Best of 2024: Kids Tablets That Parents Love


In 2024, the quest for the best kids tablets becomes more relevant than ever. With technology evolving at a rapid pace, parents are on the lookout for tablets that are not just entertaining but also educational.

Best Tablets for Kids 2024

For the last 10 years, here at Digital Mom Blog we put out a list of our top picks for kid tablets. Each year, we take into consideration several factors when ranking our list of top tablets for kids.

best kids tablets

In order to decide the top kid tablets, we take the following data into consideration:

  • Price of the tablet
  • How long the tablet will last with kids
  • Features
  • Battery life
  • User interface
  • Warranty

We’ve rounded the best kids tablets 2024 edition. Here are a few notes from our personal experience with our kids. We are fortunate to be able to review several of these products and wanted to make sure to give you some insight from a parent and thoughts watching our kids play with these.

best kid tablet

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Whether your child needs a tablet for school or for leisure, here are Digital Mom Blog’s 2024 best kid tablets.

This being our 10th year to provide a list, in 2024 there are two main contenders that stick out most in the kids tablets category: Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro and the Apple iPad. Let’s dive into each to learn why these are our picks for 2024 best tablet for kids.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro Tablet

Designed specifically for growing minds, the Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet bridges fun and education, offering a robust tool for children’s development and parental peace of mind.

best kids tablet 2024 amazon fire hd 10 kids pro tablet

This kids tablet is rated for kids ages 6-12.

Feature-Rich and Kid-Friendly

The all-new Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Pro tablet isn’t just a gadget—it’s a fully equipped digital experience designed for children aged 6-12. With a vivid 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display, it offers more than entertainment; it’s a window to a world of learning and exploration.

Empower Through Parental Controls

Take charge of digital parenting with comprehensive controls. Adjust screen time, manage content access, and even approve app downloads directly from your phone. Whether it’s pausing activity or allowing educational apps like Netflix, Disney+, and Zoom, you’re in control.

2 Year Warranty – No Questions Asked!

Amazon offers the Kindle Fire HD for kids with a case and a 2 year, NO questions asked warranty. We have used that warranty – hey we aren’t answering questions on how the screen was smashed to pieces.

I can verify that indeed – the warranty is worth it and the product is legit. Just ask my sister, Dallas Socials – my nephews have had to use this kid tablet warranty more than once.

Amazon Kids + / Free Time Unlimited

Dive into a universe of ad-free educational content with a 1-year Amazon Kids+ subscription. From Disney to Marvel, enjoy thousands of books, games, and videos. The subscription auto-renews at $4.99/month after the first year, with easy cancellation options.

Safety and Performance Combined

Designed with input from family trust experts, the tablet ensures a safe online environment. It boasts a 25% speed boost over its predecessor, supported by 3 GB RAM, ensuring smooth performance for all activities.

All Day Learning and Playing

With 13 hours of battery life, the tablet keeps up with your child from breakfast to bedtime. The device is encased in a slim, durable case suitable for older kids, blending safety with style.

Priced Just Right

Another reason the Amazon Kid Pro tablet makes the Digital Mom Blog 2024 Best Kids Tablets list is the price. At under $200 retail (and often you can find this tablet for around $150) – this is a great deal for all of the features this kids tablet has to offer.

Apple iPad

From the durability, usability and parental controls, if price is not an issue – the Apple iPad is our pick for best kids tablet.

Minus my husband, we are an Apple family. Our kids each have Apple iPads, most are over 5 years old. They still work great, are upgradable with each update and provide exactly what is needed in regards to usability.

apple ipad best kids tablet

There is one thing I must say. If you let your kids use or own an iPad – you MUST buy them an iPad case. We got your covered – check out our list of best iPad cases for kids.

While yes, the iPad is durable to SOME extent – it’s expensive and is not made for kids. Buy the case, if you are making the investment. 

Which Apple iPad to Buy for Kids

While there are now 10 generations of Apple iPads, you may be wondering which version to buy for your kid.

ipad for kids best tablet

The most up-to-date without breaking the bank will be the Apple iPad 9th generation or Apple iPad Air 5th generation.

Typically a 128 gb of storage should be plenty for your child. There are various sizes of iPad screens. The typical iPad and iPad Air are 10.9 inch. The Apple iPad Pro comes in 10.9 inch and 12.9 inch.

For All Ages

While the Amazon Fire 10 Kids Pro is built for children up to age 12, the Apple iPad is for all ages.

Customize iPad for Your Kids

Here are several ways you can customize iPads for kids.

Empower your child’s digital journey with tailored iPad settings that prioritize safety, learning, and health. By setting up parental controls, you can create a nurturing digital environment with features like downtime schedules, app limits, and vision health protections.

customize ipad for kids

Avoid sharing personal data by creating a unique Apple ID for your child, enabling access to Family Sharing and other Apple services while maintaining oversight with age-appropriate controls.

Screen Time settings offer a structured digital experience, allowing for boundaries that encourage healthy device use. Protect your child from explicit content with advanced iPad features that detect sensitive images, providing a safe space for digital exploration.

Additionally, iPad’s Screen Distance and Communication Safety features actively work to safeguard your child’s vision and online interactions, ensuring a balanced and secure digital lifestyle.

For financial independence with oversight, Apple Cash for kids offers a secure way to manage money within the Family Sharing group.

Guided Access further enhances focus and learning by limiting device use to single apps and disabling specific areas of the screen, making the iPad a powerful tool for education and personal growth.

Learn the steps on how to customize an Apple iPad for Children.

Cheap Kids Tablets

Not ready to shell out over a Benjamin for a table for your child? No worries! Kids are destructive and we totally understand this. If you are looking to save some money, here are the Digital Mom Blog picks for best kids tablets under $100!

Best Kid Tablets for Under 0

Kids Tablets Under 100 Dollars

Not sold on the Amazon Kids Tablet, Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Lite? Here are more affordable kids tablets. Here are Cheap Kids Tablets Under 100 Dollars!

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In conclusion, selecting the best kids’ tablet for 2024 involves balancing various factors including educational content, durability, and child-friendly features. The ideal tablet will grow with your child, offering a range of apps and functionalities that cater to their evolving interests and learning levels.

By choosing from our top picks, you can ensure that your child benefits from a device that’s not only fun and engaging but also a valuable tool in their educational journey.

Invest in their future with a tablet that combines learning with play, and watch as they explore, learn, and develop with the best that technology has to offer.

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