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Best Kids Tablets 2021 Edition

2021 Best Tablets for Kids – This post was originally created 2014. Things in tablets for kids world has changed – and then it kind of hasn’t.

Each year we update our best tablets for kids post to share with parents what the latest options for buying kids tablets are for the current year. 

2021 best tablets for kids
best kids tablets 2021

Best Tablets for Kids 2021

Interesting, this year feels different. Even though we have been reviewing kid tablets for the last 6 years – our 2021 tablets for kids list feels different.

In year’s past, kids have tablets for things like games and learning apps. Here in 2021, kid tablets are now used for more than that.

To make sure that you are viewing the most updated information we have updated this post to include the top kids tablets for 2021.

read before you buy tablet for kids
best rated kids tablets

In addition to needing a tablet for school – these kid tablets make great gifts.

We’ve rounded the best kids tablets 2021 edition. Here are a few notes from our personal experience with our kids. We are fortunate to be able to review several of these products and wanted to make sure to give you some insight from a parent and thoughts watching our kids play with these.

Kindle Fire 8 Kids Edition Kids Tablet

amazon fire 8 hd

Overall, again our top pick for kids tablet is the Kindle Fire Kids Edition. You can’t beat the price and warranty!

amazon fire hd kids tablet 2021

In regards to affordable kid tablets – our favorite best tablet for your money pick is the Kindle Fire HD 8. Why do we love the Kindle Fire 8 Kids Edition? It is a tablet MADE for kids.

The Kids Fire 8 HD Kids Edition falls in the middle range as far as options but overall gives a great deal of value for the price point.

Fire for Kids Tablets (Kindle for Kids)

While we like the Kindle Fire 8, Amazon also offers 2 other sizes. The 8 stands for 8 inches. If you are looking for a bigger screen, this kids tablet also comes in 10″ or 7″. Both of the other Kindles for kids come with the same warranty, as well as Amazon Kids.

2 Year Warranty – No Questions Asked!

Amazon offers the Kindle Fire HD for kids with a case and a 2 year, NO questions asked warranty. We have used that warranty – hey we aren’t answering questions on how the screen was smashed to pieces. And can verify that indeed – the warranty is worth it and the product is legit.

Amazon Kids + / Free Time Unlimited

Amazon includes 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited with the Fire HD kids purchase. The subscription comes with 12 months of unlimited access to 20,000 apps and games, videos, books and PBS Kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and other educational content.

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Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet

Here is more on the Fire HD 10. Yes, this is a more expensive tablet than the Fire HD 8 that we picked for #1 but if you are wanting a larger screen, this is a great option.

Te Fire HD kids 10 has a screen size of 10.1 inches. My nephew who is 3 is on his second Fire HD 10. His first was replaced with their hassle free warranty.

| Best Kids Tablets 2021 Edition
  • A full-featured Fire HD 10 tablet with a brilliant 10.1” 1080p Full HD display (1920 x 1200), 32 GB internal storage, and up to 10 hours of mixed-use battery life. Add a microSD card for up to 256 GB of expandable storage.
  • Fire HD 10 Kids Edition offers the largest display – with over 2 million pixels, stereo speakers, Dolby Audio, and dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi—perfect for watching Full HD videos, playing games, reading books, and streaming content seamlessly.

FreeTime Unlimited / Amazon Kids

In addition to the full featured tablet – the Fire HD Kids edition still comes with the 2-year worry free guarantee (which again, is so worth it.) Also 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited. 

Looks like Amazon is trying to get into the long-term tablet game. The one thing is that this kids tablet does cost as much as an iPad! 

Fire HD Kids Case

Amazon kid tablets come with a kid case. Interesting, with the new Fire HD 10 kids edition tablet, Amazon is including 2 kid tablet cases.

Apple iPad for Kids Tablet

If price is not an issue, the Apple iPad is our favorite kids tablet because the whole family can use it.

Our 9-year-old uses his Apple iPad for all of his school work. The new iPads are as powerful as laptops were a few years ago. Everything that he needs to do on a computer for school can be done with the iPad.

apple ipad for kids

There is one thing I must say. If you let your kids use or own an iPad – you MUST buy them an iPad case. We got your covered – check out our list of best iPad cases for kids.

While yes, the iPad is durable to SOME extent – it’s expensive and is not made for kids. Buy the case, if you are making the investment. 

Screen Time Limits with Apple Family

Over the years, one thing missing on the Apple devices was screen time limits. With the release of Apple Family – that has changed. You can now easily set screen time limits and track your kids screen time (it’s scary in 2020, just warning you.)

Kids Tablet That Lasts

The Apple iPads are expensive, but this product can last for years. We have 4 Apple iPads in our household. 2 are over 6 years old. When the kids were little, we handed our iPads down to our toddlers. Now, our toddlers are kids. Funny – our 7-year-old just spent half the year saving up his money to buy a new iPad.

best kids tablets 2021

He did it! He could have had a Kindle Fire for Kids months earlier, but he was dead set on getting an Apple iPad. 

From Apple iPad minis, iPad Air or iPad Pros – each is a great product. I would recommend getting a third generation or later if you go with the standard iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A is an 8 inch tablet made for kids. It features a long-lasting batter and a colorful bumper case. 

samsung galaxy kids tablet

Samsung Kids

Samsung is gearing this towards the younger crowd. The Galaxy kids table includes over 20 kid-friendly apps. It includes a three-month subscription to Samsung Kids. Samsung Kids is a subscription that features expert-curated library of fun, educational games, books and videos that are kid-friendly and parent-controlled.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A for Kids comes with a free trial of Samsung Kids. 

Battery Life

On a full battery, this kids tablet gives your child 13 hours of play time. 

Best Kid Tablets for Under $100

We have rounded up the best kids tablets under $100!

Kids Tablets Under 100 Dollars

Not sold on the Amazon Kids Tablet, Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Lite? Here are more affordable kids tablets. Here are Cheap Kids Tablets Under 100 Dollars!

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