascinating world of self-discovery with Typology, the podcast that’s like a compass for navigating the complexities of the human personality.

enneagram podcast typology

Ever pondered the big questions—Who am I? Why do I do the things I do? How can I be the truest, most authentic version of myself? Well, you’re in luck!

Typology is here to shed light on these mysteries through the lens of the Enneagram, a tool that’s not just about labeling your personality but unlocking the pathways to personal growth.

At the helm of this journey is Ian Morgan Cron, a master storyteller, counselor, author of The Road Back to You and Enneagram expert, whose warmth and wisdom make diving into the depths of your personality feel like a chat with an old friend.

Each episode of “Typology” is a treasure trove of insights, featuring conversations with an eclectic mix of guests—from the leading lights of Enneagram knowledge to innovators in psychology, spirituality, art, business, and science.

These are folks who are on the front lines of self-improvement, transforming their insights into action, and they’re here to share their secrets with you.

Listen to the Enneagram Podcast: Typology

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Enneagram and Coffee Podcast

Grab your favorite mug and fill it to the brim with your go-to brew because “Enneagram & Coffee” is about to become your new daily ritual.

enneagram and coffee podcast

Hosted by the insightful and charismatic Sarajane Case, author of the beloved self-help treasures “The Honest Enneagram” and “The Enneagram Letters,” this podcast is like sitting down for a heart-to-heart with a good friend who just so happens to know a ton about the Enneagram, self-love, personal growth, and unleashing your creative spirit.

Imagine kicking off each day with a conversation that’s as invigorating as your morning coffee, where every sip brings you closer to understanding the intricacies of your personality.

Sarajane blends the wisdom of the Enneagram with practical advice on embracing self-love and pursuing personal growth, all while sparking that creative fire within you. It’s a daily dose of inspiration, self-discovery, and, of course, a little bit of caffeine-fueled fun.

Listen to the Enneagram Podcast: Enneagram and Coffee

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For the Love of the Enneagram

Buckle up, Enneagram enthusiasts, and get ready for a deep dive into the heart of your personality with the “For the Love of the Enneagram” podcast, hosted by the ever-insightful Jen Hatmaker. This 10-part series is like your favorite coffee date—warm, inviting, and bound to leave you with a few epiphanies about yourself.

for the love of the enneagram podcast

Jen kicks things off with a bang, featuring Enneagram guru Suzanne Stabile, to unravel the mystique of the Enneagram, setting the stage for what’s about to be an unforgettable journey into self-discovery.

But that’s just the appetizer. In the episodes that follow, Jen invites a special guest to explore each of the nine Enneagram types in depth.

It’s like having a backstage pass to the inner workings of each personality, offering a kaleidoscope of perspectives that illuminate the unique paths to growth, challenges, and joys that each type experiences.

Whether you’re a seasoned Enneagram pro or just curious about what makes each type tick, this series promises to enrich your understanding and appreciation of the diverse tapestry of human nature.

“For the Love of the Enneagram” isn’t just a podcast; it’s a journey of exploration, understanding, and love for the complexities that make us who we are.

Jen Hatmaker, with her trademark warmth and wisdom, ensures that each episode feels like a conversation with a friend—one who’s just as passionate about personal growth and self-love as you are.

So, whether you’re looking to deepen your knowledge of your own type, gain insights into the people in your life, or simply indulge in some quality Enneagram content, this podcast is your go-to destination. Tune in, discover, and fall in love with the Enneagram all over again.

Listen to the Enneagram Podcast: For the Love of the Enneagram

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‎The Liturgists Podcast: The Enneagram

Strap in, Enneagram aficionados and music lovers alike, because Episode 37 of the Liturgists Podcast is about to take you on a melodious journey into the heart of the Enneagram, all with the help of Michael Gungor, one-half of the dynamic duo behind the podcast and, of course, a longtime fan favorite from the band Gungor.

the liturgists podcast enneagram episode

This episode isn’t just another Enneagram discussion; it’s a symphony of deep dives, personal reflections, and enlightening discoveries, all set to the rhythm of Michael’s journey with this ancient personality system.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Gungor fan, a devoted Liturgists listener, or someone simply intrigued by the Enneagram’s power to transform and inspire, Episode 37 is your ticket to a fascinating listen.

Prepare to be captivated by the tales, tunes, and truths uncovered in this special episode, where the world of music meets the world of self-discovery, all through the lens of the Enneagram.

Tune in, get cozy, and let the harmonies of understanding and personal growth fill your ears and your soul.

Listen to the Enneagram Podcast: The Enneagram

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Productivity by the Enneagram

Ever feel like you’re your own biggest roadblock on the path to productivity? Join the club!

Leaders everywhere are nodding in agreement, caught in a cycle of perfectionism, people-pleasing, or conflict avoidance, all singing the same tune of frustration and self-sabotage. But hold up—there’s light at the end of this productivity tunnel, and it’s shining bright with the wisdom of Michael Hyatt’s two-part series on boosting productivity through the Enneagram.

productivity by enneagram type podcast

In the spotlight for the first episode is none other than Enneagram guru Ian Morgan Cron, author of “The Road Back to You.”

Picture this: you, Ian, and Michael, all diving deep into the heart of what makes you tick, uncovering the secret sauce to turning your Enneagram type from a productivity pitfall into your greatest asset. It’s like having a personal productivity coach who truly gets you, offering tailor-made advice that speaks directly to your unique mix of motivations and stressors.

Ian doesn’t just skim the surface; he provides a masterclass on each Enneagram type’s core characteristics and how they intertwine with your work life—for better or worse. And the cherry on top? You’ll walk away with actionable tips to amplify your strengths and dial down those pesky weaknesses. Imagine maximizing your productivity by embracing the very qualities that make you, well, you!

So, if you’re ready to break free from the chains of counterproductive habits and soar to new heights of efficiency, Michael Hyatt’s series is your golden ticket.

Say goodbye to that nagging regret of being ensnared by your own foibles. By the time the credits roll on these episodes, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to work with yourself, not against, based on your unique personality blueprint. Tune in, take notes, and transform your productivity game forever!

Listen to the Enneagram Podcast: Productivity by the Enneagram

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Listen to part 2 of the Productivity by Enneagram podcast.

More Enneagram Resources

Learn more about your type and others with our resources, including these hilarious Enneagram memes and images.

kristen wiig asking whats the enneagram?

The best place to start on your journey is learning about the Enneagram test. There are a total of 9 Enneagram types, click below to learn more about each personality type.

Read or Listen?

So your thoughts? Are you digging any Enneagram podcasts that we should know about? Do you learn from podcasts or are you more of a reader type? If you prefer reading and want to learn more, check out our list of Enneagram books

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