Best Tech Gifts for Boys


In the world of gifts, finding the perfect item for a tech-savvy boy can be a thrilling adventure. With technology constantly evolving, there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon.

Whether it’s the latest gaming console, an educational STEM kit, or a gadget that encourages creative thinking, the options are endless.

Our guide to the best tech gifts for boys in 2024 is designed to help you navigate through the plethora of choices, ensuring that you pick a gift that not only entertains but also enriches.

Tech Gifts for Boys 2020 Christmas Gift Guide

As a boy mom (I have 3 sons!) – this time of year is always stressful trying to find the right gift for my boys. I am hoping this boy gift ideas will help give you some Christmas present suggestions and make shopping a bit easier for you!

Tech Gifts for Boys

Today, we are focusing on tech gifts for boys because right now, all my boys wants is technology. Looking for a girl gift? Check out our Tech Gifts for Girls post.

We know not everyone has all of the money in the world nor the biggest Christmas budgets, so we have included items in a variety of price ranges. Hoping that you can find that special tech something for that special someone!

This is our tech for boys gift guide, we will make sure to update this each year so you are seeing the latest and best tech gifts for boys.

Cosmo Robot

cosmo robot toy tech gifts for boys

First on our list of tech gifts for boys is the Cosmo robot.

This little robot was the only thing on our 8-year-old’s Christmas list last year. Our 8-year-old is high functioning autistic and when he is set on something is SET on something. And this something is getting a Cosmo robot for Christmas.

  • Cozmo is a real-life robot like you’ve only seen in the movies and he’s ready to be your loyal sidekick
  • Challenge Cozmo to games or use Explorer Mode to see things from his perspective
  • Includes 1 Cozmo robot, 3 Cubes, and 1 charger (USB power adapter not included)

I am happy to report that after nearly a year of play, the Cosmo robot is something my kid still enjoys playing with!

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DJI Spark Drone Tech Gifts for Boys

While there are a number of drone options, here is the most affordable DJI drone on the market. This is the DJI Spark. It’s a solid drone, great reviews and probably your best option in the $500 range.

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Best Drones Under $100

Because we aren’t all ballers – here are the best drones under $100.

best drones for under 0

These all have solid reviews and offer a lot of what the high end drones offer – except the price is significantly less. If whoever you are buying a drone for is young, we definitely recommend buying a drone under $100 rather than a pricey drone!


Amazon Echo Dot

best amazon echo uses

The Amazon Echo Dot also made our tech gift for girls list. This little device may seem little but has lots of might! From playing music to working as an alarm clock – the little Amazon Echo Dot provides quite a bit of functionality for not a lot of money!

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Echo Dot for Kids

amazon echo dot for kids toddler alarm clock

If you fear your kids will break the Echo dot – buy a kid’s edition! That’s right – Amazon Echo Dot for kids comes in bright colors, with a protector and a 2-year worry-free guarantee. If your kids break it, return it and Amazon will replace it for free!

If you have toddlers, we named this as one of the best toddler alarm clocks.

The Echo Dot for Kids also comes with 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited gives you access to over 1000 Audible books for kids, like Beauty & the Beast and Peter Pan, thousands of songs, and kid-favorite games and skills from Disney, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, and more

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Gyroscope Robot Kit

gyroscrope robot kit tech gift ideas for boys

Another fun toy on our tech gifts for boys is this Gyroscope Robot Kit. Teach your kid all about robotics and gyroscopes with this robot kit!

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iPhone – Buy Refurbished!

iPhone 6

We are partial to the Apple iPhone due to it’s family settings allowing us to control screen time and actively monitor our kids’ phones. That said, the iPhone isn’t cheap.

With 4 kids, one way we have been able to save money is purchasing refurbished iPhones. Typically we hand a used iPhone down to a kid when a parent gets an upgrade. That said, we have had several incidents requiring us to purchase another iPhone.

Buying a refurbished iPhone saved us money. While there are options like Facebook Marketplace to purchase a refurb phone, we prefer to buy off of Amazon for peace of mind.

Gaming Headset

gaming headset for tech boys

I don’t know about your boys, but my boys are all ABOUT FORTNITE. It’s non-stop Fortnite Battle Royale in our house and our younger sons both asked for gaming headsets for Christmas.

This is the gaming headset we went with. It’s affordable (under $30) has a ton of great reviews, and will work with both their computers and x-Box.

P.S. Here is information you need to know about buying a Fortnite Gift Card.

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Kindle Fire HD 8

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 is an awesome tablet that offers quite a bit of power for not a lot of money. To make it even more teen-friendly, this tablet comes in a variety of fun colors!

Amazon Fire HD 8 offers a fast 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, which is 50% faster than the Kindle Fire HD 7.  We have this in yellow. It is a sturdy tablet, that comes offers a lot to do at an affordable price!

BONUS: If your teen loses the tablet, you aren’t out a ton of money!

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Portable Battery Charger

portable charger always have a charged phone battery no more dead batter

Give your boy no excuse for not having a charged phone or tablet. These portable chargers or power bricks – whatever you want to call them have been a God send with our kids, especially on road trips!

If you don’t have one, gift yourself one as well – I cannot tell you how many times I have had a dying phone battery and have been saved or helped another person by always carrying a charged portable charger!

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iPad Pro

ipad pro tech gifts for boys

If you are looking for a BIG tech gift for a boy (or girl) the iPad Pro is definitely a big gift that will last for years.

The iPad Pro offers quite a bit of more horsepower over the traditional iPad. Add a keyboard and you have a great tablet for note taking and doing work that was previously done on a laptop.

Check out our post: Best Tablets for Kids

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Bluetooth Headphones

The Phasier bluetooth headphone are definitely a winner. These affordable bluetooth headphones are not the cheapest option, but definitely affordable. More important, these headphones offer great quality and sound.

These headphones offer HD sound – 8mm Speakers combined with Bluetooth 4.1 to create super accurate HD sound with powerful bass. Their bullet-shaped Comply T-400 M memory foam tips provide Total Isolation from external noise. They are magnetic for easy stow away. We have these and I have to say they are amazing for the money! You cannot beat the price for bluetooth headphones.

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Robotic Arm Kit

robot arm kit tech gifts for boys 2020

Last on our tech gifts for boys gift guide is the robotic arm kit.

One of my struggles with tech, I want the boys to learn – not just sit in front of a screen for hours on end! This robotic arm kit is a great STEM learning toy that is affordable and stimulates learning.

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Boy Tech Gift Ideas

As we wrap up our guide to the best tech gifts for boys, remember that the perfect gift is one that matches the interests and passions of the recipient. With the advancements in technology, it’s an exciting time to explore gadgets and toys that offer both fun and educational value.

Whether your young tech enthusiast is into gaming, coding, or exploring the world of science, there’s a tech gift out there that’s sure to ignite their imagination and spark a lifelong passion for innovation. Happy gift hunting!

Happy shopping! Don’t miss our Christmas Gifts for Teens.

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