Snapseed App – Best Photo App for iPhone, iPad & Mac

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snapseed review

Snapseed App Review

I stumbled upon the Snapseed app a month ago while surfing the Mac App Store. After some research, I knew I had to have it. The app was $19.95 for the desktop version. Yes, pricier than some apps, but in comparison to the software I use day to day for photo editing (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom) and creating graphics (Adobe Fireworks) – this was drop in the bucket.

I design on a iMac 27 inch and typically do my writing on the a Macbook Pro since it’s easy to tote around chasing the kids. (My background is in design, hence the equipment – but too cheap for a powerhouse Mac!) Snapseed on the Macbook Pro gives me quick editing abilities with a lightweight program.

In addition to Mac Desktop – the Snapseed app is also available on iPhone and iPad for ultimate filtering of your mobile photos. Snapseed was named 2011 iPad app of the year by Apple – yes thing app is special!


Think Instagram on Steroids

Think Instagram  on Steroids! With more filters and better control over editing, and you have Snapseed.  This app applies filters to your photographs. While yes, you can do some light editing (rotating, cropping, color correction) – it’s strength lies in the filters.

Before and after photos using snapseed

So Easy To Use Your Grandma Could Use It!

The interface is extremely simple. On the desktop, you just drag (or open) a photo onto the big “DRAG A PHOTO HERE TO GET STARTED” lettering. On the left you have your editing options.

You can choose from the presets or fine tune your own style. Or even better yet, use the filter presets and then fine tune. Yes, it’s that good.

A Wee Bit Buggy

I have noticed a few bugs that I can’t pinpoint or find answers to. No, I haven’t emailed support – I should do that.

The bugs I’ve noticed include:

  • Photo not showing edits when choosing a filter
  • Export and edits aren’t included

These were few and far between and only when using the desktop version of Snapseed.

Photo Editing Workflow

While I skip iPhoto and organize everything in Adobe Lightroom in regards to my photo catalog – I have now added Snapseed as a step on several of the photos I edit. Anytime I want to get a good vintage feel or get some tilt shift action happening, I take the photo from Lightroom and export to Snapseed.

Exporting Photos – Sharing Photos

The Snapseed app provides a very easy way to share photos. You can share easily via email, Facebook or Flickr. Me personally Flickr fan, I love this. I just set this up. I had some weird issue with Lightroom and Flickr so had stopped anything but Instagram going there. I love having an online archive of photos of the kids so was happy to see the Snapseed app include this.

You also have the option to save the file to your computer. It won’t let your override a file, so just name it something else, or use the default _snapseed addition.

Snapseed for Android

Currently the Snapseed app for Android is coming soon, so not yet Android folks!

Purchase the iPhone or iPad app – and this app will run on both! SCORE!