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Chances are you have seen about this new Wordle game from a friend! We are diving into this new word puzzle game giving you everything you need to know to play Wordle and more!What in the Wordle is everyone talking about? If you were like me, and immediately went to the app store trying to find out, chances are you too were confused. Guess what? The Wordle game isn’t in the app store!

Wordle Game Guide

Who doesn’t love a good word puzzle game? Back in the day, Words with Friends was our jam. Today, it’s the new SIMPLE daily word game of Wordle.

wordle game guide
wordle word game guide

We are breaking down the new popular Wordle game. This ultimate Wordle guide will explain all the things! Here is what we are covering:

  • Which Wordle App to Use (hint: there isn’t one)
  • Where to play
  • How to play
  • How to cheat (cheater!)
  • What the score means
  • Backstory of this viral word puzzle game
  • Wordle FAQ

7 Things to Know About Wordle

That’s a whole lot, but hoping that this serves as your ultimate Wordle game guide answering all the things. Let’s first get started with 7 things you need to know before you start playing. And if you love this word game as much as we do, and like a good LOL – don’t miss our funny wordle memes!

#1 The Wordle Game is Free to Play

Feeling like you have a big brain and ready to play a fun daily word game? Here is the first thing you need to know. Wordle is free to play.

If you are somewhere trying to get you to play Wordle with a paid app, stop! Wordle is free. And speaking of Wordle app….

#2 Wordle is a Website Not an App

Like mentioned, I ran over to the Apple app store looking for the Wordle app. Then confused, because there are a few Wordle apps and this doesn’t look like what my friend posted, well kind of but not really.

Which Wordle App is the Right One?

If you are trying to find which Wordle is the right one and you are looking on the app store, you won’t find it! The O.G. – in this case, the original game is actually a website! That’s right a simple website and as stated in #1, Wordle is free to play.

In fact today I just looked at the app store for Wordle app and here is what I found – several imposters! These are not the official word game your friends are talking about!

  • Wordle! – #4 in the app store because obviously people think this is it! NOPE!
  • Wordle – Word Puzzle App ($1.99 – similar but this isn’t it!)
  • PuzzWord App – 5 Letter Word Puzzle (Free, but again NOT IT!)
  • Wordles App – like hangman, again not it.

So stop looking for the Wordle app everyone is using because these aren’t what they are talking about. Here is how to play Wordle.

#3 Where to Find Wordle Word Game

Here is where you find the FREE Wordle game that is actually a website. Wait, a Wordle game isn’t an app? Well, people have created knock offs of the original game because of course people would because hello capitalism!

there is no official wordle app
what wordle app? there isn’t an official app!

So now that you know where to play Wordle and that Wordle is not an app, let’s learn more about why this game is so freaking popular!

#4 Wordle is a Once a Day Word Puzzle Game

You read that right – Wordle is a daily game.

If you are wondering why you played a game of Wordle but now you can’t play again it’s because this popular word puzzle is designed to place once a day.

#5 Wordle Cheat – How to Cheat the Wordle Game

If you are one of those people who love a good game cheat or game hack, I hate to break the news to you but someone has go to. Wordle cheating is easy and yes, here is how.

Here is the Wordle cheat for you people who are Wordle cheaters. The game is designed with one new word every day and the word is the same for everyone. Yes, you read that right – everyone has the same word that they are guessing.

wordle cheats
wordle cheat

So how do you cheat at Wordle? Ask one of the hundred friends playing the game what today’s wordle word is and there you have it, you Wordle cheater.

Share this funny Wordle meme with your favorite Facebook friend who is posting their 1/6 Wordle score. Especially if that friend isn’t a genius and most likely a cheater.

wordle cheat meme
wordle cheat meme

If you love you some memes, did you know we specialize in funny memes? No seriously, we do.

#6 Named After It’s Creator, Josh Wardle

The creator of Wordle game is Josh Wardle. The free word game is named as a play off of his name. He originally made the game for his partner, Palak Shah, who is a fan of word games. Shah also helped in developing the game.

#7 Wordle Today is a Daily Viral Word Game

We wouldn’t be writing about this viral word puzzle game if it wasn’t something we weren’t hearing about over and over. My Facebook feed, which I only scrolled for a hot minute this morning had 5 friends posting about today’s Wordle score.

Part of the allure to the game is after you play, you get your score, and the option to post. Though, I will say there needs to be a link back to the game rather than just an word score image to post. Maybe that is part of the mystery and why people are trying to find the right Wordle app or perhaps even what landed you here!

