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7 Best Websites for Toddlers

Best Toddler Websites – continuing our talk on Kids and Technology. In our house we do limit screen time, but we also do let our toddlers get on the web.

best toddler websites 2021
best websites for toddlers

If you are trying to find the best toddler websites for teaching and play, we’ve got them. These are options that are great for introducing your child to the internet.

Toddlers Using Touch Screens

Now a days, little kids most likely will be accessing these toddler websites with an iPad or tablets. The touchscreens make it easy for your child to learn how to play games and use the various features on these websites made for toddlers.

When our kids were little, we used an HP Envy Touchscreen that had a touch screen making it easy for our tots to use the web.

Best Websites for Toddlers

Our 3-year-old is still mainly touch screen and bang on keyboards. He can launch ABC Mouse from the shortcut on the screen but can’t login without my help.

Our 4-year-old is getting use to the mouse and is starting to correlate the letters on the keyboard to the alphabet. Last week, Izaiah declared that the “I” and “4” key were his. I and 4 for IZAIAH AND 4 YEARS OLD.. duh.

Learning and Age Appropriate Content

So when our toddlers do get on the web, where do they go? While we do try to focus on toddler learning websites, sometimes we just want age appropriate content and any toddler site works.

Here are 7 best toddler websites that your kids will love!

Best Toddler Websites

If you are looking for websites fro toddlers, we've got them! From learning websites for toddlers to games featuring your toddler's favorite characters - these websites bring the fun and learning to the web.

Technology is everywhere, and while there has to be boundaries with it – it also is important for our kids to understand how to use it.  

find the best toddler websites for your tot
find the best toddler websites for your tot

I don’t want my kid to be the child who can type his name, but not be able to write his name (read: using iPad to teach handwriting) – but I do want them have basic concepts of how to use a mouse.  

Toddler Learning Websites

If my toddler boys are learning, it’s a win. With a toddler learning website, at least they are processing information, learning new things.

Back when I was little, rather than a computer or iPad – we were sitting in front of the television for years.

Toddler Websites for teaching your kids how to use the internet safeley
Best Toddler Learning Websites

What Toddler Websites Do You Recommend?

Best Toddler Websites was originally posted on October 7, 2014 – revised January 2021.

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