Nixplay Review – Smart Digital Photo Frame


Nixplay review of the new Nix Digital Photo Frame, Seed!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner and if you are looking for a gift for that special mom or dad (or grandparent) in your life – I have a fantastic gift idea for you! We have a Nixplay review for you of a gift that is sure to delight!

Seed Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

Introducing the Seed Nixplay Digital Photo Frame. Our friends at Nixplay sent us a this digital frame to review. Let’s just say part of the setup process including naming your photo frame – I named mine FANCY. I’ve got a Nixplay video review and all the details on this great gift idea – so let’s get to it!


Nixplay Review

The Seed digital photo frame comes in 3 sizes. We were sent the 13 inch frame and WOW – it is definitely worth the upgrade. To give you an idea, here is the frame next to a piece of 8.5×11 paper.

The picture is vivid and the size stands out! My Seed’s permanent home will most likely end up on a shelf in the kitchen near our eating area. When we gather around the table, I always like being reminded of loved ones and good times.

Frame Setup

Setup of the Seed frame was super easy.

Adding Photos

Adding photos to the frame is done either on the Nixplay app or on When using the website, you can import photos from your favorite social channels like Instagram and Facebook!

Send and Receive Photos

If your friends or have Nix digital photo frames, they can send photos to your frame (and you can send to them, as well!)

Email Photos

Also, you have the option to email photos to your Nix account. You can find the email in your account dashboard on

nixplay digital frame

Create Photo Playlists

Make sure that you create playlists, I’ll go into the why in a second but let’s just say it makes the entire experience all the better.

If you are a Google Photos user like myself, then you will totally appreciate this features on the Seed frame. You can easily sync your Google Photos to your frame!

Alexa Digital Photo Frame

One of the coolest features of the Nixplay Seed is that you can control what playlists you see with Alexa! It’s super simple, just enable the Alexa skill and say “Alexa, tell my frame to play ______ playlist.” This is why I mentioned that setting up playlists is so important!

digital photo frame review

Where to Buy

The Nixplay Seed Digital Frame is available in 3 sizes. The Nixplay Seed makes a fabulous gift! Here are the sizes and price points the digital frame comes in:

8 Inch Seed Frame

There you have it. I hope this Nixplay Seed review has been helpful!

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