Best Toddler Alarm Clocks 2020 Edition – Perfect for Sleep Training!

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In order to keep you up-to-date with the best toddler alarm clocks, we update this post regularly. Here are our 2020 favorite clocks for kids!

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Best 2020 Toddler Alarm Clocks

We have 4 kids and I am happy to report, somehow we managed to survive the toddler years! When our third child became a toddler – we discovered the miracle of toddler alarm clocks.

I first shared about our love of alarm clocks for toddlers in 2012. Each year we hear from so many parents on how our review of kid clocks is helping their littles one stay in bed. We love hearing from you guys and are happy to update this for 2020!

Help Keep Kids in Bed with a Sleep Trainer Clock

Using a clock for toddlers made such a huge difference, why hadn’t I not known about these! As a working mom, I can’t stress enough the importance of good sleep and a great morning routine. Self care is so important for us moms and these clocks can help.

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Here are our picks for Best Toddler Alarm Clock in 2020. Keep reading to get the full run down on info about each specific kids alarm clock.

Digital Mom Top Picks for 2020

So which is the best toddler alarm clocks? Here are our picks for Best Toddler Alarm Clock in 2020. Each parent has different needs, wants and budgets. Because of this, in 2020 we chose 4 categories to sort our top picks, but keep reading as we deep dive into 10 different toddler clocks, their features, reviews and more!

Best Toddler Light Up Alarm ClockLittle Hippo Mella Ready to Rise on Amazon 
The Little Hippo toddler alarm clock wins our pick for best toddler light up clock because not only is it cute – it uses facial expressions and color to cue your kids on when it’s time to wake up. This toddler clock also features sleep sounds!
 Best Sleep Training Clock – Overall ValueOkay to Wake Clock on Amazon
An oldie but a goodie in regards to sleep training clocks is the toddler Okay to Wake alarm. Affordable, simple to use and helps with sleep training.
Best Long-Term Alarm Clock for ToddlersAmazon Echo Dot Kids Edition
Featuring a 2-year warranty and comes with a 1-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited featuring access to kid content.
Favorite NEW Clock for ToddlersVobot Bunny on Amazon
The new Vobot Bunny clock is not only cute, it has an Alexa smart speaker built-in and can be controlled by an app! Multiple sleep training features make this a great option for tots and young kids.

Toddler Alarm Clocks

Here are the best toddler alarm clocks. We have used both personal reviews and recommendations from friends, as well as Amazon to determine best ratings.

Toddlers, Technology and Wake Up Clocks

Let's look at how technology and toddler alarm clocks have merged with these next few options for kids wake up clocks.

More Toddler Sleep Clocks

Here are a few more toddler sleep clocks that have been popular in year's past and are well reviewed.

Sleep Training Technology for Toddlers 

Technology has now invaded the toddler space (and baby space!) The Hatch Baby, Amazon Echo and Urban Hello REMI are good examples of how smart home devices are being designed to help your baby and toddler sleep.  If you are interested in tech and using it for parenting, these are great examples of products that do that.

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Alarm Clock Sleep is Real!

One of the hardest parenting challenges was when I had to get the kids to child care and we had a strict morning routine. After finding a kid-friendly alarm clock, we were able to help teach the kids when to sleep and when to get up with the clocks. Alarm clock sleep worked amazing for us in helping create a productive and efficient morning routine. As a working mom, every minute was critical – this simple purchase and element to our mornings was a game changer.

These sleep clocks to help your kid with sleep training and making your toddler clock schedule work.

Favorite Clock for Toddlers

Which of these toddler alarm clocks is your favorite? What tips for toddler sleep do you have for other parents?  Leave your tip and favorite in the comments!

Help teach your toddler how long to stay in bed when it is okay to get out of bed and some toddler alarm clocks even have a timeout time! These toddler alarm clocks serve multiple functions and are essential during these trying years. Find one that will be the perfect addition to your kid’s room.

Something to note. If you need a baby gift for a baby shower, or birthday gift for a toddler – give the gift of sanity, consider one of the above clocks for kids. The kids will love it and even more so, the well rested parents!

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Alarm Clocks

We hear you, and have answers to your most frequently asked questions about Toddler Alarm Clocks. Let’s get into these and answer some of your FAQs.

Do toddler alarm clocks work?

YES! Toddler alarms work great. We have successfully used with 2 out of 4 of our kids. Our first 2 children, we would have used but it was early internet days and we had no idea a toddler wake up clock existed!

Where to buy toddler alarm clock?

We are Amazon people and buy everything but groceries on Amazon. So just use a link above to buy one of the clocks.

What is the best alarm clock app?

For adults, I would use the alarm clock app that comes with your phone. If you are looking for a toddler alarm clock app – check out the Hatch clocks listed above. You will want more than just an app to help keep your child in bed.

When should I start using a toddler alarm clock?

As you sleep train your toddler and transition him or her from the crib to a big boy bed (or big girl bed), it’s time to introduce the alarm clock. We are big believers in each child will have their own way of learning and with that, you have to adapt how you parent each kid.

Transitioning your toddler from a crib to a bed? Check out these toddler bed ideas.

Last updated: 1/16/2020 featuring the best-rated alarms for toddlers in 2020.  This post was originally created in 2012. Each year we revise this post to include the most relevant and up-to-date products to help you in your search for the perfect kid’s clock.