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5 Executive iPad Cases That Wow

Today we are sharing our favorite executive iPad cases, covers and portfolios for the business professional.

In my 20’s my work in corporate America took a major shift when the older executives began focusing on how to bring the company into the internet era. Young and green – but one I think I was an early adopter for was the internet.

executive ipad cases

Look Professional in Meetings

I went from being a 20-something web designer creating websites to Director position. One moment I was in a cubicle, cranking out banner ads and email newsletters – before I knew it I was sitting at the boardroom of one of the largest book publishers in the nation, helping create the direction of e-commerce, online content strategy and digital marketing.

Sitting around a board table with high power executives, is intimidating. My business casual wardrobe became business professional and the backpack for my laptop became a professional leather messenger bag.

I quickly learned at work, to play the game, you have to look the part. This especially applies when you have the age factor against you.

Interestingly, while I was one of the only ones around the table with an iPad – it was apparent I could no longer use a Hello Kitty iPad case (yes, it exists and it’s totally cute) and be taken seriously.

Executive iPad Cases

If you are in the market for an executive iPad case - we're here to help. Here is a round up our top picks for executive iPad cases that meet the following criteria. I want a stylish iPad case that will protect my iPad. This working mom has 4 kids, so it needs to be an affordable iPad case as well. I want fancy without costing a fortune!

Am I asking for too much in an executive iPad case? Apparently not!

We are featuring protective cases and ipad folios for the latest iPad, iPad Pro and Apple iPad Air. Check the product links for specifics to make sure that your iPad will fit the case!

This post on executive iPad cases originally went live on February 9, 2012. Talk about change! We have seen a massive movement in the Apple iPad space. In 2012, your options for iPads were minimal – because that was all that was on the market. Now choosing an iPad means deciding between numerous models!

Advice for Young Executives

Here is a slice of advice for young executives. I am very much a person who embraces the mess that I am. That said, there is a time and place for everything. A business meeting with new clients, work meetings, employees, executives, management, etc – come to the table with you A-game.

People judge. Even if you don’t have your life together, in a business meeting – it’s best to fake it until you make it. To do this, it’s best to look the part like you did prepare and are professional!

Now outside of work, that’s a whole different story. You do you, own your individualism and don’t let the haters stomp on your parade.

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