Wordle launched in October 2021 and in November 2021 had around 90 Wordle players a day. In early January, Wordle grew to 300,000 players a day. This past weekend, the word game saw over 2 million daily players!

How to Play Wordle Game

Alright, now that you know all that you need to know about the word game, there’s one thing left…. how to play Wordle.

Here is a simple how to play Wordle and a FAQ to help answer any questions you may have about this word puzzle game.

how to play wordle
how to play Wordle

Each Day There is a New 5 Letter Word

Yes, the word game is designed to play once a day. Each day, there is a new 5-letter wordle for you to guess.

Start the Wordle game by thinking of any 5 letter word. It must be a VALID 5 letter word, so think scrabble words. No funky words because that won’t work.

Enter to Submit

After typing in the 5 letter word, to submit your Wordle guess, hit the submit button.

wordle help

Wordle Hints

After each guess, you will get Wordle hints. The game will tell you which letters are in the right spot and which letters are in the word, but not in the right spot. It will also give you a hint to tell you if there is a letter that is not in any spot in the word.

6 Chances to Guess the Word

You have 6 chances each day to guess that day’s Wordle puzzle. After that, you are out of luck. Try again tomorrow, technically.

You can also use another device or hit up the Wordle website with your browser incognito or private (or use a VPN if you are that sneaky) for another try. I’d say that might be cheating, but you do you – boo. Just don’t go posting your 1/6 score for people to call you out.

Share Your Wordle Score

After the game, you will be prompted with an option to share your Wordle score.

Wordle Scores Explained

So what does that Wordle score mean? Here is a run down and explanation.

wordle score explained
what does your Wordle score mean? here’s an explanation
  • The Wordle game number is the 3 digital number.
  • The fraction shows how many guesses it took you to guess that day’s Wordle puzzle.

Wordle FAQ – Questions Answered

Got a Wordle question? Drop us a comment and we will do our best to add your word game question to our Wordle guide.

Which Wordle is the Real One?

The real Wordle is the website, the word puzzle apps that are in the app stores are not the word puzzle game that everyone is posting about. It’s a website not an app!

Can I Play Wordle More Than Once a Day?

Yes, well technically the game is meant to only be played once a day. Let’s say you tried to guess 6 times, and still can’t get the word and it is driving you nuts and you don’t want to be a Wordle cheater.

Simply visit the Wordle website on a different device for 6 more chances to guess today’s word.

What is Today’s Wordle Word?

Want to know what today’s Wordle word? Today’s Wordle word is CHEATS as in you cheats and I am not telling you. That said, see the next question.

Does Everyone Have the Same Word Answer?

The daily Wordle answer is the same answer for everyone. Yes, I see you looking for Wordle cheats. Chances are you are the same people posting to social media every day that you guessed Wordle 1/6. Twitter and Facebook is on to you.

Can I Cheat Wordle?

You people and your Wordle cheats, read between the lines – or better just use your 6 guesses and don’t be a cheater.

Why is Wordle Not Working?

I’ve played for the last few days and have had no issues with down time. That said, this viral hit is experience high web server load with over 2 million players playing a day. This is up from 90 people a day in November, so give the word game some grace.

Is There a Wordle Solver?

Yes, there is a Wordle solver called your brain. 6 guesses, try harder. You can do this.

Isn’t a Wordle Word Art?

Okay, I thought the same thing because to me, before learning about this fun word game – a Wordle was word art.

The creator, Josh Wardle didn’t expect the word game he developed to be so popular. He named the game as a riff off of his name. This wasn’t created by a huge game app company, this was a single developer who doesn’t have a marketing team.

How Do I Download Wordle?

Remember, the word game is housed on a website, there is no official Wordle app.

Can a Wordle Letter Be Used Twice?

Possibly! It all depends on that day’s word. Remember, the daily Wordle answer will be a VALID 5-letter word.

How Do I Get More Word Guesses?

If you tried 6 times and still can’t guess today’s Wordle, either try again tomorrow OR you can use a different device or browser. Another way to get more Wordle guesses is to open your browser incognito.

Enjoy the Daily Word Game

I really am enjoying this word game, and to be completely transparent here is why. I have an addictive personality and have to stay away from gaming apps. I really should stay away from social apps, but alas I’ve allowed myself those in somewhat moderation. (Okay, who am I kidding?)

wordle meme - you cant get addicted if you can only play one time a day or can you
wordle meme

The once a day word game allows me a fun thing to do, without being overly addictive and allows me to use my brain (because I ain’t a Wordle cheater.)

We hope this guide helps you! Happy Wordling!

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