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Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

I don’t know about you – but since school has started back, I feel like a hamster on a wheel. It’s a continuous run, most days I feel like I am getting no where – but the kids are obviously growing up, so guess I am doing something right!

Being on carpool duty, means this mom is working wherever possible. While I love working from my desktop – several times a week, it’s in the car or at Starbucks. At least at Starbucks, I can caffeinate and don’t look like the weirdo talking to herself in the car.

I do a ton of writing and designing. To effectively work on my Macbook – I really need a keyboard and mouse to work my best. Last week, our friends at Logitech sent over their Logitech MK470 wireless keyboard and mouse combo to review. This set has been a game changer!

Logitech MK470 Review

Make sure to watch out Logitech MK 470 Keyboard and Mouse Review video to get all the deets. I’ll keep this short and sweet, but all the info need to know before you buy!

LOGITECH MK470 keyboard & mouse REVIEW

Let’s look at the highlight reel of the Logitech MK470 Review:

Logitech Keyboard and Mouse Combo Set

The MK470 is a combo set that includes both the slim keyboard and mouse. That’s right, you don’t have to choose if you like the mouse or keyboard, you get both!

Slim Profile

If you are looking fro a slim keyboard and slim mouse, this is your combo!

Awesome Battery Life

The Logitech MK470 keyboard has a 36-month battery life. Batteries are included for both keyboard and mouse. And the Logitech MK470 mouse has a battery life of 18-months!

Quiet Keyboard

You won’t sound like the crazy mad person at Starbucks as you are banging on your keyboard if you are using the Logitech MK470 keyboard! The keys aren’t loud and obnoxious, which for me – who tends to be a crazy typer – is a beautiful perk!

logitech keyboard

Single Dongle for Both Keyboard and Mouse

With the Logitech MK470 set, there is just 1 dongle that works for both the keyboard and mouse. I keep mine in my Macbook pro, but there is a storage space in the mouse for safe keeping.

Great Price for a Great Keyboard Mouse Combo Set

The Logitech MK470 keyboard and mouse combo set is a great value retailing at $49.99. (Available on Amazon)

No Mousepad Needed

So while I know you may read, no mousepad needed and think – uh yeah. You would be amazed at how many computer mice still need mousepads! The MK470 mouse works no problem at our Starbucks, on my coffee table, desk, dining room table, car console – you know all the places that I pop open my computer and need to use my mouse at.

Great for Travel

If you travel or prefer to use a keyboard and mouse on the go, the MK470 set is for you. With the slim profile, it fits perfectly into my laptop bag. I don’t have to worry about battery life.

And did I mention how much I love the quietness of keyboard? A quiet keyboard is a huge perk that I didn’t realize I needed in my life.

(That said, I am sure the other Starbucks workers are like PRAISE JESUS, this woman isn’t banging on her keyboard anymore!)

And that’s all we got for the Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review!