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An Easy Way to Teach Keyboard Shortcuts

Teaching Keyboard Shortcuts – help your littles learn quick ways to do basic computer functions on the keyboard. Help save time with this visual shortcuts reminder.

This post was originally written 10 years ago in 2011! Let’s update this with a great pdf that serves as a visual teacher.

Here we are, a year into virtual school. One of my favorite sayings is work smarter not harder. While that’s easy for me to understand with productivity and efficiency, teaching my kids this has been a struggle.

Keyboard Shortcuts Visual

Simple things like keyboard shortcuts are buried in our brains and memory but we forget, this is something that our kids have to be taught and learn. Use this simple keyboard shortcuts visual to help.

visual keyboard shortcuts printable
Teach keyboard shortcuts with this free printable pdf

Print out this illustration for your kids and parents! These visual keyboard shortcuts will serve as a reminder and help teach your little ones (and old ones) how to simplify their computer time.

Common Shortcuts

Here are the most frequent keyboard short cuts to teach your kids.

Copy Shortcut

While I wish this was included, make sure to teach your kids how to copy text, images, etc.

CTRL + C = Copy

Paste Shortcut

Once you copy, it’s now time to paste.

CTRL + V = Paste

Cut Shortcut

Similar to cutting, but by cutting – it (temporarily until pasted) your text or image.

CTRL + X = Cut

Delete a File Shortcut

When using files, this is a quick way to delete a file.

Shift + Delete =   Deletes a file

New Shortcut

Creating a new file, document, etc – use this simple keyboard hack with ctrl N.

CTRL + N = New

Undo Shortcut

The power of undo! Please teach your child how to “undo” as a great productivity hack.

CTRL + Z = Undo

Bold Shortcut

Make it bold with a control B!

CTRL + B = Bold

Free Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

Print this visual reminder for teaching keyboard shortcut with this free printable PDF. This makes a great visual. Keep this visual on your monitor to help your kids remember what keys to use to do what shortcut function.

Here is a complete list of both PC and Mac shortcuts from wikipedia.

Hello Pinterest Addicts! Teaching shortcuts was originally posted in 2011, inspired by a Pinterest Pin. Pinterest Daily Re-Pin was a daily series of something fabulous found on Pinterest. 

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