7 Best Websites for Toddlers

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Best Toddler Websites – continuing our talk on Kids and Technology: In our house we do limit screen time, but we also do let our toddlers get on the web (though their access is filtered.)

We have an HP Envy Touchscreen that is fabulous for toddlers, because well – touch screen. They are so use to the iPad – every screen should touch screen to them!

Best Toddler Websites

Our 3-year-old is still mainly touch screen and bang on keyboards. He can launch ABC Mouse from the shortcut on the screen but can’t login without my help.

Our 4-year-old is getting use to the mouse and is starting to correlate the letters on the keyboard to the alphabet. Last week, Izaiah declared that the “I” and “4” key were his (thankfully, he didn’t rip them off…) Since OBVIOUSLY IZAIAH AND 4 YEARS OLD.. duh.

Best Toddler Websites

So when our toddlers do get on the web, where do they go? Here are 7 best toddler websites that your kids will love!

ABC Mouse

Toddler Website - ABC Mouse screenshot of educational games for kids

I had seen the commercials and thought, REALLY? Yes, really. We went for the bait and bit it. Of all the websites listed below, the boys love this one the most. Our older kids go to virtual school and Izaiah, our 4-year-old considers this his online school.  

ABC Mouse gives him a place that is built just for his age, with a focus on learning in a fun online environment  We’ve been using it for a while, read here our ABC Mouse Review.

My favorite thing is that they are really learning by using the website. Last week, we started going through the letters. There are numerous activities for each letters – just like you would do in preschool. There are songs, coloring pages, games, puzzles and more dedicated to each letter of the alphabet.



Sprout Online for Toddlers

Featured: The Goodnight Show, Barney and Friends, LazyTown, Chloe’s Closet, Make Way for Noddy, Chica Show and more…

Our kids love the Sprout’s channel and the bite-sized shows that are perfect for toddlers. They’ve done a great job in integrating their shows online on sproutonline.com


Disney Junior Toddler Website

Featured: Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First and more…

I mean, come on – what kid doesn’t love Disney? I know my kids are huge fans and they love being able to take their favorite TV and movie characters and play with them on the web.


pbs kids website screenshot

Featured: Sesame Street, Wordgirl, Peg + Cat, The Cat in the Hat, Super Why, Daniel Tiger, Wild Kratts, Thomas & Friends and more…

I have a special place in my heart for PBS, because well Sesame Street. It was my favorite show growing up. I adored the show so much, I named my daughter after the orange monster. In addition to Sesame Street – PBS Kids features all of their shows with games and learning activities for your kids.


website for tots - nick junior

Featured: Dora, Bubble Guppies, Blaze, Umi Zoomi, Paw Patrol WallyKazam and more…

Again with the recognition factor – the toddlers absolutely love this website. Another bonus, the kids can watch episodes online.

Fisher Price

Fisher Price website for kids

While when you hear Fisher Price, you may immediately think toys – but did you know they have a few products dedicated to bridging technology, toddlers and toys? The Fisher Price website offers several games for toddlers – make sure to check out their toddler apps as well.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic website kids for kids

National Geographic Kids takes the paper magazine and animates it for online. Our kids (young and old) love Animal Jam. (Think Club Penguin with a create your own animal aspect.)

Technology is everywhere, and while there has to be boundaries with it – it also is important for our kids to understand how to use it.  I don’t want my kid to be the child who can type his name, but not be able to write his name (read: using iPad to teach handwriting) – but I do want them have basic concepts of how to use a mouse.  And if they are learning, it’s a win and I’d rather than be doing that then just sitting and watching Power Rangers for ten hours straight (my kid would TOTALLY do that if left by themselves!)

Best Toddler Websites

What Toddler Websites Do You Recommend?

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